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Rainbow Dash has been feeling a great deal of pain lately, from headaches to sore limbs, but she brushes them off to perform her first Wonderbolt show. During the show she crashes to the ground as she is wracked in pain. She is soon rescued by two Pegasus and is taken too the dying King Wind Crasher, where she is told that not only is she going to become Queen, but that she was not born a Pegasus, but an Alicorn.

(A complete rewrite of Queen of Cloudsdale)

Chapters (2)

After an accident with one of Twilight's machines, Spike turns into a teenage dragoness. Now known as Barb, she has to live life as a female until Twilight figures out how to reverse it. Barb ends up getting new feelings as a dragoness, and has a familiar red dragon, and a certain Pegasus guard end up falling in love with her. Barb has no idea what to do, and only hopes a spell comes soon to turn her back into a drake.

Title given to me by Jeff the Killer, thank you Jeff.

Picture by MysteryFanBoy91 from furaffinity.

Editor: Deus Umbra

Chapters (5)

When a storm hits Sweet Apple Acres, Big Macintosh goes out to board up the barn to keep it the farm animals safe. But as this happens, Applejack, Granny Smith, and Big Macintosh remembers a storm many years ago. The storm where lightning struck.

( editing is done.)

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has been a princess for a month now, and she has been having some problems with her duties. Celestia noticed this and sent her nephew Blueblood to teach Twilight how to rule, but in return, Twilight has to teach Blueblood how to act nicely. As time goes by the two start to fall for each other, but they will meet some obstacles, mainly in the form of a captian, a fashion designer, and a night princess.

(Props to Dirty Bit for coming up with the name)
(Cover belongs to ZakSaturday2468)

Chapters (1)

(First chapter has been re-written)One day Rainbow Dash wakes up to find that she has been turned into an Alicorn. She then finds out that she is the last descendant of Alicorns that rule over the Pegasus. Can she accept her role, or will she abandon it?

(Please read the complete rewrite here.

Chapters (6)
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