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Pony May Cry: Fluttershy's Awakening - MostFaithfulDemonSlayer

An MLP x Devil May Cry crossover. Full crossover might happen, but idk. Enjoy.

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Flutter May Cry: Cerberus Battle

Pegasus May Cry: Fluttershy’s Awakening

You’ve heard of it haven’t you? The legend of Solar Shaker? When I was young, Princess Celestia told me stories about it. Long ago, in ancient times, a Tartaruan, or a type of evil Pegasus known to have magical abilities in their hooves, rebelled against his own kind for the sake of the pony race. With his sword, he shut the portal to Tartarus off from the pony realm, and sealed off the malevolent entities off from our Equestrian world. But since he was a Tartaruan himself, his power was also trapped on the other side.

I never believed it. I always thought it was just another filly’s pony tail.

But then I discovered that this so-called “legend” wasn’t a myth at all. Solar Shaker existed.

How do I know? Well, I met the daughters of Solar; both of them. Though the same blood of their ancient race flowed through their veins, the two battled each other fiercely, like arch-enemies. It seemed as if they derived some sort of twisted pleasure from this sisterly fighting.

But in the end…only one was left standing…

Fluttershy dusted her red coat. Knowing that her sister, Rainbow Dash, is back and called her for a “party” atop the newly risen from the earth Tower of Tartarus didn’t so much scare her as did anger her. She knew that all Dash wanted was the portal to Tartarus open again so our race can flow freely and echo its chaos to Equestria. With Ponyville in ruin and the looming tower, now the centerpiece of the reduced- to-rubble settlement, she knew that the only way to seal the portal again is to defeat her in battle. But first, there was the problem of how to get in. There was the main entrance, a giant door covered in ice. Fluttershy, holding the blessed silver sword which she inscribed “Rebellion” on the hilt, in one hoof, and gripping Ebony, the black-as-coal, heavily customized M1911 pistol designed just for defeating anything that comes out of Tartarus with a few bullets, says a Celestial prayer, and walks in, ready for the attack.

“Whoa. Nice ice sculpture.” she whispers, making sure not to attract attention from any entity that may be patrolling. The ice sculpture was of a three-headed dog, representing the “guardian of Tartarus”. Cerberus was his name, and, he hated intruders. Suddenly, the ice “sculpture” started to crack, revealing this was no statue of frozen water, but of a living, and breathing, three-headed dog. Fluttershy was terrified, and aimed Ebony towards the awakening monster, in case it attacks.

“Who goes there?” the monster roared. He looked at the yellow Pegasus: flowing pink and silver mane, green eyes, with the three butterfly cutie mark, donned with a blood red coat, pointing a pistol at the center head.

“…Umm…Fluttershy, sir.” Fluttershy squeaked in response to the triple cranium canine. She was nervous. Knowing Dash had such a huge monster as the guard of the Tower of Tartarus was intimidating, but she wouldn’t run. She knew this monster had to be defeated; even if she was an animal lover.

“Hah, a mere namby pamby pony pointing a wimpy pistol at me? Don’t you know who I am, Fluttershy? I am CERBERUS! GUARDIAN OF TARTARUS!” he boomed.

Fluttershy became wide-eyed, but kept her composure.

“Leave. Now. Or suffer like many that have threatened to fight me in battle.”

Fluttershy, usually being scared, quiet, and reserved, shouted “I AM NOT NAMBY PAMBY, YOU THREE HEADED MEANIE!” she then charged toward the three headed canine, sword in hoof.

One of the heads breathed a flurry of ice and snow out of its mouth, freezing the floor that Fluttershy was running on. She slipped and fell, face first, onto the feet of the irritated Cerberus. The slip, though, managed to put her in a good fighting position. With one swift wing movement, she leaped into the air, upper cutting the left dog head. It disappeared in a puff of red and black magic; the dog whined in pain, but still maintained its composure. It swiped a chained paw at Fluttershy, managing to catch her red coat in its nails. It swung Fluttershy clear across the entrance hall, and Fluttershy struck her head against an icicle, rendering her in a daze. The right head breathed in, preparing to freeze Fluttershy into an ice figure.

Think, Fluttershy, think! She thought.

She rolled out of the way of the ice breath. It was at this moment that she saw her solution in defeating the mighty Cerberus. She looked at the icicle she hit her head on.

“Have to act fast.” She whispered. She concentrated on the icicle above the remaining right head of the dog. The dog swiped another chained paw at the yellow mare.

With a vibration of air radiating from the mare, time slowed down. Fluttershy, moving at normal speed, avoided the paw clawing towards her. She flew towards the icicle quickly; she had seconds before time returned to normal. With her Tartaruan magic, she blasted the icicle from the ceiling. Just as she planned, time returned and the icicle dropped onto the right head of the Cerberus. It, like the left, disappeared in a puff of red-and-black magic smoke. The canine winced in pain, and grabbed Fluttershy in its paws. Fluttershy was weakened by her use of the magic; she wasn’t used to using it this much. She struggled to break free, but Cerberus’s grip only got tighter. Cerberus smiled, its last head opening its gaping mouth to eat the helpless yellow pony. As if by chance, Fluttershy’s arm broke free, with Ebony still in hand. She aimed it at the ceiling.

“Down, boy.” She said, staring into the eyes of her captor.

Cerberus looked up in confusion. With a shot from the consecrated firearm, the ice above shattered and fell atop the confused canine. The dog was crushed, defeated by the very element he controlled. Fluttershy flung from its paws, and landed on her feet, but was shaken up by the fall. She spun the sword Rebellion in her hoof, and aimed it at the dog.

The dog whimpered, with a terrified look on its face.

“You…defeated me?” it said, afraid of the sword held by the cream Pegasus. “But, how?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s in my blood.” She told to the dog, relaxing her position, and returning the sword to her back.

“Wait…that sword…your magic…you’re a Tartaruan, aren’t you? Just like my master…” Cerberus said. “Worthy adversary, Fluttershy. Worthy adversary…” he said, slowly weakening.

Fluttershy felt sorry for the dog, and stroked the center head. After all, she was an animal lover.

“I’m sorry; I just had to, Cerberus. You must understand; I must defeat my sister Rainbow, and knock her off this tower to keep the portal to Tartarus from opening.” She told the overwhelmed dog.

“I understand, Fluttershy. Since you have defeated me in battle, I shall grant you my loyalty. I can change into nun chucks infused with my magical ability. Anything my three chucks hit shall be stunned, and frozen for a split second. Use me for your cause, powerful Fluttershy. Use me…to defeat your sister.”

The Cerberus breathed his last breath before his entire body faded in a red and black fog, leaving behind three sticks connected by a chain. Fluttershy picked them up with her hoof, and clipped them onto her coat. With Cerberus defeated, the door was now open, letting Fluttershy enter the obelisk that rose from the depths of Tartarus.

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that was pretty good.:pinkiehappy:

2078442 Thanks. Idk why this recieved such a negative backlash. But oh well.:pinkiesad2:

ah some might think the two clash.
but that's why you wrote it i think, to see the outcome:pinkiehappy:

I will never see Virgil the same after UMvC3

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