Skyrim: Equestria Girls

by Serious

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Right before the Dragonborn went to face Alduin, he was teleported to a different dimension, where six friends teach him the meaning of friendship.

Right before the Dragonborn went to face Alduin, he was teleported to a different dimension, where six friends teach him the meaning of friendship, where it seems that some Dovahkiin is not the only one with a dragon soul to from his world, to be traveling through this land.

Introducing: Dovahkiin

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"Ha ha, Alduin... here I come." Said the Dovahkiin as he went to Sovngarde, to face Alduin, the world eater. But little did the Dragonborn know, Alduin had actually tampered with the teleporter to make anyone who was not 100% Dragon to be sent somewhere else, into a different dimension. "Ugh... where am I, this does not look like Sovngarde, or is it?" Said the Dragonborn, as he noticed a group of people, he went to them. "You... yes you, can you tell me where I am?" Asked the Dovahkiin.

"Ummmm... were at Canterlot High... who are you." Said one the had Rainbow colored hair.

"I, am Tamenth the Chosen." The Dovahkiin answered proudly. "Who are you?"

"Well, I'm Rainbow Dash." She answered back, just then the bell rang. "Well see you later.

As Tamenth entered the school, he heard singing. "Ugh, what is that horrible noise?" He asked himself. Then he saw two girls talking to each other and decided to eavesdrop.

"Oh, I'm really sorry. I-I just found it, and-and I thought I should give it to her. I didn't know you had dropped it." Said the shy one.

"Well, I did! And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything! You shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to you." Said a red and yellow haired one.

"It... doesn't really belong to you, either." She whispered.

"Excuse me?!" She heard her.

"N-n-nothing..." She answered quickly.

"That's what I thought. It's as good as mine, and you know it. You really are pathetic. It's no wonder your best friends are all stray animals." This started to get the Dovahkiin mad, he then decided to stand up.

"How dare you speak to her that way!" Said a girl with purple hair.

"What did you say?

"I think you heard her quite well, but fine, she said "How dare you speak to her that way!" Said the Dovahkiin jumping in.

"You two must be new here. I can speak to anyone any way I want." She said back.

"I can't believe you did that!" Said the shy one.

"Aye, and what were we supposed to do, sit there, and watch someone get bullied?" Asked Tamenth. "No not on my watch."

"Well, it's just that nobody ever stands up to Sunset Shimmer."

"Sunset Shimmer!?" Said the purple haired one.

"You've heard of her?" She asked.

"Sort of..." She said back.

"I don't think I've seen you around before. Did you just transfer to Canterlot High from another school?"

"Um... yes! Another... heh, school! My name's Twilight."

"And I am Tamenth." Said the Dragonborn.

"I'm... Fluttershy." She said quietly, only Tamenth heard.

"Sorry, what was that?" Asked Twilight.

"It's Fluttershy." She seemed even more quiet this time.

"It sounds like you're saying Fluttershy, but how can that...?"

"Oh, my goodness! Who's this sweet little guy?" Asked Fluttershy

"Where did that little mutt come from?" Asked Tamenth, he was given a mean look by both of the girls, and the dog.

"That's Spike! My, uh... dog!" Said Twilight.

"Oh, he's so cute! Go on, eat up, little pup!" Said Fluttershy

"Huh?" Did the dog just talk?

"Oh, wouldn't ya just give anything to know what they're really thinking?" Asked Fluttershy

"He usually just tells me." She said

"Oh, w-what do you mean?" She asked.

"Oh, uh, nothing! (chuckles) Never mind. Sunset Shimmer said you picked something up. Something that belonged to her. It wasn't a crown, was it?"

"How did you know?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Uh, lucky guess? Do you still have it?" Asked Twilight.

"Mm-mm." Fluttershy answered.

"But you know what happened to it?" She asked again.

"Mm-hmm. This morning, I was passing out flyers for the animal shelter like I do every Wednesday." She told us. "I have no idea how it got there. But I didn't want anything to happen to it, so I decided to give it to Principal Celestia."

"Principal Celestia? She's the ruler here?" Asked Twilight... again.

"You could say that. Technically, I guess she and Vice Principal Luna do make the rules." Fluttershy answered.

"Where is she now?" Twilight asked, for the fifth time.

"Probably in her office. Third door on your left."

"Thank you!"

