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A rift between worlds opens in Equestria and into the innocent world steps four who are guilty. Twilight Sparkle has a dream warning her of them, a dream of an elderly creature who goes by the name of Mother Abagail. Though Princess Celestia is able to sense all magic from Equestria, she can sense nothing from these four. They have no idea what these creatures are capable of or how powerful they may be. Can the Elements of Harmony make a stand or will they fall to the place of these four creatures, a place called Discordia? A crossover between MLP:FiM, Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series and 'The Stand'.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Critique's are appreciated, no matter how honest.

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Sweet mother of pony god. Someone did beat me to the Dark Tower after all. Well I'll be.

faved. God speed.

1536841 Thanks very much, hope it's worth the read :) Chapter 3 is almost done.

Added to read later... Along with The Stand...

1536936 Thanks very much! Although The Stand is a bit of a tome, I'd recommend reading the first novella in 'Hearts in Atlantis', titled 'Low Men in Yellow Coats'. I wrote this story so that you don't have to be familiar with Stephen King at all to enjoy it... and I hope it's enjoyable.

Phew! For a second there I thought
Luna had stepped on THE rose. I'm liking this so far.

Deeply riveting. Surprised you didn't make an additional story or sequel.

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