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So whaddya say?


Drawing a blank, a story written to coincide with the events of the CreepyPasta game Story of the Blanks by Donitz. At first this story was only meant to go into the past of the town and such, but as it developed i found it easier to write my own story along side the Story of the Blanks plotline. This is the result of such.

This was not originally my idea, a friend of mine on dA told me he was looking for a Story of the Blanks fanfic, and I told him i'd try to write one.

Please leave HONEST constuctive feedback. Anything less is pointless and useless to me.

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Nice. Far too short. A bit flowery, but good vocabulary. My main concern is that the plot moves way too quickly. A few of the events seem kind of out of order, but they work well this way. I give 3 and half stars out of five. You've done a good job but there's room for improvement. Keep going. :twilightsmile:

189133 Thanks you for the feedback. I couldn't agree more with what youve said, but this is one of my older works, and i plan on eventually revising it, i just wanted to see what the people here thought first. Again, thank you.

:rainbowhuh: so wait is ruby alive? because if she is then i'm happy she was freed

:ajsleepy: oh i thought it was too good to be true that ruby was saved from death


This is very well written in my opinion. I love the plot twist the most though. :scootangel:

2792660 I think the pacing is way too fast, but if you say so! Thanks so much! Be sure to check out some of my other stories if you liked this one~

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