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Out of bitter tragedy, Bright Macintosh vowed to Pear Butter that he would never abandon her. And he did not.

Six years later, a different choice gave him a second chance.

Now he has to learn the hardest lesson of all: how to stop surviving, and how to start living.

An entry in the Ancestral Tribute Contest.

Cover art by Remul-Lemlem.

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An inspired linguist. An ancient stone tablet. And the story of how a new species, made in love and forged in fire, came to be.

1st Place in the Everfree Northwest Iron Author Competition 2022. Many thanks to the judges -- Aquaman, Grand Moff Pony, and Xepher -- for their kind comments, and to my fellow winners: FanOfMostEverything, Mica, Scampy, Steady Gaze, and Admiral Biscuit.

Editing by LevelDasher (who is now on a much-deserved editing sabbatical).

Cover Art by CadetRedShirt [DeviantArt] [Twitter]
(I commissioned this one. Give Cadet monies and she will make art and/or sing for you!)

Story notes in this week's MT File.

Featured on EQD, 10/23/22.

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Nothing is more of a temptation to Luna than secrets. But one secret Luna uncovers goes back to the earliest days of Equestria, one which Celestia is trying desperately to keep hidden.

Now, Luna must walk into her sister's dreams to understand the past she missed... and save her sister from the the same darkness that once consumed her.

CW: implied thoughts of suicide


Originally done for a Quills N' Sofa's speedwrite on "Second Chances" in September 2021, where we took a story that we were not happy with and re-wrote it. The original version of this story was done in July 2020. Thanks to Lofty, Vis-a-Viscera,and Draconequus for encouragement and edits.

Cover Art by Yakovlev-Vad.

Notes on the story in this week's MT File.

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Shining Armor is summoned to his daughter's school after a major fight there. Flurry Heart started the fight with other students, but as Shining discovers, sometimes there are things worth fighting for.

Done for the Quills N' Sofa's panic speedwrite on the topic of "Princesses." Join us. Do it. You will have fuf fun.

Editing by the amazing LevelDasher. Cover art by windymils.
Good to be back writing, y'all!

Featured 07/26/2020 through 07/29/2020 (my first feature!). Thank you all! :yay:

Now with an audio reading by Straight To The Point Studios. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

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