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[insert meaningfull description about myself something cute/wholesome/funny here]

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Thank you for liking my story Uni-Pecker ^^

Thanks for putting my story in your favorites!

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

well it's good to know there is at least one other person trying to welcome new people in here. It's also good to see that there are still people who will take some of their free time to actually help others instead of spending it for themselves, can't say i'm quite there yet tho. the fact that i don't have as much free time may not help, buuut i know it's also me -w-'...

i'm still at school, so no degrees yet, but one day:rainbowdetermined2:! I'd say i'm in 11 year, i think it's the english equivalent of my class (i'm 16y old to give you an idea), although i'm re-passing my eleventh year because i decided to change my specialisation and i wanted to have all the basic stuff instead of just jumping on it and go to year 12.
So i got from art-spec to mecanic-spec, which so far, while i still loved art and my classmates (mostly my classmates:twilightsheepish:), this one really has it's ups, main downside is 1)my new classmates, we're really not on the same world and 2) i get bored in class very easily, mainly english class, sometimes math class...
And i have to say, english classes really aren't up to the level of actual english. Maybe because the students are brats. Maybe because the teachers can't actually go faster. But it's really not good enough...

I have a friend to which i presented pony town recently, but there are no french servers (yes i'm french in case i haven't said it yet, i forgot), so everyone speaks english, and god was it hard for her to make simple sentences... she may not be the top of her class, but she comes back with nice grades. (I still remember her trying to say goodbye to someone: "ame gonne see later")

also ye i just answer now because, well... school duh:derpytongue2:
and i'm at the school's dorm during the week so i don't really have time to check internet when waking up

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