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"Winning isn't everything, it's just the only thing that matters."

She had been a star student of some of the best flight teachers in Equestria. She claimed victory in so many schoolyard races. Her name spoke of speed unmatched.

For the first time in her life, she had lost.

She found herself weeded out of the crop of new rookies accepted for the second stage of training. She couldn't understand, she was the best at everything a Pegasus was known for since she was a child.

But now, she's in it for more than first place.

Recent note: So, I was given some advice on my story that I found needed to be followed. Soooo, I followed it. I edited chapter one and will be re-releasing chapter two soon.

Thanks for dealing with this.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

I really like this, nicely done! :scootangel: Lightning Dust needs more love, and I really like the idea of a Thunderlane x Lightning Dust friendship.

2416361 Thanks. I couldn't find any stories about Lightning Dust and Thunderlane (that wasn't shipping related). So, I started one.

Really nice chapter, we need more Dust in this page.

Nice chapter! This story needs more love. :heart:


Thanks for the compliment!

I've been adding it to some groups, but only time will tell.

Nice, keep up the good work.

Oh, I love this so far! Please, keep up with the great writing! We need more Lightning Dust!

2489577 couldn't agree more this story is great

"They call it the tourist entrance, but it's really the earth pony entrance."

It's also the unicorn entrance...unless the unicorn is a whiz at teleportation.

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