"Oh, wait! You're not really supposed to have pets on school grounds. Might wanna tuck him into your backpack. That's what I do." Then some animal noises came from her backpack. "They just get so lonely when I'm in school all day."

"Oh, okay! Thank you!" Just then the bell rang.

"Oh, no! I'm late for class!"

Twilight and Fluttershy went in different direction, the Dovahkiin decided to go with Fluttershy.

"Hey, wait up, mind if I come with you?" He asked.

"Well, umm, I don't see why not." She said, and they both entered the room.

Just a taste of Tamenth's power

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After a while the bell rang again

"May we come across each other again sometime." Tamenth said as he left the class. "So where to next Fluttershy?"

"Hmmmm, lets s-" She was cut off by Twilight.

"Look I know we just meet..." Her voice was trailing off as Tamenth explored.

"Hmmmm... this is, and interesting place." Was all he could say before someone with kicked him in the head. "Ow... hey watch it woman."

"Whoops sorry." She said going towards Twilight.

"Damn, kids... though I do believe I am one right now." He said to himself.

After about a minute of exploring the doors opened.

"This looks terrible! There should be more streamers near the stage and fewer balloons." Said Sunset Shimmer. "Fizzy apple cider? Ugh! This is my coronation, not a hoedown."

"Well, now, it ain't necessarily gonna be your coronation this time around." Said a girl with a country accent.

"Oh, is that so? You country folk really aren't that bright. Must be why the other students say such awful things about you." She said taunting. "Obviously it's gonna be my coronation. I'm running unopposed."

"Not this time. The new girl just signed up!" she told her

"What?!" She yelled.

"I know. Her handwriting is really bad." Said the Pink one.

"Where is this Twilight Sparkle? I'm looking forward to meeting the competition!" She said laughing.

"Can't believe I didn't recognize you earlier. Shoulda known Princess Celestia would send her prized pupil here after my crown, and her little dog, too." Said Sunset.

"It's my crown!" Said Twilight.

"Whatever. This is just a minor setback for me. You don't know the first thing about this place, and I already rule it." She stated.

"If that's so, why do you even need my crown? You went to an awful lot of trouble to switch it with the one that belongs here?" She asked.

"Pop quiz: what happens when you bring an Element of Harmony into an alternate world? You don't know? Seriously? And you're supposed to be Princess Celestia's star student? Then again, what were the chances she'd find somepony as bright as me to take under her wing after I decided to leave Equestria? Bit embarrassing that you were the best she could do." She said, by this point the Dragonborn had finally cut in.

"Now, you must stop before I make you." He said.

"Oh yea and what are you going to do?" She asked.

"This." He said with a grin. "FUS!" This sent he back towards the wall.

"Ha, what was that?" She asked unamused.

"You doubt the Dovahkiin?" He asked angered. "Fine here is some more... FUS, RO!!!!" He shouted sending her through the wall this time. "Want more?"

"What are you?" She asked, he grinned.

"Better question is who am I." He said as he left her.

"Twilight, are you alright?" He asked her.

"How did y-" She was cut off.

"Nevermind what I did... tell me what is this Equestria?" He asked.

She was shocked but could tell he was serious. "Ok but you'll think I'm crazy." She said.

"Hah, my who life is crazy." He said

She then began to tell him everything about equestria and how she got here.

"Hmmmmm, seems possible... now let me tell you my secret." He said. He then began to tell here everything and how he could use the Thu'um, and how he has the soul of dragon, but the body of a human.

"Wait, but then how did you get here wasn't the teleporter supposed to send you to... Sovngarde, was it.

"Aye, I do not know that one yet *yawns* do you know some place we can stay for the night?" He asked she shook her head "Then let us seek refuge in this building."

A New Day

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"Good morning, students, and happy Thursday. Just a reminder to pick up your ballots for the Princess of the Fall Formal today. They are due at the time the dance starts tomorrow night, so don't forget to turn them in and make your voice heard." Said Celestia on the PA System.

"Fluttershy said I'd need to win over all those different groups if I wanna become Princess of the Fall Formal. So I've compiled a list of talking points. "Said Twilight.

"You made a list? That's so unlike you! Uh... Please... Continue." Spike said.

"I'll start introducing myself, sprinkle in some things I learned about their world into the conversation, show them how I fit in here! [sigh] Okay, Spike. Time to make a good first impression on my fellow students. The whole world sorta depends on it." She said.

