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Can't wait for the next chapter.

Was not expecting this. Especially since I’m pretty sure the first story hasn’t ended yet. It’s pretty interesting to see how Twilight’s time with big boss and other characters from MGS has changed her in time for the movie. Didn’t even think of the implications of Twilight using the pearl in that way. Then again I always thought she was going to use it to turn her and her friends into dragons to fight the army or maybe even turn the storm soldiers into sea animals to win or something.

So instead of just Twilight going dimensional hopping Tempest and presumably the Storm King get to go to.

Also presumably this is going into the game Metal gear survive I admire the bravery for touching a let’s generously say divisive game. No clue what the game is about other than zombies so I’m at least interested in seeing where it goes.


This was supposed to be released on Monday. Didn't quite pan out that way, unfortunately.


You're probably going to be disappointed, then.

I meant to release this on Monday.

No rush release it when you feel it's ready.


Monday was April Fool's Day... :fluttercry:

Ahh I see

Ahhhhhh, I see.

That actually makes more sense.

You good friend? Or are you taking a break?

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