• Published 16th Nov 2012
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Address Unknown - remedy

Derpy's suffered scorn for a mold she doesn't fit. Will a chance meeting change her life for the better?

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12. To Discuss and Distract

Chapter 12 – To Discuss and Distract

Twilight and Derpy lay on the couch, basking in each other’s affections and recovering from the intimate time they had just spent together, with Twilight nestled against Derpy’s back. Twilight was gently stroking her hoof through the mane of the pegasus and playfully nibbling at her ear, causing the pony to giggle lightly. Derpy turned to her other side with a lazy smile, beginning with her head and the rest of her body following along until they were muzzle to muzzle and belly to belly.

Twilight gave a contented smile back with her eyes half lidded, and snuggled closer, feeling a comfortable warmth as Derpy stretched one wing out and laid it over the unicorn like a blanket. She had never been huddled in a pegasus’ wing like this, and she relished the plush feeling the feathers had, soft and gentle, yet strong enough to clasp her like a light hug. Even the slightest shift from Derpy caused the feathers to flutter imperceptibly, feeling like her entire side was being lightly tickled.

It gave her an amazingly relaxed sensation, and her eyes closed as she pulled her lover close and delicately nuzzled the light yellow mane. She felt the pegasus reciprocate, and Twilight gave a happy sigh that could have meant nothing less than ‘I love you’.

Derpy heard the contentment in Twilight’s sigh, and she gripped Twilight tighter as she whispered a gentle, “I love you, too.”

They would have stayed on the couch indefinitely, enjoying each other’s company for the entire night, but Twilight knew that couldn’t happen. She gave Derpy one more stroke down her mane before slowly pushing herself upward and giving her new marefriend a loving look.

“Sorry, Derpy,” she apologized, “but we need to get this place – and ourselves – cleaned up before we have any traumatized baby dragons.” Derpy gave a slight grin at this and nodded, getting up from the couch herself.

Judging from what Rainbow Dash had said about Spike’s cleaning adventure earlier, she could only assume he was out gathering extra cleaning supplies. She had left a shopping list for the day – one of Spike’s occasional chores that she assigned. She hurried to check and see if he had taken the list. He had.

Shopping was one of the chores he didn’t seem to mind, as it let him avoid cleaning and sorting books, let him roam the town, and – of course – visit Rarity. Twilight gave a slight smile, knowing they had plenty of time before he returned. Still, remembering that she had locked the door so she and Derpy could enjoy privacy, she cast her magic toward the door once again, prompting an audible click as she unlocked it; the last thing she needed was an explanation to Spike as to why she had felt the need to secure the library. As for cleaning up, she had already figured out their best way to get started, and wasted no time in letting Derpy know.

“Okay, Derpy, I’ll take care of cleaning up the couch and any spots we may have left.” She gave a mental grin at that, remembering what Dash had told her again. “You go ahead and get washed up in the shower, and when you’re done I can take my turn. After that we should be free from at least any of the telltale signs of the mischief we were up to.”

Derpy gave another nod and started off before pausing and looking over her shoulder at the unicorn, who had already flipped the windows open to allow a breeze to whisk away lingering scents from the room.

“Um, Twilight?”

“You can just call me Twi like everybody else does, Derpy,” the unicorn replied cheerily.

“Oh, um, okay. Twi, where’s the shower?” Derpy blushed slightly, her gray coat turning a few shades darker over her cheeks.

Twilight facehooved. “Sorry, Derpy! I completely forgot to show you around the whole library. It’s up the stairs, down the hall, the second door on the right.” Twilight smiled as Derpy trotted off toward the shower, a new plan forming in her mind already. This plan would have to wait though, she had to focus her magic on lifting stains from any carpets or cushions before they could soak in and dry.

A purple glow grew, and cushions flew off the couch to be scrutinized by the librarian who quickly vaporized each offending spot or mark into oblivion. Satisfied that the couch was at least safe now, she turned her gaze to the carpet; spot cleaning the floor was less practical.

She settled on illuminating the entire floor with her lilac magic, concentrating on cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing spells all at the same time. It took more focus than usual to cast spells in triplicate such as this, but the spells were fairly simple and that made the task relatively easy.

