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my name is Jason


base for my image done by Blazeing bases I get sent to equestria, only to find all but one of my bag Emblems and necklaces missing, and that the symbol from one of my necklaces has been burned into my arm. Join me to find out why I was brought here and if I will succeed. Also random Emblems will be added I will add tags as needed and update the rating if needed. First ten chapters Edited and greatly improved by Faera Mossgarden note in this universe there is no show. Comments are greatly appreciated I only own my ocs Blue Bolt, Peppermint Swirl, Star Sign and Peppermint Spear.

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thanks these are the first fight scenes I ever wrote I am glad you enjoyed

Don't know why anyone's not commenting on this masterpiece.

ah i see.. no indication you had been there for a week, the way it's written, it's as if it all happened in a single day.

I meant for it to mean that was the first day of the first week

ah ok. its weir he goes from in the temple to having done a ton of veggie cutting in the jungle without and in between. i know he runs from spike- and this is how... but theres no indication he left the temple originally

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