"Why is everybody looking at me funny? Whoa! What're you...? Why did you...? Rarity?" She asked.

"Perfect! Oh, yes. This is good! No one will recognize you!" Said another girl with Purple hair.

"Why wouldn't I wanna be–" Twilight was cut off.

"And we'll need a disguise for your dog, which is too bad. He really is so adorable! Y'know, with a little work, I think I could make him look like a rabbit instead." She said.

"Who are you t-" Tamenth was cut off.

"There you are, Twilight." Said the country girl.

"So much for the disguise." Said the Purple one.

"I've been lookin' all over for ya!" She said.

"Me too." Said Fluttershy

"Me three! I like your new look!" Said the pink one.

"I do have an eye for these sorts of things. Not that you seem to care." Said the Purple one.

"What?!" Said the pink one.

"Why do you think she doesn't care? No, never mind. Why were you all looking for me? What's going on?" Asked Twilight.

"Oh, she hasn't seen it yet." Said Fluttershy

"Seen what?" She asked

"Oh, it's really not that bad." Said the pink one.

"Twilight Sparkle wants to be your Fall Formal Princess. What does it say about our school if we give someone like this... such an important honor?" Said Sunset in the video.

"What... I..." She then heard the laughter from behind her.

"Ha ha, by the eight, I have never laughed this much in my life. She may be against us but, my god, ha ha." Said Tamenth, they all stared at him. "I think I'll wait outside."

"That would be for the best." Said the purple one.

When our hero exited the building he saw the first girl he met, playing soccer by herself.

"Hello there, Rainbow Dash was it, what is this you are playing?" He asked.

"Oh its you, wait you never heard of soccer before?" She asked back.

"I am afraid not, could you teach me?" He asked.

"It's real simple, all you have to do is kick the ball to the opposite goal than mine... hey how about a game, you against me." She said excitedly.

"Oh, alright, but don't get too cocky, I am a fast learner." He boasted.

"Ok here are the rules." She then started to explain how to play and that their were things you could and couldn't do.

"I think I understand now." He said confident.

"Ok lets go first to five wins, you want it first?" She asked handing him the ball.

"No, by all means... ladies first." He said.

"Your loss." She said and kicked the ball, but it was intercepted by Tamenths foot, he then kicked it to the other side and made it in. She was shocked, she than noticed five other girls watching, she now knew she had to bring her A game. "Ok that was a lucky shot."

"Oh really, then how do you explain this." He then kicked it again and made it in the goal, they were even more shocked. "How about I make it fair and not count that one, ok."

"Ok, now I'm going 100%." She stated and started to run and kick the ball towards the goal.

"WULD... NAH KEST!!" Shouted the Dovahkiin putting him in front of her and stole the ball and kicked it to the goal.

"Beginners luck." She said "It'll run out soon."

"Maybe, or maybe I'm just a natural." Tamenth said.

She started for the goal again but it was taken by Tamenth again.

"Two more and I win." He said.

"Alright your turn." She said kicking him the ball.

"Ok." He said and kicked it straight into the goal. "Your turn."

She went to get it and then started to kick it and realized this was her last chance, so she ran as fast as she could, she then realized she didn't have the ball anymore and saw him about to kick it into the goal she was on the verge of tears and all she could do is look down.

"And this makes five." Said Tamenth about to kick it and saw her, he then got and idea. he swooped his foot over the ball and kicked it towards her and pretended to fall, she noticed this. "Whoops, haha it's like you said, my luck ran out." He said this and winked at her, she caught on.

"Ha, told ya." She said and kicked it into her goal. He did this for the rest of the game until she won.

"You really can't be defeated." He said.

"Yea still undefeated, whoooo." She said

Twilight then started to talk to her and said that she needed her help.

"So you're lookin' to dethrone Sunset Shimmer and become Princess of the Fall Formal, huh? Gotta say, I'd really love to see that happen. I'll totally help you out! All you gotta do is beat me in a game of one-on-one." She said.

"What?" Questioned Twilight.

"First to five goals wins. One-zip!" She said.

After thirty seconds Rainbow won 5-0.

"That's game!" She said.

Twilight was on the ground panting, we all gathered around her. Tamenth got an idea and pulled out a green potion.

