• Published 31st Oct 2012
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Discordia - HowardHugheson

A rift opens between two worlds, and into Equestria steps a new enemy.

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Chapter 4: Palaver and Sombra

The storm was gone.

All traces of the thinny and the other world was gone with it. Spike sat in an upstairs window of the library, curled up, hugging his knees as he gazed out of the window at the horizon. The small dragon sighed, a wondering look on his face as he gazed to the distance. Slowly he reached a hand over, placing it on the glass of the window. “Goodbye Mother Abagail,” he whispered.

As the dragon gazed to the distance where the clouds once were, he wondered. How would he age, exactly? And what was going to happen to him when he did?

“Spike?” Twilight asked, peeking into the room. “Are you ok up here?”

Spike turned his head from the window to Twilight, smiling gently. “Heya Twi,” he said, uncurling to sit in a normal position now, turning to face the purple mare. “I was just thinking.”

“Oh yeah?” Twilight asked, walking over to him and sitting down next to him, glancing for a moment out of the window. “What about?” she asked, looking back to him curiously.

Spike shrugged as he looked down, a foot gently tapping on the floor. “Do you think what she said is true?” he asked. “I mean, do you think that, as long as I love my friends I won't grow up to be like, y'know, a normal adult dragon?”

Twilight smiled warmly to him. “I recall one time that you did grow up,” she said. “Your love restored you again, when you remembered Rarity.”

Spike smiled weakly at that, looking from the floor to Twilight. “I guesso,” he said.

Twilight reached over, hugging the baby dragon from the side. “Stand for love, kindness and friendship,” she said, “and you will never fall by the wayside. You'll always be my number one assistant.”

Spike chuckled, and slowly nodded a hesitant agreement, then reached over and hugged the purple mare in return. “Thanks Twi,” he said softly.

The two remained in the embrace for several minutes before Twilight finally said, “C'mon Spike, let's go see Rarity and see if she can help us find some gyms. What do you say?”

Spike smiled brightly. “I say that's a plan!” he laughed.


“Are you sure that's what he said?” Princess Luna asked, frowning, her eyes wide as she gazed at her sister in slight disbelief.

“I'm sure,” Princess Celestia said, gazing into the distance. “Sombra.”

Both alicorn princesses stood at the top of Canterlot Tower looking out across Equestria just as the sun was setting for the day. Celestia squinted as she watched the sunset, grateful that the horizon it set upon had returned to its’ former state.
Luna walked forward to stand next to Celestia, joining her in her gaze across the land. The horizon was a deep red as the sun set behind it, the stars gently beginning to appear across the sky. They made her think of the roses that contained worlds within them, and how she would be very grateful if she never saw them again. With hearing that name, however, she thought the influence of the tower which stood among those roses had not yet finished its’ business with Equestria. “That is a name that I have not heard in a long time,” she said. “Do you think the Crystal Empire could be returning, King Sombra with it?”

Celestia sighed. “I would not mind the return of the Crystal Empire,” she said. “I would like that very much, but King Sombra... no, I'd prefer him to remain gone. If he returns however, we shall make a stand.”

Princess Luna nodded, looking back to Princess Celestia, a smile slowly coming across her face. “I shall look after the night as always,” she said, her eyes closing momentarily as she nodded to her. “Rest now, my sister. You have done enough standing for one day.”

Princess Celestia turned her gaze away from the distance and focused her attention on Princess Luna, smiling back to her. Looking up to the stars for a moment, she nodded. “Thank you, my sister,” she said with a nod. “That does sound like a splendid idea. Goodnight.”

Princess Celestia turned from Luna and the observation deck of the tower and walked back to her bedroom, yawning. The Princess laid down, closed her eyes, and slept.

And dreamed, but not of the Dark Tower.

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Deeply riveting. Surprised you didn't make an additional story or sequel.

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