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the rise and fall of a god - soulpony

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chapter 1 redone

My story begins in a small town by the name of Hoofington.it was a simple town;just a few rundown houses surrounding a townhall that was so rotten that I'm suprised it could still stand,even the tiniest gust of wind should of pushed it over.

We had only around one hundred villagers,so the whole town pretty much considered each other as a sort of big extended family. For the most part our little town was ignored. Im sure in generations to come they will wish they paid attention to that simple town. For it may have been small and rustic but it was the birthplace of legends.

I was born to a white pegasus father by the name of Soaring Winds and a orange earthpony mother by the name of harvest's delight. I was unique in the fact that i was the only unicorn ever to be born in our family tree, i know i've looked it up.

My name is Starlight Mist. I was a shy little unicorn for most of my life, i was born with a dark black coat and mane with wierdly glowing yellow eyes.because of my eyes most of the other foals tended to ignore me, this probally made my shyness worse because i had no friends.

After my fifth birthday it was decided i should learn magic from my mothers friends down the road. They were a odd sort, nothing bad mind you, just different.They were a family of alicorns, which werent as rare as they would come to be but still uncommon none the less.i remember the day i went to ask them along with my mother.
My mother walked down the road towards their house with me bouncing circles around her the whole way.

"Come on mom,hurry up, your going so slow" i said while still jumping around in circles.

"Ha-Ha, calm down my son we are almost there. Just try to last a little longer." She never could help laughing at my antics.

We walked for a few more minutes until we came upon a beautiful yellow and black shack. A little white mailbox stood outside with the name Harmonious scribbled on the side of it.

We got to the door and my mother knocked on it while i was still jumping in circles. After a few seconds we heard the tell-tell sounds of clopping against wood before the door opened.

When the door opened enough for me to see inside,I spotted a white mare with a cotton candy colored mane.

"Hello Celestia, is your mother home"? My mother asked.

"Yes miss Harvest, i'll go get her."she exclaimed with a smile on her face.

The door closed and i could hear her run off, a few minutes later we heard a sweet voice calling out and telling us to come on in. As we went in I saw a butterscotch yellow mare walk out of the kitchen.

"Hello Stardust, How have you been this week"? My mother asked with a slight smile on one her face

"I've been great Harvest, now what can i help you and little Starlight with today, hmm"
My mother looked down at me before replying "well as you know, we have no other unicorns in our family besides him, So we were hoping you and Nocturne would be able to teach him."

Stardust looked down at me before saying " Of course, we would love to teach him, he can join our daughters when they begn their training next week.

After they chatted for a little while longer and i entertained my self with a speck of dust,we took our leave to head back home.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_----------_----------------------------------- I studied with them and eventually managed to befriend little ole shy Luna. I had only ever watched her stay around her sister.Celestia never liked me for some odd reason. Even when i asked for help to try to become friends, she just basicaly ignored me. Funnily enough it was during one of these times i started to become friends with Luna.
"H-hey,Tia" i stammered nervously

She turned towards me with a scowl " what do you want"

" would you help me with this spell, please"

Her scowl deepend even farther " Why would i help you with anything "?

"I'll help you, if you want." Said a low voice behind me.

I turned to see something which suprised me. The one who offered was Luna. I mean in all the time ive been here she's barely said more than a few words to me.

I looked at her with a small smile " thanks Luna, i would love your help."

We went off and practiced until i had to go home,but by then i had managed to perfect levitaion to the point where i coils carry multiple things while walking and not have to worry about dropping them.

Ten minutes after my departure

"Thank you,Tia" Luna said with a smile on her face

Celestia looked down towards Luna with a small smirk " your welcome, but you really should tell him how you feel"

We practiced and trained together for years and eventually I came to consider them like family. Celestia was the wise older sister while Luna was the fun, playful younger sister. My power grew to above normal levels to the point where in a foght i could take on either of them and seven out of ten times i could win. I can still remember the first time i beat Celestia
We were out in the yard for a few hours before the idea of a duel was suggested. We sat around for a few minutes, talking over the rules and terms of the battle and eventually came up with these

1) nothing that happens can be held against the other person

2) it is to be a fair fight, so no cheating.

3) we could use any spell we know as long as it wouldn't truely harm the opponent.

After this we got to decide who went first and somehow it ended up with me vs. Celestia

At first she tried to blind me but i managed to avoid it by tripping on my own hooves and faceplanting into the dirt. While i was down i decided to try and pull a feint and throw a stone at her using levitation. She saw it coming unfortunately and sent it soaring back at me so fast i barely managed to jump up and out of the way in time.

It continued on like this for a few minutes before she tried a small shadowfire illusion that she sent flying at me. Even though i knew it couldn't hurt me, i was scared. The next thing i know, there is a small pink barrier in front of me and Celestia is on the ground a few feet away.

Luna and i rushed towards her to see if she was alright. After we were assured she was ok, i asked what happened. Luna told me that just before Tia's spell hit, the barrier popped up sending the spell back towards Celestia, knocking her back in the progress. By all rights i had won.

We kept up our training and eventually they even came to think of me as a brother. But soon i started getting bored around town. I had yet to recieve my cutie mark in anything the town had to offer wheither it be from practicing magic to dealing with books or even flowers. I wanted to go and try different things, things my town couldn't provide. My sixteenth birthday was in two days and i decided i would leave.the day after that.

Time came and went and so did my birthday. Eventualy came the night i was supposed to leave. The only ones i had told was Celestia and Luna. They agreed they would sneak out and meet me on the edge.of the town to see me off. I snuck out an hour after my parents fell asleep. Nprmally they fell asleep around nine o'clock so i left at around ten o'clock. It was almost ten thirty when i reached the edge of town and saw Celestia and Luna waiting on the hill for me.

When i reached them they hugged me saying i would be missed. They gave me a book on spells thay said was from thrleir fathers study. I wasnt sure what to think of that as i had never seen their father, but i thanked them anyway for it. We all promised that we would meet again one day and then we would have a match to see how strong i had gotten on my journey. I gave them one last hug and went on my way. I knew i would miss everypony but i also knew i couldnt stay if i wanted to find my place in life

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