"Here, drink this." She was a bit hesitant at first but went along, she then got all of her stamina back.

"What was that?" She asked.

"A stamina potion, what you do not have those here?" He asked.

"No dear, we don't." Answered the Purple one.

" So what's the plan? How can I help you be princess instead of Sunset Shimmer?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"But... I... lost!" Said Twilight.

"Of course you lost. I'm awesome! But I'm not gonna help just anybody try and beat Sunset Shimmer. The Fall Formal Princess should be someone with heart and determination. You've proved that you've got 'em both!" She stated.

Rainbow then noticed Tamenth in the back and went up to him "Thanks for letting me win." She then gave him a peck on the cheek, to his despise he saw Twilight watching.

"I'll keep this between us three." She said.

*At the Cafeteria*

"I would like you finest mead." Said the Dragonborn as it was his turn to get food.

"I'm sorry, we don't have any, could I interest you in some cider though?" She asked.

"Ugh, fine... but there better be more tomorrow." He said and left. Everywhere he went to sit the kids would just take it, he then decided to just finish all his food and meet up with the girls.

"Hey, what's going on. Why are you all smiling at me..." Twilight explained everything they were going to do. "WHAT!!! No, I'm sorry you may be my friends, but the Dovahkiin does not sing, nor dance."

"Oh come on please." Rainbow Dash said and gave him puppy dog eyes.

"I won't tell them you like her." Twilight whispered into his ears.

"Ugh, damn you... fine I'll do the stupid song and dance." He said.

"Smiling and make it look like you enjoy it." Said the one known as Pinkie Pie.

"Wh-what... that wasn't the deal." He said, and saw Twilight raise and eyebrow.

"F-fine... I'm going to regret this."

"Oh also put this on." Said the one called Rarity putting ears and a tail on him.

He facepalmed. "I hate you all."

The Cafeteria Song, and Dragon Fight

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[Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Tamenth]
Hey, hey, everybody
We've got something to say
We may seem as different
As the night is from day
But you look a little deeper
And you will see
That I'm just like you
And you're just like me.

Hey, hey, everybody

We're here to shout
That the magic of friendship
Is what it's all about
We thought we were different
As the night is from the day
Until Twilight Sparkle
Helped us see another way

So get up get down
If you're gonna come around
We can work together
Helping Twilight win the crown
So get up get down
'Cause it's gonna make a sound
If we work together
Helping Twilight Sparkle
Win the crown!

[Pinkie Pie]

Hey, hey hands up now,
We're sending a message
To the crowd
Hands wave up
Then come down
We party together
All around


Generous, honesty,


Laughter, kindness, loyalty


Twilight helped us each to see

[Rainbow Dash]

All that we can be!

[Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Tamenth]

So get up get down
If you're gonna come around
We can work together
Helping Twilight win the crown
So get up get down
'Cause it's gonna make a sound
If we work together
Helping Twilight Sparkle
Win the crown!
[Twilight Sparkle]

I'm gonna be myself
No matter what I do
And if we're different yeah
I want you to be true to you

If you follow me
We'll put our differences aside
We'll stick together and
Start working on that school pride!
[All students]

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around
Start now, make a change,
Gonna come around

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around
Canterlot Wondercolts
Help her win the crown!

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around
Start now, make a change,
Gonna come around

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around
Canterlot Wondercolts
Help her win the crown!
Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around
Start now, make a change,
Gonna come around
Jump up make a sound (Hey!)
Stomp your hooves turn around

After about ten more seconds the song was over.

"I... actually kind of liked that." Said Tamenth quietly, they all shared a smile while looking at him. "But... but I've never sung nor danced before."

"Well maybe you should stop fighting in the war, and start having more fun." Said Pinkie.

"Yea mayb-... how did you know?" He asked.

"Twilight says it's because I'm Pinkie Pie." She answered.

"I think... I should get some air... I can't think right now." He said back.

"Then how are you talking and walking?" Asked Pinkie.

"I'm done, trying to be make sence, out of how you function." He said, and went outside.

"Ahhhhh, fresh air... it seemed like forever since I've been out." He said.

"Ahhh, Dovahkiin, there you are, I have been sent from Alduin to finish you off." Said a Legendary Dragon.

"By the Shor, it can't be." He said in disbelief.

"Hey, Tamenth, I came to- what is that." Said Rainbow Dash in fear.

