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In a desperate stuggle to replenish their supplies and to escape an incoming armada of Huggables, Oliver, Riggs, and Wil have docked their ship on a colorful new world, filled with sentient ponies. Once the awkward greeting has passed, the Battle Bears soon realize that they have brought the Huggables to Twilight and her friend's home, and if they wish to save their new friends, they will have to fight alongside them, in an effort to save their world.

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Author's Note: This is my second fanfic ever, and as always, comments are appreciated. The reason why this chapter is shorter than my other fanfic (which is still in progress) is because lately, two authors have written crossover Fanfics that were similar to mine (Friendship is Algebraic and My Little Powerpuff Girls):fluttercry: and so I wrote the first chapter down before someone else wrote something like this. In distant future, I will edit this chapter to make it longer. Now enjoy!:pinkiehappy:

Oh, my lord, battle bears!? Perfect, my friend. Absolutely perfect.

First off, those were a different species. Second, did Oliver ever say he hated Unicorns? I think not. But don't worry, i'll answer your questions in the fic.:pinkiehappy:

In fact, theu had unicorns pulling the wagons about, so not only were they not too averse to them, but these unicorns were probably not far above our equines on Earth in terms of intelligence. Finding a certain purple unicorn that can teleport them to a great big winged one that can send the huggables to the moon, should they so much as THINK about bananas :trollestia:, would be greatly appreciated by our ursine heroes.

Also, can the huggables manage this :flutterrage:?

I was about to brain storm a crossover along the same lines and this seems to be the only other one. I'll give it a read.

Edit: my lord this is old...and probably abandoned... I'll just see my way out...

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