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Finally fulfilling his dream, Pipsqueak goes to sea to explore the lands that lie behind the far horizon.

But when he got hired as a simple sailor on an overseas expedition, the stallion never thought it would end like this.

Trapped in a small storeroom he writes his love at home one last bottle post...

This is just a small byproduct of my mind while I am working on a bigger project. It popped up in my head, wouldn´t let go and blocked any creativity, so I had to get it out of there...

PS: Picture isn´t very fitting, I hope nobody minds... (Isn´t very much Pip+Dinky art out there)

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A beautifully written piece



One has to think a little bit laterally, granted.

My thoughts were:
Luna is princess of the night and creator of the night sky, which includes shooting stars. And that she can hear wishes made upon these stars is, at least what I got to know, common in the fan-community.
So she heard his wish and helped him by making it true.
He also talks something about a 'bumpy return' and there are two months between the scenes, so maybe his wish wasn´t directly to see his family again or Luna´s powers are limited, regarding the distance.

It´s something one could speculate and interpret very much into, and I like that small suspence that makes the reader think and scrutinize the story... :twilightsheepish:

Hope that did answer your question, though. :twilightsmile:

Heartwarming :pinkiesad2:

And one other thing...

Frickin pirates these days. I mean seriously, Pipsqueak better not go out to sea again. EVER.

:fluttershysad: this was seriously hearthwarming i slightly kinda sobbed on kinda every part of the fanfic
:twilightsmile: i would say good job and give us more heartwarming and more...sad stories

My heart melted, thank you...now I need a new one



Don´t worry, take this:

Luckily I freshly restocked them. (Wings cost extra:raritywink:...)

but I don't have money:fluttercry:

still thanks for the new heart

tears filled my eyes after reading this...

That was amazing. Thank you :twilightsmile:

Very very lovely this made me tear up so:fluttercry::fluttercry:

Oh the tears!!!! Dinky happens to be my fav filly

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