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Midwest Brony. Really appreciate critiques, especially if you catch grammatical errors. I'm far more used to prose and poetry than narrative, so any advice, hate mail, etc. is appreciated.


S'mores. Undeniably delicious. Marshmallow and chocolate coming together in perfect harmony.
Unless the chocolate is chaos, sealed away by said marshmallow...
Discord has been granted release, but only on the condition he train a certain fashionista causing trouble across Equestria.
Will he succeed, or will she instead have something to teach him?

Chapters (2)
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A bit of prologue to something bigger this time. Written at the request of a cute girl who desperately wished to see her favorite ship turned into a fic, but if I'm going to do such an odd shipping, it'll be done my way.
Thanks for reading.

Oh my... This looks hilarious!
I'll read this later.

I really don't know how you want to pull this stunt, but... I will watch!

Will watch, looks interesting.

PonIver! Buongiorno! Quick notes:
-It's not dracoequu, it's draconequu
-"Discord covered chided Celestia as he covered..." repeated first covered

Lovely... not much happened in this chapter, though. :pinkiesad2: I am hoping to see this idea featured, already, but it needs some content. I assume that will come with time? :pinkiehappy: Hope to see more of it! A presto! ~PinkiePieAndI

Edit: Ah, yes...I recall you saying prologue. Nevermind on content! :facehoof:

Weird paring.... I'll have to read this later.

I am curious as just what Rarity might have done that entailed crossing the God, erm, DIscord threshold. Will be following.


C = O

This is supposed to be a puzzle yes? Because "I" and "E" have me confused, are they switched in PCRIEW'J? Everything else is right but that.

Also interesting story thus far, definitely going to track!

You're right i mixed up the i and e there. Whoops...:derpytongue2:

Oh awesome, then yay for me! :yay: Haven't done a puzzle light that in a while so it was an amusing way to spend a bit of time. Anyways, keep being awesome sir/madame (can never be sure with the internet.) Looking forward to when this updates

Please write more, just the idea of this pairing made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh: I think I just found my OTP. :pinkiecrazy:

Raricord? :rainbowderp: Now I've seen everything. Apart from the story itself, which I've yet to read, but I shall!

An interesting story you have going here, friend. I did not notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, and the formatting is well done. I eagerly await more.

Also, damnit, cryptoquips?! *sigh* allow me a moment to grab my thinking booze.

Dammit, I hate those things. :ajbemused:

OH MY FREAKIN CELESTIA THAT PUZZLE WAS HARD! :fluttershbad: Took me multiple tries and hundreds of guess n' checks and to be honest I'm still not even sure if my answer was right. You sir are both amazing and evil for making these puzzles!

Also I did enjoy the chapter by the way!

celestia discords mother ? . . . nope i quit

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