"No Rainbow Dash, RUN!!!" He yelled.

"Do as he says, this is between me and hi- and she's asleep... it will be her last slumber as well." Said the Dragon as he rushed Rainbow Dash

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!!!!" Yelled the Dragonborn, jumping on his back, and making him go up, only breaking a little bit of the building.

"Ha ha, you are weak, without you weapon, young Dovah." Stated the Dragon Throwing him in front of Rainbow Dash.

"That may be so..." He said seeing the whole school behind him. "But that doesn't mean I can't fight fire with fire... DUR, NEH VIIR." He said summoning Durnehviir. "Now Durnehviir, let me on you."

"As you wish... Dovahkiin." It was an intense battle between the two dragons. first Durnehviir grabbed the dragon by the neck, not letting go, then the Dragon escaped and shouted.


Durnehviir countered with "FRO, KRAH DIIN!"

The battle went on for another five minutes until the Legendary Dragon was on the ground.

"Thank you Durnehviir, I can handle it from here." Said the Dragonborn.

"As you wish, Dovahkiin." And with that he went back to the realm of the dead.

"Now as for you... lets finish this." He said getting his shout ready. "KAAN, DREM OV."

After this the dragon left never to be heard from again.

"What did you do?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Yea, why didn't you finish the job." Said somebody else.

"Did you not hear him, he was just following orders, he made a bad decision, it's never too late to start over, fresh, and new, I believe everyone deserves a second chance." Tamenth stated.

"So... how did you do that, with all of the crazy shouting and stuff?" Asked Rainbow.

"Ha, no use in hiding it anymore, ahem." He then went on and told everyone his story and how he did everything he was able to do, from day one, all the way to now. "And that pretty much subs it all up, and please, don't treat me any differently than you did before."

"Alright, everyone back inside." Said the one that was taller than all of use.

"Well, I have to... go." And with that the Dovahkiin was now in the real world.

"Do ya' think that was a good idea, letting him out there all alone?" Asked the one named Applejack.

"I'm sure he'll be fine, he did just sent a dragon back to where ever it came from." Said Twilight.

"That's what I was talk'in about." Said AJ.

Tamenths Adventure, and The Prom Gone Wrong

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"Wow, there is so much to look at, and so much to learn." Said the Dovahkiin to himself

*10 minutes later*

"Calm down, please I did not know you were an officer." Tamenth said.

"Well, that don't mean you can go stealing." He said.

"But it was mine he stole it not me, honest." He stated.

"Yea ok, sure we'll just turn the other way like this never happened then." They were being sarcastic, but the young Dovah took it seriously.

"Why thank you, goodbye." He said.

"Wha-what, we were being sarcastic." But he didn't hear.

"Oh no." The Dovah was cornered in a alleyway quickly though.

"Sorry kid but your going to have to pay." He said getting closer.

"HEY, what do you think your doing with my... date." Shouted Rainbow from behind.

"Huh, you mean this guy, nope sorry, he was caught stealing', and needs to pay." They said.

"But, back were he comes from he's royalty, so he normaly just does what he wants, cant you just look this over once." She begged.

"Oh alright fine, but no more ya' hear." He said.

"Loud and clear." She answered back.

After they left Tamenth asked her something. "Hey ummm, I've been meaning to ask... would you...actually like to go... on a date?" He asked nervously 'Why am I acting like this I normaly don't, but this girl... every time I'm around her, I feel so weird... why?'

"Oh, wow, uhhhh." She was speechless to the question "S-sure... sounds like fun."

"R-really?" He asked.

"How about this for an answer." She said getting closer to him, as their lips touched.

After a few seconds they broke the kiss, now the Dovahkiin was speechless. "Whoa." Was all he could say.

"Lets get back to the school, don't want to be late." Said Rainbow, all he could do was nod.

At the high school the girls noticed them holding hands.

"Awwwww, how adorable, Rainbow Dash and Tamenth, who would've though." Said Rarity.

"I did." Said Pinkie.

"Oh course you did." Tamenth finally said.

"It's about time you said something, I was worried you would never speak again." Said Rainbow laughing.

"Lets get in, quickly." Said Twilight.

After a while they awarded Twilight Princess and we hurried outside when we heard spikes voice.