She finished cleaning any trace of their tryst within a few minutes, and spent the rest of her time collecting flowers from outside to aid in masking the few remaining faint smells. Until Derpy was finished with her shower, Twilight contented herself with repeating her spells as many times as she could before it was her turn.

A short wait later, Derpy stepped out of the shower and dried herself off as best as she could. It had taken her a few tries to get the shower to turn on; punching a cloud was much easier than valves and pipes and Celestia-knew-what. At least she quickly figured out the temperature control before she either boiled or turned into a pony-cicle.

Twilight turned into the bathroom. “All done with cleaning downstairs!” She proudly announced, stepping toward the shower herself. “While I’m getting washed up, you can explore the library if you want – I have a feeling you’ll be spending quite a bit of time here,” she added with a wink. Derpy gave her a smirk, and turned around, trotting off to explore.


“Stupid chores.” Spike kicked a pebble as he trudged through Ponyville with a long shopping list in one of his claws and pulled a wagon full of supplies behind him with the other.

Spike, get the groceries. Spike, dust the books. Spike, fetch me a new quill. Spike, clean up Celestia-knows-what mess I’ve made this time,” he muttered to himself in a mock imitation of Twilight’s voice. He glanced at the piece of parchment again and gave a mixture of a growl and a huff loud enough to draw a few curious looks from ponies surrounding him in the market.

He had been out running errands for at least a couple hours now; his feet were killing him, he was tired, and he was very tempted to crumple the list up in a ball and go home. That would be like pouring salt on a wound, though; he knew Twilight well enough that if he deliberately shirked his duties there would be repercussions of some sort that would definitely be worse than sore feet.

Thankfully, even though his stamina was dwindling down to nothing, so was the list of chores. He had gotten all his chores done at the library earlier, he had gotten food from the market, he had bought enough parchment to last six months for a normal pony (or two days for Twilight), he had visited Quills and Sofas for the fourth time that week, and he only had one thing left to do. He glanced back at the list and groaned. The task itself wasn’t difficult in the least, but finding its subject would be.

Get the last set of Daring Do books back from Rainbow Dash – they’re overdue by weeks.

Spike muttered again, trying to think of where Dash may be hiding out. She always seemed to pop up when least expected, but when you actually needed to find her… He face-clawed at the job, and then snapped his head back up with an idea. She had been with Applejack at the library. Maybe they were back at Sweet Apple Acres. He turned around and wearily plodded toward the farm.

It took a good fifteen minutes to get there, but he was relieved to see both mares sitting at a picnic table, chatting over mugs of what he guessed to be cider. Seeing how quickly Rainbow Dash was chugging mug after mug confirmed his guess – it was definitely cider. He approached the pair, who noticed him coming and quickly ceased all conversation and eyed him cautiously.

“Uh, hi, guys,” Spike called as he trotted over. As he neared, he wondered why the two had immediately stopped talking the moment that they detected his presence.

“Howdy, Spike,” Applejack responded tersely. She was uncomfortable about something and was trying to not show it, but Spike noticed easily. Applejack was not known for her ability to keep secrets; being the embodiment of honesty had its drawbacks, and being unable to conceal things with the occasional white lie was definitely among the top of those drawbacks.

“Um… am I interrupting anything important?” He looked at Rainbow Dash and Applejack, hoping to glean at least some information from them.

Applejack’s mind raced furiously trying to come up with something plausible to tell the baby dragon that didn’t involve the speculations they had as to what Twilight and Derpy had been doing since they had left some hours ago. She was spared the difficulty of lying as she received a sharp kick under the table from Rainbow Dash, who gave her a slight shake of her head to send Applejack a clear signal. Don’t even try.

“Nah, nothin’ important.” Dash looked back over to Spike with a smile. “We were trying to come up with some more stuff we could do for our next Iron Pony competition. We just wanna keep ‘em a surprise for the main show.”

She looked over at Applejack, attempting to cue the farm pony to at least pretend the story was the truth. “Doesn’t matter what we come up with though, I’m still gonna wipe the floor with your flank.”

