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I can keep you safe, I can keep you happy. - Phxntxm

After a fun day at Twilight's with Applejack, Rainbow learns something has terrible has happened.

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This is her choice

Chapter 6

Rainbow couldn't remember the last time she had slept so peacefully, whether or not she would have had nightmares before, she would be afraid to go to sleep in the fear that they would come back. With Applejack laying beside her however, she couldn't find a single worry in her mind when she slept, no nightmares, nothing. When she awoke she saw that Applejack was already awake and smiling at her.

She yawned and smiled back, “Watching me sleep or something?”

“Why yes, Ah was, ya should get up now, Ah want to go do something.” Applejack grinned at Rainbow again and began to get out of bed. “Hurry up! Ah'm excited now!” She couldn't stop grinning and looked pretty...well...excited.

“Go do something like...what?”

“A date! Ah finally can go on a date with you!” Her grin widened as she practically wiggled with excitement.

Rainbow gave a nervous laugh, “Well AJ, I don't know. I haven't put much thought into this yet, I'm not really sure what I want to do with us right now. I'm not the type of pony who is in a relationship, I've never been in one, I don't really know what it means.”

Applejack just looked completely confused, “But...but you kissed me! What is there to think about!? There's obviously some attraction there or ya wouldn'ta done that! Ah just confessed how Ah felt about you too...you...you led me on Rainbow.” She looked downright pissed now, “Why would you do that? Why would ya act like you liked me, and then in one night, completely change yer mind? Why would ya kiss me?”

“I wasn't thinking things through!” Rainbow had yelled when she spoke without meaning to. Applejack sat down surprised and just stared at Rainbow waiting for her to talk, she had nothing to say anymore. Rainbow sighed, “AJ you're overreacting, I wasn't leading you on, I do like you, I never said that I didn't and that I was leading you on. You're assuming that, the only thing I said is I don't know if I want to be in a relationship, I've never been in one and I don't know what I'd have to do. What if I messed up? I can't...I can't lose our friendship Applejack...” How many times had she broken down in front of this mare now? And in the span of what, two, three days? This was so not her, and she knew she had to stop being such a wimp.“Stupid emotions,” she murmured to nopony in particular.

Applejack understood what was going on now and walked over to her friend and pulled her head up with a hoof, “Rainbow, there is absolutely no reason to worry about that, Ah like you fer you, ya don't have to go and act all different if we were together. Ah want to date you, so quit acting like it's some big deal of acting different. Just be yerself and quit hollerin' like that, just give it a try sugarcube, you'll miss out on a great experience if you don't.” She gave Rainbow a reassuring smile, trying to get her to give one back.

Rainbow sat there and looked into Applejack's eyes for a good minute or so before responding, “You know Applejack, I think you're right.” She started to feel her normal confident self return, “I mean of course I'm not going to mess up! I'm me! I don't mess up.” Applejack rolled her eyes at that, but let Rainbow finish. “I'll give this a shot, I do like you a lot AJ. So...what did you want to go do?”

Applejack's eyes lit up and she shouted out in a sing-song voice, “Picniiiiiic!” Rainbow jumped a little at the sudden change in demeanor, but followed her friend...marefriend...out the door as Applejack had just bolted away to get things ready. Rainbow took a deep breath as she started to feel nervousness come back, not only had she never been in a relationship before, she had never been on a date either. She just didn't normally have time for silly stuff like that, but she figured she could make an exception for Applejack. She meant something more to Rainbow than anypony else had.

The picnic actually turned out to be a blast, Rainbow was anxious at first, but began to loosen up as she realized Applejack wasn't acting different at all, she was just being herself. Just like she had told Rainbow. After they had finished eaten, Rainbow had leaned back on her haunches watching the sky as Applejack lay her head in Rainbow's lap. After resting for a while, she asked Rainbow: “So does that mean Ah can now call ya mine?”


