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"Creativity flows when boredom grows." -The Bored Author (of Doom)


Writer's Block · 9:18pm September 2nd

It has happened!
I have hit creative rock bottom. I hope you'll be patient and supportive as I take, yet another, vacation. I apologize to those who are waiting for chapters. At the very least, my vacation will last a week, but I'm not sure. I've never had a writer's block before, so this might not even be writer's block! That would be kind of funny.

Story updates and my plans for em:

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The Hobo: The 'Empathic' Friend · 9:34pm July 11th

Yes, this will be the finale to The Hobo series. I have big plans for this one, so it's gonna take a while for this to be done. It will reveal everything, from secrets and motives. This story won't be a one-off like the others, it will have 7 chapters, each one for a different person. Thanks for your patience and support, that still befuddles me to this day.
Also not to mention, I'm on vacation, gonna go to Canada for 2 weeks.

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