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Mister Fenix

maybe i write something, and i will make some friends so i can be more happy than i already I am.

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Wow. Thank you! I never had someone to say they were that interested in my stories.:twilightblush: I'm so very glad you like them! If you ever get the chance, comment what you think on them.:twilightsmile:

Also feel free to message me anytime you want. I'll be happy to discuss the stories, or our favorite ponies and such. :pinkiehappy:

1862675 Aura Zero Hello, and please you are the writer it is a privilege to read your histories.
See.. I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week, 4 hours studying and 8 hours or more sleeping, that is my daily schedule.:pinkiecrazy:
I have like 3 or 2 hours for dogs, baths, TV, friends and read real books (i like Stephen King).:eeyup:
Your histories worth the 10 minutes I spend reading them, and that is why i want to see more of you my friend.:ajsmug:
I hope we can talk so time, I would really like it.
(Sorry the long time to respond it is a little difficult for me right now, it is test week in my college hahaha.)

From: A happy man.:pinkiesmile:
To: Someone that I really wanna to be happy.:heart:

Wow, thanks for the watch! May I ask how I deserved such an honor? :twilightsheepish:

1840857 No need to thank me, you are the writer, I am the one who suppose to thank you.
thank you hahaha.:pinkiehappy:

Hey, thanks for the follow, it's great to see you're enjoying my work :twilightsmile:

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