• Published 16th Sep 2012
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the rise and fall of a god - soulpony

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For those of you who liked this story enough to follow it or favorite it, sorry its taking so long for the next chapter. Ive had alot of things going on with school,family and work but i will try to have the next chapter up by friday at the latest

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Comments ( 4 )

Now honestly I'd suggest not writing any further.
But I like the idea, really you should send this story to a more talented writer and let him control the mind and heart of the story.
And if you think the direction he's taking isn't any good, guide him along the canon of your take on the story then you'll have good piece and will be re-directed a lot of his fans he gets from the story, to you saying "He practically wrote cuz its was his idea!"
Not everyone is a writer friend! :applejackunsure:

I am curious as to when the next story will be released. I am a big fan of Descendants of the Creators!

8193618 it may take a little bit. I had honestly forgot I had this story up because I had been busy due to medical complications and housing complications for a long while. But now that I'm in a house and not on the streets anymore along with having the meds I need i will be able to get back to writing. It may take a little time because I'm old fashioned in the way I write cause I prefer to write my stories with pencil and paper to make it feel more personal but I will try to get the next chapter out in a week , 2 at most as soon as I search through the folders to find the one that has the correct story. Thanks for reminding me this story was here.

8193618 I got lucky. When I looked through the files I found that I have the next chapter for rise and fall of a god already done, I just need to do a bit of proofreading and editing on it but I should have it up in 2 to 3 days, and the chapter after that is already started but I need to finish it. I also found some Ideas for other stories that I want to do written down along with some I started but never got around to submitting. So there's some stuff to look forward to now that I can get back in the swing of things.

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