• Published 5th Feb 2012
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Drawing A Blank - Rysonn

Story of the Blanks fanfic. Semi-dark with my own story developments thrown in.

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Chapter 1

Applebloom never did forget the strange pony who’d saved her in the woods that night. Yet, the pieces just didn’t fit together. The more she thought about it, the less she understood. None of it made any sense.

Back then, all she could do was run. There were no other options. Now, she could think. that’s what bothered her. Applebloom hadn’t slept much in the last few nights, not with the words making a home out of her skull. Those words, never ceasing, plagued her troubled conscious.

'Turns out I’m really good at finding things,' the words droned off in her mind, 'I finally understand what it means, and I will find you a way out of this.' They never left her, those six words, ever repeating, 'I finally understand what it all means.' She didn’t know why those words struck her so violently, but they refused to relinquish their hold on her mind.

She could practically see the pony standing at the foot of her bed. Then she realized she really could. Applebloom jumped out of the covers of her bed, and darted in the general direction of the exit of her small, dark room.

“I’m sorry, friend. I did not mean to startle you. Please don’t run…” The pony in her room spoke in the most beautiful voice Applebloom had ever heard. She’d been too scared to notice it before, but now she found comfort in it, and she took refuge in the kindness of the one who called her ‘friend’.

Applebloom stopped dead in her tracks and turned toward the pony in her room. “It’s okay, I know you didn’t try to.” she said in condolence. Applebloom walked over to the pony, and nuzzled into the pony’s warm coat. She drew back and inquired in a confident voice, “I’m Applebloom, what’s your name?”

“I am Ruby. I’m glad we were finally able to be properly introduced. Nice to meet you, Applebloom.” The pony replied with a bright smile lighting up her face. Applebloom did her best to not be drawn in by the glowing golden eyes that only Ruby possessed. Although, she couldn’t help herself. No matter how hard she tried, there are just some things in life you can’t ignore. So she raised the question.

“Beg your pardon, but… well… no offence, but why do your eyes look like that?” She regretted saying it already, but found that she couldn’t take it back, so she just waited in an embarrassed anticipation for an answer.

“They’re my talent. Do you remember what I said?”

Applebloom’s mind raced back to the place that they’d been those few nights ago. “Turns out I’m really good at finding things.” There was a scramble in her memory and then the words resumed. “I will find you a way out of this!” They repeated themselves again. “Turns out I’m really good at finding things. I will find you a way out of this.”

Applebloom’s eyes came back to where she was in real time, and her gaze was set upon Ruby’s burning sight, and she understood.

“So that’s how you see things, with you’re special eyes, that is?” She asked rhetorically.

“They help me find what I’m looking for. It’s not that I see better, but when something’s lost, I can find it.” Ruby replied to the question, even though they both knew that no response was necessary.

“I was lost… and you found me a way out… How did you escape?” There were so many questions that Applebloom wanted to ask right now, but she forced a limit of one at a time.

“I followed you. I was just as lost as you were at the time, but that was then. I know now. I remember everything. I was born in that small town. Only I know its story… because no one else lived to tell the tale.”