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A crossover fic to which I received 2nd place in a fanfic contest for the local brony club at my school. It's nothing special, just the Cerberus fight, if it were Fluttershy as Dante. Got the idea when she controlled that Cerberus in that one episode of MLP:FiM (I forget the one.). And yes, Rainbow Dash is Vergil, and Twilight's Lady. Might write a full crossover,but considering school, it'll be a while.

Picture's not mine. Credit goes to respective artist and what not. Found it on Google Images,so I have no idea who to credit.

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that was pretty good.:pinkiehappy:

2078442 Thanks. Idk why this recieved such a negative backlash. But oh well.:pinkiesad2:

ah some might think the two clash.
but that's why you wrote it i think, to see the outcome:pinkiehappy:

I will never see Virgil the same after UMvC3

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