• Published 28th Aug 2021
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LittleBigPony 2 - ShaggyBoi23

The Mane 6 and Sackboy return in to a cosmic adventure to stop the Negativitron from bringing Negativity to both worlds.

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Our story starts with the Imagispehere as our adventures with Sackboy and the Mane 6 ended with teaching The Collector a lesson about jealousy and taking Sackboy's friends away, which after The Collector's defeat, The King encouraged the little Cardboard to be part of the LittleBigPlanet Community. Now things have changed since Sackboy's first adventure as it's now cosmetic and technologically in Craftworld and the Mane 6 have returned back to Equestria to do their daily.

As Sackboy spawns in an Arcady area, the Narrator introduces the Sack once again with the LittleBigPlanet intro narration. Sackboy explores around the area filled with Arcade theme games while the Narrator still speaks. Moments later, Sackboy has passed through areas with one of a video playing about dressing up in costumes while reaching another about expressions. But finally reached the Tree with the "LittleBigPlanet 2" title up top with peacefulness and positivity like an ordinary day. That is where things turned for a twist when the whole sky went dark with a purple light sucking the remains of the area within Craftworld. Thus, Sackboy grabbing onto the tree as he was going to be sucked in by the purple light.

As the building gets lifted up into space, it reveals an Evil Vacuum sucking up residences of Craftworld's creativity. The scene shifts to Sackboy running on a beach ball with part of the items/gadgets/props sucked away as well. However, a claw was reaching its way to rescue Sackboy, preventing him from getting sucked by the evil vacuum beast. It wasn't over for the Evil Vacuum as he traveled to another world to suck its creativity.

Meanwhile back at Equestria, Twilight and her friends were talking about their memories with Sackboy and their journey in Craftworld, from the basics in The Gardens to entering through the Wilderness. They do know that most Creator Curators understand the meaning of friendship and sharing within the LittleBigPlanet Community.

"My favorite Curator has to be The King." Twilight nodded. "He's the reason to understand what friendship means to them and us."

"That poor Cardboard critter did learn his lesson," AppleJack asked. "If he wasn't jealous, ah think he would've been one of them, curators."

"Grand Master Sensei was very nice and she's my favorite, Darling." Rarity smiled. "Least we did was having that cat destroy that fire brute who was claimed to be haunting her residence."

"Hey, my favorite of those Curators has to be Mags" Rainbow said curiously. "She's too good to create karts for use to race off on those guys... before one of her karts fell in a ditch."

"My favorite go-to is The Great Magician. He's like Trixie but mysterious and quirky!" Pinkie smiled when she met him.

"Well... I hope Sackboy is doing alright after he and his friends are having a nice day after our goodbyes." Fluttershy nodded. "I wonder what Sackboy is doing right now."

As the Mane 6 has finally reached Twilight's tree home, the light went full darkness and most ponies went in full terror running in panic mode. Twilight and her friends are feeling that there's something evil going on.

"Wait, is Nightmoon back?!" Twilight asked one of the ponies who are panicking. "Is eveypony okay? Why is everpony panicking about?!"

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" This pony yelled panicking in fear. "THERE'S A EVIL THING THAT'S SUCKING PONYVILE UP!"

As that pony ran of their lives, Spike and the CMC ran to the Mane 6 to warn them that they witness an ancient evil from another world that started to invade Equestria.


"YEAH, AND HURRY!" Scootaloo yelled as she was scared of that vacuum beast. "RAINBOW, YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS GOTTA FOLLOW US! WE GOTTA FIND SHELTER FAST!"



With no time to react, the mane 6, Spike, and the CMC run for their lives. Twilight noticed the Evil Vacuum invades Equestria with its purple-like light, sucking each of everypony and the half of Ponyvile to turn it into an empty wasteland. However, the group was, unfortunately, the main targets as they were going to be sucked in by the Vacuum beast. However, just like how Sackboy got saved, the claw that saved Sackboy was on its way to save Twilight and her friends, thus, saving their lives from being sucked by the vacuum beast. However, this evil Vacuum beast has sucked most of Ponyvile's space as there's just half of the emptiness everywhere, however, some ponies did survive the attack while others weren't lucky.

As the scene shows the entirety of Space, a voice reveals itself about the events of the story.

"In a world, where imagination is king, an ancient evil stirs to threaten the very survival of the cosmos." The voice explained, "They call it, The Negativitron!"

The scene reveals the name of the vacuum beast, it shows itself as a four-eyed serpent, with a much more menacing appearance and 2 vacuum segments. Its teeth are actually modified versions of the Decoration "Meanie Horns", which is also used on the Meanie enemies. When it opens its mouth, a swirling neon pink vortex is seen, which seems to continue on forever. As it reveal itself, it laughs, meaning he has more plans up his sleeve to form more negativity between worlds.

The claw goes down back to Craftworld as the voice still speaks. another voice came into the scene who probably knows him but was annoyed.

"But what can stop, the unstoppable? This world needs only one thing. It needs a group of heroes." The voice said.

"Shush Avalon" Another voice yelled as he reveals Avalon's name.

With the claw going down back to Craftworld, it goes down to reveal a place, which is own by Avalon.

"One man, devilishly handsome, impossibly statuesque: The only hope," Avalon said as to reveal his Headquarters up in the clouds.

"Stop it!" That voice yelled, annoyed by Alavon's quirky sense of coolness.

As the claw goes down back to its place, it reveals a headquarters hideout in a village with rivers around it. As it zooms into the hideout, the scene fates to Sackboy and a Creator Curator with a paper humanoid creature, as his face, beard, boots, and hands are made out of cardboard and newspaper. He has angled features, such as a big nose. He sports a long beard made from the pages of a book, and two small, black eyes which are covered by a big pair of 3D glasses. He wears gloves and big boots and his body is similar to that of a Sackperson. His legs are made out of denim.