"Ha woman, you think you can stand up to me, I have killed many dragons in my day, you are nothing." Said thee Dragonborn readying his fists.

"But what about Twilight's precise portal to go home?" She asked

"You wouldn't!?" Said Twilight.

"Try me." She said.

"Enough, FUS, RO DAH!!!" Shouted the Dovahkiin and she was blown back, just then something inside him, made him get the urge for more "fun", so it made him turn. "AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY HEAD!!!" he then went unconscious.

'Dovahkiin, you have not turned, for years now, so I will make you turn.' Said a voice.

"NO. They will all think of me as a monster." He said back.

"Ohh, and they don't now, for you did explain your life to them." Dovahs eyes shrank, the voice had a fair point, so he decided to go along with it.


"And so it will be done." And with that he woke up.

"Tamenth what's going on?" Asked Rainbow, his head started to hurt again.

"STAND. BACK. I. DON'T WANT TO HURRRRRT... YOU!!" He shouted, his voice starting to sound demonic.

"W-what?" She asked, she then saw his arms growing fur.

"SUNSET SHIMMER... tonight... I feast... on... BLOOD!!" He said, showing his WereWolf form.

"What... are you."

"Ha ha ha, you asked the same question the firrrrrst time I used a shout here... What was my answer then?" He said.

She remembered. "So, what about it.?"

"Do you know my name?" He asked.

"Thats not imp-" She was cut off.

"You don't even know my name." He started to get closer and closer then he pounced on her. "YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM... I am... DOVAHKIIN!!"

She was terrified, she couldn't speak.

"What's wrrrrrong... rrrrrrun out of quips, well I'm kind of thirrrrrrsty... I guess I can have a sample of yourrrrrr blood."

"N-no no please do- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!." She was crying out the pain when the Dragonborns claw dug into her skin.

The Dovah started to whistle, a tune he heard when he was a young boy.

"Ok... I've had enough... Twilight, you do the rrrrest, I'm going to go rrrreal quick." He said to Twilight, she nodded.

He grabbed his clothes that he dropped, and went around the corner.

"Yuck, ugh, she tastes nasty." He said showing he was normal again.

"Tamenth, you back." Rainbow said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Aye. Where is Sunset?" He asked, then his answer came.

"I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't know there was another way." Said Sunset... crying.

"The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere. You can seek it out, or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours." Twilight told her.

"But... But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship." She said.

"But, It's like I said before." Said Tamenth, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Everyone... deserves a second chance."

"Th-thank, you." She said just then the sky got darker, and they all saw the Dovah's eyes shrink, to the shadow of a dragon.

"What's wrong, you can beat a dragon, you did before, right?" Rainbow said.

"No, that is no dragon... It is Alduin." Their eyes shrank to this.

"Dovahkiin, you think you can defeat me, or are you to scared, here let me help you out." Just then some things and a person fell from the sky.

"Lydia, and my armor, hmpt." He then proceeded to put on his armor and equip his sword and shield. "Lydia, get up."

"My, Thane, where are we why do you look so young?" She asked.

"No time for questions, Alduin is here, take the bow and arrows." He commanded, she did as she was told. "Alduin, you die here today."

"Oh, but let us have fun first, your choice either fight here, and let your planet and your follower die by me, or fight their, at you home, even in Sovngarde, and let these peasants die with this planet, either way both of these planets will be mine to consume." Tamenth was shocked, but couldn't make a choice.

"Tamenth." He heard someone say behind him, he looked and saw, Rainbow Dash go up and kiss his, when they broke she was crying. "Go on go home, it's ok."

He could not believe what he was hearing, she went back to her her friends where they comforted her. "Thane please stay... I will be fine." Lydia said.

He had two options A and B, But he had to make a choice, and fast, so he went up to Rainbow Dash. "I will not be going anywhere, without you."

She was filled with joy, she and her friends embraced him into a group hug

"Well, so be it Dovahkiin, I will be back shortly." He said.

"What are we going to do, what if you can't beat him?" Asked Twilight.

"What I do best." Then Tamenth stated making plans.

*30 minutes later*

(Start song at 4:52 for venturian fans)

"Ahhh, Dovahkiin, I am back, are you ready to die?" Alduin Asked.

"Hah, no not today, but are you?" He said.

