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I am a gamer. Oh and for those who dislike without reading hope you feel like you did something important

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I get sent to equestria, only to find all but one of my charms and necklaces missing, and that the symbol from one of my necklaces has been burned into my arm. I am going to learn new skills and make new friends if I am going to survive and find my place in this new world. also random charms will be added I will add tags as needed and update the rating if needed. First ten chapters Edited and greatly improved by Fancy Mark note in this universe there is no show. Comments are greatly appreciated I only own my ocs Blue Bolt Peppermint Swirl and Peppermint Spear

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This is the story of how Jason Reith a gamer From a small town. Join to find out what he encounters in this alien world. Note mlp dose not exist in the world he lives in. one chp may make sequle

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This is the story of my oc aquamarine and his life as he tries to come to terms of his life as he tries to find who he is the tragic tag is more for the prologue the au tag is because in my story ponies have to be taught how to fly and use magic unlike what is shown by flurry heart pumpkin and pound cake also the timberwolfs that take him in feed like plants with photosynthesis temp hiatus until i have a few chapters done ps i did not realize until last night I was inspired by the jungle book

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