• Published 21st Nov 2012
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Applesauce and Fluttershutter - DoctorWhooves42

Two characters caught in a timeless tale of love and loss.

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Applesauce Returns

It was a cool fall day, and the wind made the leaves dance to and fro. Fluttershutter was sitting on a hill, watching the clouds breeze by, when she heard a faint sloshing sound. Up the hill there hopped an orange bowl, filled with a puree of apples. Its contents bounced suggestively in the bowl, and Fluttershutter followed its trajectory with rapt attention.

“Applesauce?” She asked tentatively when it had hopped up to her, shaking the image of the bouncing goodness out of her mind before she got too excited.

“Yes, mah love,” Applesauce said, her voice as husky and warm as the day she’d left.

“Oh dear, I thought you’d left for good! Gone to make the Mott’s of yourself in the city!” Ever since Applesauce had left, the yellow shutter hadn’t been able to fill the hole left in her heart. Sure there had been others, and sure they’d tried. But none of them, none of them could hold a candle to Applesauce.

“Ah couldn’t! Not when ah’d left the most important part of me back home,” Applesauce said

“I thought I’d never see you again! I wrote daily, but you never responded!” Fluttershutter said angrily. Her love sighed, her contents drooping.

“Ah know, it was powerful wrong of me. Sure, there were plenty of girls in the city, but they weren’t tempting’ me none, no ma’am. Ah always said “Darlin’, you’re pretty and all, but there’s only one girl in the world that gets me goin’, and that’s Fluttershutter” ”.She perked up suddenly. “But now ah’m home, and there ain’t nuthin’ stoppin’ us now!” She hopped closer to Fluttershutter, who pulled away. Now was not the time for forgiveness.

“But we can’t be together, you know that! Oh my, what would the others think?” the pale yellow shutter said, her slats drooping slightly. She did love Applesauce, but it was forbidden. She, a piece of window decoration built to keep moisture away from glass, and her lover, a bowl of fruit mash made with sugar and a mix of spices. They both knew they came from different worlds.

“It don’t matter what they think, sugar cube, ah just know ah love ya!” The hot blooded bowl of mashed fruit jumped up and down. Fluttershutter had always found her to be too impulsive for her own good. That was why she loved her. Yet she thought she’d gotten over her lightly spiced friend since she left town a few years ago.

“But how can you love me still? I’ve grown old! I’ve been repainted since you last saw me.” She turned away from her orange bowled friend. Applesauce hopped up beside her, sloshing some of herself onto the ground. She nuzzled up close, a transparent attempt to comfort her lover. It worked, but still Fluttershutter looked away.

“Ah need you to look at me sugarcube!” Fluttershutter turned finally, staring deep into the shining glaze of her lover. “Ah don’t care how many coats of paint you have, or how chipped it may be after a rainstorm. Ah love you fer you! Why, you could be naked of paint and I’d still love you till the day we die.” Fluttershutter blushed shyly at the idea of Applesauce picturing her naked of paint. She was initially embarrassed, but the idea aroused her the more she thought about it. She turned rapidly to the small orange bowl of yellow fruit mash, her slats thrown wide open expectantly. Applesauce looked taken aback at this. Fluttershutter knew that she was not normally was this forward, but it had been a long time, and she needed this right now.

“It’s been so long! I need you in my slats!” she exclaimed. Applesauce tipped herself onto her friend, the force of her hop throwing them both onto the ground. Fluttershutter trembled as the thick, sticky fluid filled her every slat. It was cold at first, but their hot love made it warm again. It had been so long since Fluttershutter had had her slats filled like this.

“Oh…OH…mmmmmm” she moaned as Applesauce’s sauce trickled slowly, sensually, down her frame, sending shivers of ecstasy throughout her. Her mate rolled left and right, leaving no part of her lover untouched, no inch of her hard, painted body clean of their love. She screamed one final scream of orgasmic joy, and it was over. Both were breathing heavily.

“It really has been too long,” Applesauce said, after she unloaded one last bit of fluid. She rolled off of her lover and lay panting on the ground, some loose droplets of the sticky fluid plopping softly onto the ground beside her. Fluttershutter closed her slats and lay quietly on the soft ground.

“Applesauce?” Fluttershutter said, after they had both cooled off from their lovemaking.
“Yes, mah sweet?”
“Will you stay? Will you stay and love me like that every night?” Fluttershutter said, gazing into the blue sky. “Will you never let me feel alone, never let me feel empty, to promise to fill the hole in me with your love and never let it be empty again?”

“Ah promise sugarcube. Ah promise you all these things and more, mah love.”

“Alright, ahm just gonna stop this right now,” a voice said.

Pinkie Pie put down the now empty bowl of applesauce and looked up, towards the apparent source of the voice. Applejack had poked her head out of the barn’s loft and was glaring down at Pinkie.

“Oh, hey AJ! How long have you been up there?” Pinkie chuckled nervously.

“Long enough,” she said, her eyes narrowing.

“So you heard everything?”


“Including the, uh, not safe for Applebloom parts?”

“ Especially those parts!” Applejack replied. Pinkie drew a small circle on the ground with her hoof, daring not to make eye contact. “Ah can’t believe y’all would come into mah barn and act out yer weird fantasies-“

“I’ll leave! I’m sorry! I needed somewhere quiet, and nopony ever comes around your old barn and I only needed it for a little while and...And…and…” She was silenced by a glare from AJ.

“Y’all didn’t let me finish. Ah can’t believe you would come into mah barn and act out weird fantasies about me…without including me! Ah mean you made this story pretty hot, but I think we can make it hotter!”

“Really? How!” Pinkie grinned excitedly.

“Well for starters…” AJ began, and for the rest of the night the two friends acted out many more sordid and erotic adventures involving the forbidden lovers of Applesauce and Fluttershutter.

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This. :pinkiehappy:

IT'S APPLEJOHN. :flutterrage::flutterrage:

It's both.

That...that was beautiful :pinkiesad2:

I think this needs to be Mature. I'm sorry, I just think so. :pinkiesick: But it was funny!

Oh my god, you actually posted it...


Yeah... my mind just exploded from the awesomness:rainbowderp:

:pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: That is all!

Words don't even begin to describe how hilarious that was :rainbowlaugh:
You sir, deserve a treat. That was fantastic.

1660915 I wasn't sure, because it's just a bowl of applesauce being spilt on a Shutter. Nothing sexual about that. :scootangel:

First I was unsure. Then it was Pinkie acting things out. Apparently there were NSFAB parts. the they did more.


I hope you don't mind that I chose this story for a cold reading. :twilightsheepish:

1704988 You have ALL of my approval!:rainbowkiss:

Well then.


1748074 thank you, I hope you cried as much as I did when I read through it

1748151 I cried when an eyelash fell in my eye, if that helps. :pinkiehappy:

Never before has a bowl of applesauce being spilled onto a window shutter been so dirty.

Ooh hey, your Applejack profile pic is really neat! :twilightsmile:

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