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"Creativity flows when boredom grows." -The Bored Author (of Doom)


Everypony is an earth pony. That is a fact. But what happens when a young mare, Marigold, dares to dream of flying? This is a story of flight and hope.

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Amazing! I could really picture everything that was happening. Nice story!

That ending was really wonderful. Enjoyed this one of yours a lot too, Visha! So full of hope ^^. Like Silver Sky said, it did really great at visualization.

Also, was the Baba named after a flower/item like normal pony naming conventions? Or is she more like a Zecora-type situation?

Aw, thank you! I've been trying to get my visualization down, seems like I hit the mark with this one.
Yeah, The Baba is more like a Zecora type. It means 'grandmother' or 'old woman.' I got the inspiration from Dying Light 2, where you can meet a side character called The Baba. She was a bit of a witch doctor.

So many flower puns...

Don't let your dreams be just dreams. Go out and seize them!!!

next story
She walks back the her town as a 1 year older alicorn

perhaps perhaps, unlikely, but perhaps

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