• Published 22nd Apr 2015
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Skyrim: Equestria Girls - Serious

Right before the Dragonborn went to face Alduin, he was teleported to a different dimension, where six friends teach him the meaning of friendship.

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Just a taste of Tamenth's power

After a while the bell rang again

"May we come across each other again sometime." Tamenth said as he left the class. "So where to next Fluttershy?"

"Hmmmm, lets s-" She was cut off by Twilight.

"Look I know we just meet..." Her voice was trailing off as Tamenth explored.

"Hmmmm... this is, and interesting place." Was all he could say before someone with kicked him in the head. "Ow... hey watch it woman."

"Whoops sorry." She said going towards Twilight.

"Damn, kids... though I do believe I am one right now." He said to himself.

After about a minute of exploring the doors opened.

"This looks terrible! There should be more streamers near the stage and fewer balloons." Said Sunset Shimmer. "Fizzy apple cider? Ugh! This is my coronation, not a hoedown."

"Well, now, it ain't necessarily gonna be your coronation this time around." Said a girl with a country accent.

"Oh, is that so? You country folk really aren't that bright. Must be why the other students say such awful things about you." She said taunting. "Obviously it's gonna be my coronation. I'm running unopposed."

"Not this time. The new girl just signed up!" she told her

"What?!" She yelled.

"I know. Her handwriting is really bad." Said the Pink one.

"Where is this Twilight Sparkle? I'm looking forward to meeting the competition!" She said laughing.

"Can't believe I didn't recognize you earlier. Shoulda known Princess Celestia would send her prized pupil here after my crown, and her little dog, too." Said Sunset.

"It's my crown!" Said Twilight.

"Whatever. This is just a minor setback for me. You don't know the first thing about this place, and I already rule it." She stated.

"If that's so, why do you even need my crown? You went to an awful lot of trouble to switch it with the one that belongs here?" She asked.

"Pop quiz: what happens when you bring an Element of Harmony into an alternate world? You don't know? Seriously? And you're supposed to be Princess Celestia's star student? Then again, what were the chances she'd find somepony as bright as me to take under her wing after I decided to leave Equestria? Bit embarrassing that you were the best she could do." She said, by this point the Dragonborn had finally cut in.

"Now, you must stop before I make you." He said.

"Oh yea and what are you going to do?" She asked.

"This." He said with a grin. "FUS!" This sent he back towards the wall.

"Ha, what was that?" She asked unamused.

"You doubt the Dovahkiin?" He asked angered. "Fine here is some more... FUS, RO!!!!" He shouted sending her through the wall this time. "Want more?"

"What are you?" She asked, he grinned.

"Better question is who am I." He said as he left her.

"Twilight, are you alright?" He asked her.

"How did y-" She was cut off.

"Nevermind what I did... tell me what is this Equestria?" He asked.

She was shocked but could tell he was serious. "Ok but you'll think I'm crazy." She said.

"Hah, my who life is crazy." He said

She then began to tell him everything about equestria and how she got here.

"Hmmmmm, seems possible... now let me tell you my secret." He said. He then began to tell here everything and how he could use the Thu'um, and how he has the soul of dragon, but the body of a human.

"Wait, but then how did you get here wasn't the teleporter supposed to send you to... Sovngarde, was it.

"Aye, I do not know that one yet *yawns* do you know some place we can stay for the night?" He asked she shook her head "Then let us seek refuge in this building."