Applejack sat up confused...again. “Wait what? What now!? What's wrong this time?!”

Rainbow simply smiled, “Oh nothing, I'm just saying, if I'm going to be in a relationship with you, I'm the alpha-pony. Therefore, I can call you mine.” Applejack grinned and felt relieved as she realized Rainbow was just messing with her.

“Ok first of all, that's not how it works, we're each others. And there is no way Ah'm goin' ta be the passive one here.”

Rainbow chuckled and looked at Applejack's eyes, she quickly tackled her to the ground and pinned her hooves down. She leaned down and kept her lips less than an inch away from Applejack's and whispered quietly, “No. I'm on top here. You. Are. Mine.” She lifted her head up and gazed down at Applejack, wanting to take in the work she had just done. She definitely succeeded, Applejack's eyes were wide, her mouth was open, and she was breathing faster. Rainbow leaned down again, to Applejack's ear, “Say it.”

Applejack shook her head and refused.

“You're not getting up till you say it Applejack.” Rainbow lifter her head up again and watched as she knew Applejack was going to give in.

Applejack looked up at Rainbow and cursed her new marefriend in her mind, “Ah'm....Ah'm yours Rainbow.”

Rainbow grinned in success and she leaned back down to close the gap between the two, Applejack returned the kiss with fervor. Rainbow was back, no more stupid emotions, her confident self was back, no more mushiness.

Well maybe just once more.

“I'm glad to call you mine AJ, I hope to always be able to.”

Sequel (still ongoing):

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Loveable story and a realy good chapter :pinkiehappy:
I knew it was a good decision to follow this one :rainbowkiss:

Keep up the good work!

pxhoijavsroivgja im going to make you look stupid again on plug if you do not update one of your stories!!! i know you have written more!!


You posted it on here too? AND you have a sequel that already has four chapters?! Damn, I'm slacking.

What do you mean "too" which other site did you read it on?

662570 fanfiction.net. Even left some "reviews" (aka, lame comments) on the last three chapters.

Ah...well yeah my sequel is on there too :P

662690 So I noticed. But Fimfiction is so much easier on the eyes due to the formatting. :P

What about that huge cloud house thingy? With the rainbow waterfall.

3803364 same here. I may be a man but i'm also a sappy bitch. I've only read one story with tags like this one, I didn't finish the story on an account of crying my eyes out.:ajsleepy:

I can't make you read anything but it'd be cool if you did read it. While it's not my favorite story I've written...other people seem to like it (for some odd reason) :unsuresweetie:

3819299 so I slept on what you said, awoke to day and said why the hell not. Very happy I did it's one of the best AppleDash stories I have read in a long time. It definitely was not as sad as I first thought it was going to be which is a good thing. All in all great story man! :ajsmug:

Thanks...I still don't think the writing in it was very good :ajsleepy: but oh well. Thanks for reading!

Happy I finally got the time to read through this. Its a very nice story, simple in design, but very well done. Sad to see the sequel was cancelled. But, happy with how this arc ended nonetheless.

I have kind of mixed feelings. While the story is interesting, and AJ and Twi are portrayed nicely, I don't like how you've written Rainbow Dash. She's never been this much of an asshole. Of course she is a 'bit' self centered, but she also cares deeply for her friends, and everypony else. Here, she's being kind of a horid bitch... But I shall read on - or listen on as Goombasa reads it on youtube, and see how it goes. I've got a feeling that you made her a bitch so there can be some character developement...

Yeah this wasn't my best story, just for some reason it got "popularish" when i have time I want to go in and re-write a lot of it

And here I am, responding to you after almost a year. Sorry about that. I got a new account, and sorta forgot about all of this.

Anyway, just today I've been going around responding to old stuff and seeing if some people I remember are still around. A few so far aren't, but just a few. While I'm here, I'd like to give a, "thank you," for ye olden brony times sake. Also, I'm going to read this story on my new account, because I have a morbid curiosity.

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