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I regret my stories I made as a kid

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When Fluttershy comes across a unknown creature, claiming to be a God, anything can happen... anything. Especially when you brother is the God of Chaos. PS: Image all the ponies as ss2sonic's images on DeviantArt.

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I am not a normal person... I have two personalities, one of them is when I'm normal, when I'm nice... the other one, is when my mentality snaps, I go from a nice, carefree person, into a mass murderer... a killing machine that can't be stopped. So when I get transferred to a world of cute little ponies... I try to control my other side, but he is desperate to get out... but I don't wanna hurt the ponies here. P.S. My spanish is not on point, so it may not be 100% correct, and yes this is a Jeff the Killer story as well.

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What happens when a brony obsessed with MLP, and DBZ, gets transported to the world of Equestria Girls... as Goku. Well, read this and you'll find out.:pinkiehappy: There will also be some other characters from different shows as well.

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Right before the Dragonborn went to face Alduin, he was teleported to a different dimension, where six friends teach him the meaning of friendship, where it seems that some Dovahkiin is not the only one with a dragon soul to from his world, to be traveling through this land.

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