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I am a slightly unstable surrealist. MLP:FiM actually kept me from committing suicide. Any questions?

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But what about Zecora?!

Did zecora speak normal?

:trollestia: aside.

I think you can carry this gag well.
Though I see no reason to include a silly plot,
What point is there in a rhyming onslaught?
What could be the princess' reason?
If I were Twilight I would begin treason.
It is a odd way and one which my criticism I cannot relieve,
But otherwise it was a very fun read.
To keep the purpose of this comment alive,
I give the story a four point five.

Personally I find rhyming one of the hardest things to do on purpose. xD
This story was quite charming and I like how this unusual situation came to be. =3
And of course Pinkie's breaking fourth wall was enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

I like poems

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