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Here's all you need to know about me. I am a college student, I love history, video games, music, writing, reading, and drawing. Also I am a Civil War reenactor. Need to know anything else?


Equestria's fate changed forever on The Last Day, when magical fire rained down across the land. Many perished when magical fires scorched the land and sapped the life from the surface of Equestria. In that destruction everything changed for in the lives of those ponies who survived but also for those ponies who weren't lucky enough to find shelter in the Stables. Lightning Dust was one such pony who met her fate when Equestria died. Her story was one of many that was long forgotten by those who did not remember her. But it is often said that Death is the final thing that separates ponies from the world of the living. Once you cross that threshold there is no coming back. But the magic of Equestria runs deep and even the Apocalypse is no match for it. So the veil of Death has been pulled back and a long forgotten pony shares her story.

Cover art by Turtledude.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 23 )

It's too early to say that the story is good, but I like its premiss.
Along with Gilda, Lightning Dust is one of the characters I want to see redeemed in an episode sometime soon, their episodes were just so one-sided.

So it is a pre-war pegasus-fic? I like those.
I always knew pony-heaven existed!

Let me be the first one to like the story. There's no such thing as too many pegasus-centered fictions.

I think this is the first FoE fic with Lightning Dust in it, at least the first one I've seen.

Me likey, have a upvote and fav :pinkiesmile:

I am glad you liked it. I really appreciate it. Please check out my other fanfics and let me know what you think?

Will Lightning Dust be beating anybody up in this story?

Rainbow Dash's fate is unveiled in another one of my stories.

It's kinda irresponsible for Lightning and Thunder to enlist for the war when they have a foal waiting at home.

I also might have detected a small mistake:

I placed Flickerwing’s corpse over my back and flew it back to our lines for a decent burial,

earlier you wrote:

was able to aim my battle-saddle to fire a few shots before a bullet tore through my left wing snapping the bone in half and leaving it daggling like a broken branch.

Some (technical errors):
- the singular of pegasus is pegasus (well, it sounds kinda obvious), you sometimes use "pegasi" to describe one single pegasus. That's not right.
-You should make a space line after every larger paragraph. You may have imported this one from GoogelDoc, unfortunately the spacing goes missing once you copy anything. :fluttershysad:
- some (but very few) ponyfication errors

Great chapters, a good read, but it will be even better once you fixed the spacing issues. :yay:

Thanks for finding the grammar mistakes Tetra. I corrected them so hopefully there aren't anymore and you are right about Lightning Dust and Thunderlane being reckless but the first war in Equestria in a long time makes ponies do weird things.

I am glad you are enjoying my story!

This is a vast improvement over your first upload. First person PoV seems to be your strong suit.Though, at the end of this Chapter, I didn't understand why she liked Thunderlane so much.

Thanks for reading it Interloper! I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for adding your story to the Fallout Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :raritywink:

Kkat commented on my story!! *rubs eyes and pinches self* I am not dreaming! Sweet! Thanks for commenting on my story Kkat! It is a real honor!

I am glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for the fave and the comment Deathpony!

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

6535217 np! if you have facebook, check us out sometime. :) join the growing community.

Author Interviewer

What is with their kid's name? c.c

she said that she didn’t want sympathy from a pony who wasn’t capable of giving it.

Now this is a killer line! :D

Author Interviewer

Her change of heart was a definite surprise. Pleased to see it. :)

Author Interviewer

I like the disconnected nebulosity of the OOBE sequence. Not sure you can slit your throat with a syringe, though.

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