• Published 16th Sep 2012
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the rise and fall of a god - soulpony

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Everything must pass on with time for that is the way of the world. But when you cant die and must those you know pass on what happens to you? Will you accept that you will leave the ones you love or will you lose control on reality;will you try to change the world to bring them back.what happens when you cant bring them bàck or you bring something bad into reality? Will you face what you have done or hide away? And when the time comes for you to be punished for your crimes will you accept what fate has in store or will you rebel for you freedom. Will you save the world or destroy it. Will you accept reality or try to forge it into something new. What will be your choice? Accept fate or distort reality?

I used to be a hero to all; but after an accident where I lost everything I started to lose control. I tried to fix everything but failed and now must pay the price. My heroic deeds and my name has been lost to history only to be replaced with ones that strike fear into the hearts of the ones I once protected. My fate is to be alone for eternity. But being alone for so long can warp ones personality. Now I am nothing but a monster. My name is Starlight mist. But most will only remember me by my newer name. They called me discord. Stick around to hear the story of my rise to greatness and my fall into the realm of shadows and madness

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