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Two siblings. One, a mare, who sole goal in life was to join the Wonderbolts. And a colt, older than the mare, whose destiny is granted to him by an accident. For so long, Lightning Dust thought her brother had died in that weather accident. Turns out he didn't, and after years have passed, they meet shortly after the events of 'Wonderbolts Academy' have taken place and Lightning Dust is leaving the academy...

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Now all 2 of your fans are going to demand a fic where Roller confronts Slendermane. :trollestia:

Well that was fun. Keep on writing my friend.

Haha everybody has an older brother. :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, this was a ton of fun to do. Keep writing stuff, and if I accidentally click on it, I'll read it for YouTube again. Link coming as soon as we upload.

not bad i have read worst but it a good read and i fav so i can read it over agend anytime i pls

Wow. "Who Are You Now" By Sleeping With Sirens started to play while I was reading this. It was actually pretty fitting .

I enjoyed that! Even though I don't know what a Slenderpony is, besides the basic appearance, weirdness, zalgoness and the fact that it's from some game. :P

:applejackunsure: for some reason with demon slayer i'm thinking of "Devil May Cry" in this story. :applejackunsure:

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