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This story is a sequel to The Unexplained Past

(The story before this is not necessary to understand this one.)

Opaline's will to live is slowly waning. Her power is gone and it doesn't look like she'll be able to get it back anytime soon. Only her blistering rage against Twilight is keeping her here on this earth. That is, until she finds a unicorn filly without parents.

Part of my headcanon, so yeah, if you disagree, then you disagree.

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You know what I would actually like this to happen and my head canon

What happened to the mother that I used to know. Hope you make a story with chapters about Opaline raising Misty

somebody i used to knooowwww sorry i just had to

aw, thank you!

oooh, that's a good idea!

Oh dang, that's a cute comic.
As for the parents, I still have no idea what to think about that. Could've died to something or got lost, I dunno. Maybe Opaline killed them herself and took misty in after realizing that she just killed the filly's parents. I even thought about Opaline stealing Misty just cause she thought she was good at magic or had the potential for magic. Who knows?
You have any ideas?

I like that comic was pretty nice

I rather like this over the seemingly blatant "evil for the sheer sake of evil" that the show's given us thus far. If they ever attempt to redeem Opaline, let us hope that they can do so in a way that actually means something and not a one song/hug redemption that G4 was known for. No hate to G4 mind you, but sometimes the redemptions were a little too quick and sweet if you understand what I'm saying. Adding to my G5 faves.

Aw thanks! Means a lot. :)

I agree for about the redemption being more. Thought singing a song is much better then what they did with Sprout! They just shoved him to the side. A waste of a character in my opinion.

If I were to come up with a redemption arc for Opaline, I would have her help the Mane5 with friendship problems. Something like the Cutie Map. I dunno, something that would take a season or so.

You are quite welcome.

As to Sprout, he at least had a couple of bit lines, more than I can say for several of the G4 villains (Diamond Tiara for example) once her arc was done we got maybe one or two token appearances to fill out a crowd.

As to the hug and song bit, I think it comes down to the concept of what redemption, what forgiveness actually means. In G4 canon, one of my favorite villains is Starlight Glimmer because she's doing more than filling a standard "type" of story villain. Her quest to strip ponies of identity for the misguided goal of equality is awfully dark for "the target audience". They build her up to be unrepentant and dangerous just to turn right around and gave her a sugared up sob story and everyone more or less forgave her immediately, as if she had merely stolen a cookie instead of nearly killing their best friend.

Mind, I'm not saying they needed to tar and feather her or anything. But rather, make it so that the show doesn't wipe the slate clean whenever someone says "I'm sorry". Being sorry isn't the problem, it's that it shouldn't be the be-all end-all of forgiveness. And what's more, if that was the case, why did they lock Cozy Glow into a stony prison? Why did they seemingly destroy Lord Sombra twice?

That's my big concern for Opaline is that if they do redeem her it's going to be a one and done everything's all better kind of deal. If they don't redeem her, will Misty get some retribution? will Opaline be destroyed or petrified via friendship laserstm?

I forgot about Diamond Tiara, quite true.

As for the other villains, I dunno man. Ponies are weird. Tho with Starlight, she didn't lose her 'evilness' all that fast.

As for Opaline and Misty, I just hope they do something good with them. Especially with Misty.

Pones are weird heh, I can drink to that.

And you are right, Starlight didn't magically become like a certain "OH GOLLY GEE, I'm a perfectly innocent pone" but her redemption still was a bit rushed.

All that said, I definitely agree that hopefully Misty gets some justice done, if nothing else.

There's an artist on DA who you might like, she does illustrated head canons for pones that are quite a bit more detailed shall we say than canon G4 could ever hope to be. Nothing erotic, but definitely more intense.

They needed space for the time shenanigans. Redemptions can take a back seat.

Ooh, sounds interesting. Who's the artist?



These two artists really give a much darker and sinister take on Starlight, but not in a way that crosses the line into absolute horror/grimdark.

While reading the story I had to think of the description of the artwork "Almost thither" from Lysok on DeviantArt:

Daughter of a unicorn noble has found an earth pony foal freezing in an abandoned cottage. His parents tried to find some food, but it was too cold last night and they did not come back. Yet, there is still chance for him.

Someone even made a soundtrack about it:

I have no idea whether that's the direction you want to go though.
You had asked so I wanted to mention it.

The artist is named "jully-park". He published another comic starring Misty a few days ago.
It is unrelated to the previous comic (and probably even more so to the story), but whatever.

I really liked the cupcake one, thought the semi-villain Starlight was a cool touch.

huh, quite close indeed. I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted either. I really didn't have any plans for the parents of Misty. It's just how my mind works, once I got a tiny smidge of an idea, I start writing and let the tide take me.

Awww, it's alright Misty. *pat pat*

ok, that is genuinely cool. where'd you find that?

See here: https://derpibooru.org/images/2964858
I'll explain the details in a PM so we don't spam this comment section even more.

I'd love for Oplaine to actually have a character like this

Aw, thank you!
and yes, i totally agree

It's a great Information. Thanks for that. KohlsFeedback.com

You're welcome!

Wonderful, exciting, beautiful! Please keep going! 💙💜🌈

Aww, thank you!

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