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This story is a sequel to the art of making art

applejack and rarity learn about photography with photo finish (based on one more spitting image sketch)

update: I'm not very popular on this site, am I?

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update: I'm not very popular on this site, am I?

Well, you've been around for quite a short while, but I presume you're getting at the fact that this story doesn't seem to do all that well. Note that I just glanced at the descriptions and didn't read the story, so I don't know how good the actual piece is. Still, remember that most readers won't get into reading the story if there's something off with the title or descriptions.

Sometimes you may encounter stories with lowercase titles for artistic reason, but truth be told, it's better to use capitalise them (i.e. Photography). It's also better to refrain from using parentheses in the title unless absolutely necessary.

Regarding the desctiptions, keep in mind that they'll look much better if you start sentences with and uppercase letter, end it with some manner of punctuation, and make sure that you capitalise names and other proper nouns (i.e. Rarity, Applejack, Photo Finish). The same applies to chapter titles. Also make sure that no typos and other errors, such as wich/which, are present.

The short description in its current state also screams that people should avoid this story. It could make for a good joke in a blog or an author's note, but it doesn't really work here. :twilightsheepish:

from the writer who brought you the most boring fic in years

Anyway, thought I'd mention all this. Hope this helps.

thanks for the advice

You’re welcome. Glad to help a little. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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sure. do tell

ooooookay, but did you read the story above?

Certainly! Photography is a captivating form of visual art that captures moments, tells stories, and conveys emotions through images. Here are some key aspects of photography within the broader theme of art: Snaptube

  1. Capturing Moments:

    • Photography freezes moments in time, allowing the photographer to capture the beauty of a scene, the expression on a face, or the play of light and shadow. Each photograph becomes a unique expression of the photographer's perspective.
  2. Visual Storytelling:

    • Photographs have the power to tell stories without words. A series of images can convey a narrative, document an event, or highlight the passage of time. Photographers use composition, framing, and timing to create a visual language.
  3. Creative Expression:

    • Photography is a medium for creative expression. Photographers use their artistic vision to compose images, play with colors and tones, experiment with lighting, and choose perspectives that convey their unique style.
  4. Documenting Reality:

    • Photography serves as a tool for documenting reality. Photojournalists capture news events, street photographers document everyday life, and documentary photographers shed light on social issues. The camera becomes a witness to history.
  5. Fine Art Photography:

    • In fine art photography, artists often explore concepts, emotions, and abstract ideas. Fine art photographers may experiment with techniques such as long exposure, multiple exposures, or alternative printing processes to create visually striking and conceptually rich images.
  6. Portraiture:

    • Portraiture is a genre that focuses on capturing the essence of individuals. Portrait photographers work with subjects to convey personality, emotions, and the human experience through carefully composed images.
  7. Nature and Landscape Photography:

    • Nature and landscape photographers capture the beauty of the natural world. These images often emphasize the vastness of landscapes, the intricacies of ecosystems, and the transient beauty of the environment.
  8. Editing and Post-Processing:

    • Digital photography allows for extensive post-processing and editing. Photographers use software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to enhance colors, adjust exposure, and bring out the desired mood in their images.
  9. Photography as Therapy:

    • Some individuals find solace and expression in photography as a form of therapy. Through the lens, they may explore personal experiences, emotions, or the beauty in the world around them.
  10. Technological Advancements:

    • The evolution of camera technology, including advancements in smartphones, has democratized photography. Almost anyone can become a photographer, sharing their unique perspective with a global audience through social media platforms.

In essence, photography is a dynamic and diverse art form that continues to evolve, offering a rich tapestry of visual expressions that contribute to the broader world of art.

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