Applejack let out an indignant snort, half from an instant competitive reflex and half from how easily Dash was making this story believable; she had almost believed it for a moment, and she used that moment to fuel her own deceit. “Ya ain’t gonna wipe nothin’ ‘cept the mud off yer face after Ah whoop yer flank.” The idea of a repeat competition sparked her imagination enough to give authenticity to her challenge.

Spike was apparently convinced enough by the story, and he turned to Dash. “Well, whatever it is you come up with, remember I’m the best announcer. Unless you want Pinkie Pie commenting on how you stole pajamas from a cat or talking about fudge instead of whatever it is you come up with.” He rolled his eyes, recalling the confusion the pink enigma had inflicted on him the previous year.

He turned back to Rainbow Dash. “Anyway, I actually came to find you to ask you for those Daring Do books back. Twi wanted me to let you know they’re weeks overdue. I’ll just guess you don’t have them right now, so I’ll settle with giving the message so I can go home and crash.”

At this statement the ponies exchanged concerned glances. They weren’t sure what was going on in the library, but they had at least come to one conclusion: it would be much better to delay Spike more than risk scarring the poor dragon permanently. Rainbow Dash stumbled from the table over toward Spike as he was walking away.

“Hold up, Spike,” she said as she scrabbled over to the weary dragon. “I’ll forget again if I don’t give them to you now. C’mon back over, and I’ll get ‘em for ya.”

Spike let out a low groan, and he slumped a little at the news. A trek over to Dash’s would take at least fifteen minutes, and the pegasus showed no inclination to fly straight there and back for him. He began his dull trod with Rainbow Dash trotting up behind him.

Rainbow Dash gave a smirk that went unseen by the small purple reptile in front of her. She’d give him the books back of course, but only after delaying as long as possible while ‘looking’ for the books. Whatever it was that Twilight and Derpy were up to, she hoped the extra time spent assistant-less would be appreciated.


It was mid-evening when Twilight stepped out of the bathroom, feeling refreshed after her brief shower. She spryly returned to the main room in the library to find Derpy waiting on the newly cleaned couch for her.

The unicorn’s pace diminished significantly when she entered.

Derpy was merely sitting with her back to Twilight looking around the library, though her gaze swept through the room slowly. Twilight surmised that the poor mare’s vision wouldn’t allow her to focus on anything quickly, and every sight the pegasus took required an extra amount of effort.

Twilight felt her heart sink with empathy at the realization of how much joy Derpy must be missing out on simply from watching the world as if through a blurred lens. She approached her friend with a look of compassion etched across her face.

Derpy heard her hoofsteps, though, and she turned toward Twilight, emanating an aura of pure joy that erased any concerns Twilight had. Derpy wasn’t frustrated with her problem; she had accepted it and moved on, and it lifted Twilight’s spirit to know that she was the reason that Derpy could finally find some happiness.

She sank onto the couch next to her partner, draping her forehooves around Derpy’s neck and giving her a small peck on the cheek. Derpy responded with a hug of her own, accompanied by a nuzzle to the unicorn’s ear. The pair embraced for a short period before separating enough to hold hooves and gaze blissfully at each other.

Twilight collected her courage to ask the question that had been lingering in her mind all through her cleaning of both the room and herself. “Derpy…” she hesitated and bit her lower lip, unsure of how to phrase the question.

Derpy watched her with an inquisitive look, waiting to hear what her marefriend had on her mind, before her own mind began giving her worries of her own.

“Twilight, is there something wrong?” Her face paled, drained of the blush as quickly as it had appeared. “Are you uncomfortable with… with being… this close to me?” She knew it was an irrational thought, but years of torment from everypony had a way of whittling away the pony’s confidence in herself. Of course, she must have come on too strong, too fast, and Twilight was thinking of the best way to let her know that a relationship between them couldn’t work.

“Would you like to stay here tonight?” Twilight managed to meekly pose the question, though barely. The heaviness in her chest rapidly lifted, however, as a glowing smile graced the pegasus’ face.

