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A crossover fic to which I received 2nd place in a fanfic contest for the local brony club at my school. It's nothing special, just the Cerberus fight, if it were Fluttershy as Dante. Got the idea when she controlled that Cerberus in that one episode of MLP:FiM (I forget the one.). And yes, Rainbow Dash is Vergil, and Twilight's Lady. Might write a full crossover,but considering school, it'll be a while.

Picture's not mine. Credit goes to respective artist and what not. Found it on Google Images,so I have no idea who to credit.

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Two siblings. One, a mare, who sole goal in life was to join the Wonderbolts. And a colt, older than the mare, whose destiny is granted to him by an accident. For so long, Lightning Dust thought her brother had died in that weather accident. Turns out he didn't, and after years have passed, they meet shortly after the events of 'Wonderbolts Academy' have taken place and Lightning Dust is leaving the academy...

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A young Pegasus colt's life will forever be altered by a visit to the Everfree Forest. There, he shall find out what his true destiny is...

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