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In a desperate stuggle to replenish their supplies and to escape an incoming armada of Huggables, Oliver, Riggs, and Wil have docked their ship on a colorful new world, filled with sentient ponies. Once the awkward greeting has passed, the Battle Bears soon realize that they have brought the Huggables to Twilight and her friend's home, and if they wish to save their new friends, they will have to fight alongside them, in an effort to save their world.

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This is my first fanfic, so please comment me so that I can imrpove my work. It's because of you guys that writers become famous. It only got a teen rating because of the beginning, and even then its not that gruesome, but better safe then sorry! The tags might change as the story progresses, so keep your eyes peeled. All right, enough introductions, let the story begin . . .

A pegasus with a dark past has been brought back from the eternal inferno, given a chance at Paradise if he is able to give salvation to a certain boastful mare, or risk being thrown back into the fire, along with the mare he pledged to save. But as the tension escalates when demonic presences begin to emerge from an ancient evil, howling for the blood of the living, the colt's goal for redemption soon turns into a war between two arcane beings of great power, a war he will have to fight in if he wishes to enter Paradise, and save the land of the living.

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