“Of course, I’d love to stay over. If you don’t mind, that is,” another blush crept onto Derpy’s ashen cheeks, and she stared at the floor again. She was flattered by the request, and her heart leapt at the idea of being able to spend the night with Twilight.

“But I am curious,” she continued, looking back up to the unicorn. “Why do you want me to stay here tonight?”

“Well,” Twilight responded thoughtfully, “we should consider the spell some more, although that may be best left to ourselves. In case you decide you want me to try, I should at least look over the scroll and transcribe it before trying to fully understand it. You may want to have some quiet and comfortable time to think it over. It is a very big decision, after all.”

Derpy simply nodded assent; she would definitely need to spend time thinking.

Twilight pressed on, “It may not be a bad idea to be able to talk with each other if we think of questions about it.” Derpy nodded again.

“We also need to figure out how to tell our friends about our… relationship.” Derpy blushed furiously at this acknowledgement; she had a special somepony, and what’s more this somepony wanted their relationship to grow strong and last.

“I want to make sure they know we are both committed to making this work, but I know that they will all have preconceived ideas about you,” Twilight sighed, “and I am very sorry for that, Derpy.”

“That’s okay, Twi. I’m used to it by now. Besides, Applejack and Rainbow Dash didn’t seem, well, angry with me…”

Twilight perked up, hearing that Derpy had been talking with Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It was a miracle Derpy had any courage left to show up at all if she had talked with them.

“Wait,” Twilight was piecing the afternoon together in her mind, “when did you see them?”

“Right before I came over, actually.” Derpy admitted. Twilight nodded; that explained her downcast look at the door. “They weren’t friendly, but they weren’t mean either. They seemed more like overprotective parents.” Derpy sighed. “They don’t want me getting you hurt, and I promised myself, as much as them, that I wouldn’t.”

Twilight frowned slightly, she didn’t like to see Derpy getting depressed like that, but it was a hurdle they would get through together now. The unicorn spoke up, “Well, we know that AJ and Dash are at least aware and somewhat okay with it then. Fluttershy would likely be embarrassed at most, but she’ll get over it, especially after getting to know the real you, not the one everyone pretends you are.” She gave the mare a loving smile.

“The only problem I can see with Rarity is how fast word will spread around Ponyville, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.” Twilight rolled her eyes as she thought about rumors. “They’ll meet the real you soon enough, and if they point and giggle, that’s fine by me. I’ll take any grief they give me as long as I have you to hug at the end of the day.” Derpy practically shone with exuberance at that statement.

“Pinkie Pie should be easy to get along with. She’ll probably throw us a ‘new marefriends’ party or something.” She giggled at the thought until she caught sight of Derpy’s face, which had suddenly taken on a serious demeanor. “What’s wrong, Derpy? Was it something I said?”

Derpy shook her head, and smiled back before responding. “Just do me a favor if she wants to throw a ‘marefriend’ party. Ask her to please, please not make muffins.” She grimaced, while Twilight just looked confused. “I haven’t been able to even look at a muffin since her ‘baked bads’ batch without feeling like I’m going to be sick.”

Twilight thought back, a wide grin adorning her face as she recalled the incidents of that day. “Absolutely. No muffins whatsoever. Are worm cupcakes okay though?” She grinned at Derpy, and the mares broke out in a fit of giggles.

“As for Spike,” Twilight paused. “Well, I have no idea for Spike, but I’m sure everything will be fine. He’ll just need some explanations and time.”

A slight flush crept its way up Twilight’s face this time. “I do have one last reason for asking you over, and I suppose it’s the main reason, to be honest. I want to be able to spend the night together, snuggled up next to you under the blankets.” She smiled, her cheeks reddening even more at the confession. Derpy only nodded, but Twilight could see the spark that had lit in the pegasus’ eyes.

Twilight leaned forward, tugging slightly on Derpy’s head, their lips pressing together in a deep kiss; not of passion, but of tenderness and care. There was an absolute silence through the library, but it was welcome. There were no distractions; for each pony, the world ceased to exist with the sole exception of the two mares. The moment was magnificent but short, as it shattered when Spike backed in through the door, pulling his wagon full of loot.