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Everything I write is Free Domain! · 5:26pm January 27th

I have always thought this, but I get the feeling I should probably say this explicitly. Going in depth, what I mean is that, any of my worlds, universes, or characters is free domain. Meaning, if you would like to use them for your own stories, feel free. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Although, if it's not too much to ask, it would be nice if you credited me if you do decide to do so.

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Go Check Out This Story!!! · 6:17pm Dec 15th, 2023


It's a collaboration of writers that wrote a story about all five generations of My Little Pony getting together the big bad: Grogar!!! It was also created in celebration of 40 years of the MLP IP, which is crazy in its own right.
(i helped with some chapters)

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Join Jinglemas! (because why not) · 9:47pm Nov 2nd, 2023


hey you, yes you...yes! I am talking to you! My goodness, kids these days. Anyhoo, are you bored? Do you wish for a present (in word form)? Do you wish to give out presents (in word form)? Then you're in luck! The Jinglemas 2023 event is perfect for you! Hosted by Shakespearicle, anypony can join the festivities! Hurray!

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I Present My Free Services! · 8:30am May 27th, 2023

I am doing this because why not. SO what this means is that I will help edit/proofread stories for free AND I will also do commissions! That's kinda crazy. So what's the catch? Because it's free, I have the right to say no, it really just depends on what the story/commish is. I will also work on them whenever I have time, again, it all just depends on the circumstances.
If you want to do business, just DM me and I'll send my Discord thingie, whatchamacallit. Oh, I also DON'T do NSFW.

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Oh this is hilarious · 9:10pm Jan 4th, 2023

SilverQuill released this on EqD very recently. When I saw this, I almost spilled my drink, which would've been bad. If you still don't get it, it's related to my most recent fimfic.

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Writer's Block · 9:18pm Sep 2nd, 2022

It has happened!
I have hit creative rock bottom. I hope you'll be patient and supportive as I take, yet another, vacation. I apologize to those who are waiting for chapters. At the very least, my vacation will last a week, but I'm not sure. I've never had a writer's block before, so this might not even be writer's block! That would be kind of funny.

Story updates and my plans for em:

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The Hobo: The 'Empathic' Friend · 9:34pm Jul 11th, 2022

Yes, this will be the finale to The Hobo series. I have big plans for this one, so it's gonna take a while for this to be done. It will reveal everything, from secrets and motives. This story won't be a one-off like the others, it will have 7 chapters, each one for a different person. Thanks for your patience and support, that still befuddles me to this day.
Also not to mention, I'm on vacation, gonna go to Canada for 2 weeks.

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