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When you have only memories of what once was, what can you do to help rid yourself of them?
Just a one-shot my buddy Inferno and I cooked up (Mostly him, I just did the writing) Hope yall enjoy!

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GODS...now this is what you call a fic that would make Celestia proud, I'm so bucking proud of you brother, I honestly did nothing important, just gave you the idea:rainbowlaugh: This pairing is so amazing in my eyes:raritystarry:

This is so beutiful, i wish to add it to the pipluna group. if only if only the woodpecker sings.

2471839 Thanks bro for adding it to the Pipluna group :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you thought it was beautifull :twilightsheepish:

Please continue this! This is the first Pip/Luna fic I've ever read and I must have more!:fluttershysad:

Good set-up, but the ending (starting with the kiss) felt very rushed. They met all of twice, and now this? It doesn't fly. Also, you bring up Luna's issues, but never really explore her quest for healing. I might be willing to work with you on rewriting the ending, but I have conditions regarding the way their relationship would progress here and in any sequels. IF you are actually interested, PM me.

2577344 I understand what your saying and yes, it did seem a little rushed but in my opinion, one shots are always somewhat rushed because they're not meant to go DEEP into things like a multiple chaptered story. Also, thank you very much for your offer but I'm actually taking a break from writing fics right now. Thank you though

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