"Bold choice of words... but I do not fear anything." Just then Tamenth used a spell that made him a sword for only 120 second but that was enough

"YOL, TOOR SHUL." Alduin shouted. the Dovahkiin saw who he was aiming at and quickly use Greater Ward spell with his free hand.

"You do not hurt, RAINBOW DASH!!" He shouted, the Dovahkiin rushed at Alduin but he flew away, Tamenth was hoping he would do this. "JOOR, ZAH FRUL!"

"W-what did you do to me?" Asked Alduin

"Something I should've done... a long time ago." The Dovahkiin jumped onto Alduin, stabbing him repeatedly, into his skull, the slashed his neck open, blood poured out and Tamenth was covered in it. Alduin tried to fly away but the shout made him stay, Fluttershy started to cry at the site of a creature, not being able to fly, and just getting killed... by one of her friends.

"D-dovahk-kiin... w-whyyyy!!!" Alduin screeched.

"Because... IT IS MY DESTINY!!" He yelled, diving the final blow into Alduins skull, and jumping in front of him, Alduin exploded sending his body parts everywhere. Everyone saw the glowing light go into Tamenth's body, then when they knew it was over, they cheered.

"That... was... AWESOME!" Rainbow squealed.

"I did not know ya' were so talented... at killing Dragons that is." Said Applejack.

"My whole lives purpose was to end Alduin, so I kind of winged it." He said.

"W-why d-d-didn't you m-make him l-leave l-like the o-other one?" Fluttershy asked.

"For he was corrupted with evil, that other dragon was just following orders, Alduin just wanted destruction." He said calmly.

"Hey well you need to take a shower... you're covered in dragon blood." Rarity said.

"H-hey you don't kill... baby dragons, right?" Spike asked.

"What you take me for, a monster, I could not kill any type of baby, good or bad." He said. "Why do you ask... little pup?"

"Oh well, where come from I'm a dragon." This made the Dragonborn laugh.

"Ha ha, you? A dragon? Ha ha, oh my goodness, that is hilarious." He said.

"What's so funny?" Spike asked.

"Well, when I think of a dragon, I think, fierce, strong, flying fire breathers. But you no, Twilight here even told me how you cook with a pink apron, ha ha."

"W-well you said you have a soul of a dragon, where's your wings?" Spike asked.

"Yes soul of a dragon, body of a human though." He reminded him.

"Hey about Alduin, what did you do to him, what did you absorb?" Asked Twilight.

"Ah yes, that. Well for every dragon I kill I absorb their soul so they cannot come back to life." He said.

"So technically you are Alduin in that case." Twilight said, this made the young Dovah think.

"I guess you could say th-" He was cut off.

"Could you just take a shower already, you reek." Rarity demanded.

"Oh alright fine fine, but first." He got a wide grin. "Who wants a hug?"

"Nope" Rarity said immediately.

"Nah." Said Applejack.

"I-I'm good." Said Fluttershy.

"Not me." Twilight said.

"Yea, I'm out." Said Rainbow Dash hesitantly.

"Me too." Spike finished.

"Really... no one?" Dovah asked, just then.

"Oh, I can't hold it anymore." Screamed Pinkie, jumping over her friends and onto Tamenth. "Wow you do smell, you should take a shower." She said letting go.

"Pinkie, now you have to change, look you outfit has blood on it." Rarity said.

"Oops, sorry... it's just that he told me he doesn't like people to hug him, without permission." She said.

"Well, how about this... ugh I am going to hate myself, you can hug me whenever you want." Tameth said, Pinkies ears perked up.

"YIPPIEE!!!" She screamed.

"UGH, that was louder than my shout." He said. "Well I am off to... I believe I have spare clothes somewhere."

*Five minutes later*

"Are we not supposed to be inside yet?" Dovah asked.

"Whoa, that was fast, anyway, no Twilights leaving." Rainbow said.

"Ahhh, so Sparkle... Tell me will you come back again?" Dovah asked.

"Miss me already huh... yea I'll be back, but only in three moons." She said.

"Three moons huh, well, see you then." He said.

And with that the Dovahkiin and his six new friends said goodbye to Twilight Sparkle, wait for her next visit.

*From a Distance*

"Yes... everything is going according to plan... I will show him pain, beyond his wildest nightmare... Dovahkiin prepare to meet you maker." Said a mysterious voice. "I know somethings, that you don't... MUL, QUA DIIV!"