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If you go into the record halls and libraries of Equestria you will a footnote of history that has been made so obscure that anypony who isn't specifically looking for it could very easily pass it by. The northern incident is what the scholars have come to call it. It was a war between Griffons and Ponies over the northern border of the two nations, but aside from that and scant few other facts there is very little on record about it. This information blackout is what drove a young pegasus mare deep into the wilds of foreign lands to find the truth about what really happened. There she found perhaps the only pony in the entire world who could finally show her the full truth about what happened in the war that history tried so hard to forget.

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I really enjoyed this opening, its very original, its like you are not relying on the characters from the show at all like some kind of crutch. You took a world, and made it your own, with a group of interesting characters and enveloping story that leaves me eager to read the next chapter.

Hmm, Great story. I don't know why this wasn't rated before I got here, so i gave it a thumbs up. Also, for me, this story looks like it takes place in the future, because the weapons of the mlp are around 14-16th centery while this is 21 centery weapons.

..............And betrayal...:pinkiegasp:

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