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4 Rabbids with their time washing machine traveled to Equestria to explore their zany crazy adventures for the fun. However... After being discovered by Twilight Sparkle Spike in Ponyville, as they heard Ponies screaming out of their lives from the Rabbids, without even knowing of the existence of their time washing machine, the 4 Rabbids soon realize that they're a very special case, mainly on Ponies, which leads them to believe the ponies are a threat to them as their slaves.

From an Egghead & Fashion Unicorn, Cow & Party Earth Pony, Shy & Cool Pegasus, three little fillies, royal alicorns, and familiar faces who would want those pesky Rabbids for their personal gain, as the 4 Rabbids now run for their lives as everypony is out to get them, and plans to escape and leave Equestria when they remember to find their Time Washing Machine.

Will these Rabbids escape this pony neigh say nightmarish dream of a game, will they succeed in escaping Equestira, or will an equestrian filled with chaos magic aid their help and win them over to squat the ponies?

Inspired by 'Get Him!' by TJHoofer.

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