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Sheriff Hitch shares his experience about the dreaded "Smoothie Day". Once he notices that things are starting to go wrong for Sunny and crew, he finds that he must make a choice.

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So let's see...
-No major errors
-Well-written characterization
-Some genuinely funny scenes.

Overall, not half bad for your first story.

At first glance I would have had to say that the operation appeared to be running pretty… smoothy…

Lol pun that's a good one

Awww this was a pretty nice story so it looks like it was smoothie day as hitch said and it's going to be busy as heck even sunny and the others are having trouble and despite that he has to keep an eye on litter he wants to help her and the others and pipp also how about as well which that's pretty awesome of them to help out and unfortunately there are so many cups all over the town and he's going to be out there for a long time but he won't be alone because Sunny Returns the favor to help him including the others as well again this was a pretty nice one and not bad of your first story keep up the good work

thank you for the kind feedback ^^

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