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This story is a sequel to The Real You

The idea of there being more alicorns out there is exciting! So why doesn’t Sunny feel that way? What is she worried about?

Going to Zipp, the pony known for bravery, seems like the best decision to quell these concerns.

Can Zipp once again help assure Sunny of a bright future?

And is there more to Sunny’s dream than she initially thought?

(Reading The Real You isn’t required, but recommended)

Featured 3/1/2024

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This was an amazing story, definitely saving it on my favorites. However...

"But I can't help it." Sunny replied as it seemed she was about to start crying. "I keep worrying about how I'm going to fail one day as the Alicorn and you and the others will all be trapped forever. It's not just the dream, it's happened before in real life."

This kinda counts as foreshadowing on something I'm working on, and you know about it, Flame...

Overall, good story. I'm glad it wasn't marked as a romance thingy because I don't feel that kind of vibe in here, but it's a good and solid story regardless.

Whaaaaaaa? Noooooo!!!

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