Luckily he and Sackboy were surprised and impressed to save Twilight and her friends from the Negativitron, hence, as the claw opens with the rest of the group horrified at what they all witnessed at Equestria. As Twilight calmed her friends down, the Creator Curator speaks to them.

"I'd say Twilight, you and your friends were bally lucky to escape The Negativitron out there." The Creator Curator said. "Lucky I was on the lookout, that is. And lucky enough, I did save Sackboy who was also one of Negativitron's victims."

"Well, at least Princess Celestia and Luna will figure out who the Negativitron is, nor that he almost imprisoned us while causing Ponyvile in absolute shambles," Twilight said nervously. "Thank you for saving Sackboy by the way, since I didn't know he witnesses seeing that beast from space."

"If it weren't for that brute who stole my gems and fashionable clothes during his attack at Ponyvile, I will seek my revenge at him!" Rarity growled. "But if he does any harm to my Sweetie Belle, I'll tear his pipes in pieces like wacking at a rock with a pickaxe!"

"Rarity, calm down. We're fine, just be warned that he caught up in his purple light, thinking we're going to be imprisoned." Sweetie Belle calmly yelled.

"Ah tell you, girls, we could finally meet this Sackboy we're seeing here." Apple Bloom shouted as she points at Sackboy as the Brown Sack smiles happily to see Twilight's new friends.

"Woah, so this is what it's like to be saved," Rainbow asked as she has experienced it before. "Wonder if there are bedrooms here so we can relax here a bit."

"Well, I hope my animals are doing okay from that monster's attack," Fluttershy said as she was afraid about Angel and the rest. "I do hope they're saved in a basement."

"With Sackboy on our side, he could help us defeat that purple-like vacuum monster," Spike said as he wants to go for an adventure with Twilight and her friends.

"Now, Now, Out you get as I'm gonna reveal my name!" The Creator Curator said. "My name is-"

But then he was interrupted by Avalon as he crashes his ceiling down with his hovers which made him annoyed by his personality. Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack were shocked to see Avalon introduced himself in an unexpected way, but Sackboy, the Crusaders Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie were too excited to see him crash through as if he's the leader.

"I am Avalon Centrifute!" Avalon exclaimed as he introduces himself.

"Sweet Celestia?! You could've run through them doors or windows" Applejack yelled. "You could've hurt somepony here."

"Darling, you could've had to use the door instead of jump scaring us by crashing their the ceiling." Rarity growled. "Now you'll have to clean this mess!"

"Geez, you should've gone through the door, rather than crashing through somepony's house if it can handle all the hard material to it." Twilight shrugged as she hopes this hideout doesn't fall apart.

"What are you talking about Twilight?" Rainbow asked. "That was amazing to see him crash through like a hero!"

"Indeed you are old man." The Curator said with an annoyed expression and looked at his name just to get straight to the point. "And my name is... uh... Larry Da Vinci and-"

"Craftworld is in grave peril. Together we. The Alliance, shall defeat The Negativitron!" Avalon exclaimed.

"Avalon. please! You never let me do that bit" Da Vinci shrugged as he wanted to do that line.

"Well! I'm the best at it!" Avalon said before he talks to Sackboy and his friends. "Hey Slick! Seems like you have ponies that you met during you're first adventure with them. Now I see a baby Dragon with 3 other ponies them which is cool."

"Hey! You seem to adore Sackboy like you're his student!" Spike asked

"Yeah, you really want him to be on your headquarters to teach him with other things!" Scootaloo said.

"Well, while we're in the same conservation, Da Vinci's gonna put Slick and you guys through your paces to see if you're worthy of The Alliance!" Avalon said. "We shall not... be defeated." He laughs.

"So we're here for some training?!" Pinkie yelled out of excitement. "THAT'S AMAZING!"

"Off course Pink one! With Slick on your side, you'll prove the Alliance that you and your pony friends are worthy!" Avalon said as he prepares to leave Da Vinci's hideout. "Hey! See ya soon Ace. I'm out of here"

As Avalon leaves Da Vinci's Hideout, the Mane 6, CMC, and Spike are going to support Sackboy's training as he's got some skills to prepare to prove to the Alliance he's worthy. As for Da Vinci, he's slightly annoyed by Avalon's personality due to him taking his spotlight, thus, a purple light glows on him, which caught Twilight's attention.

"Hurry back! I should do this on my own, I really should." Da Vinci shrugged.

"You okay Da Vinci?" Twilight asked. "He can be annoying that he took your role to speak but he's part of the Alliance. I'm sure we'll meet him when you start Sackboy's training."

"Oh.. well... never mind that, but yes, I despise him at times, Twilight." Da Vinci asked. "Now where was I... Oh right!"

"Sackboy, you'll need something for you and your friends to get around Craftworld safely!"

"Wait!" Rainbow said in excitement. "Does that mean-"

Yes, Rainbow we know what he's talking about." Twilight said to Rainbow on the obvious part.

"I present to you... you're Pod!"

As Da Vinci presses the button, it kinda works but didn't active it like it was tested at first, now making him even annoyed.

"Was that supposed to do something, Mr. Da Vinci?" Fluttershy asked as she sees that Da Vinci hasn't gotten a good day. "You seemed to have encountered some problems with your machine before."

"Seems like he's got a problem with his machines." Rainbow said, "He can take care of it himself."

"Oh for the love of - why does this - ?" Da Vinci growled as he slams into the device a bunch of times before he got it working again. "Aha! I present to you - YOUR POD!"

As the platform rises up, Da Vinci finally reveals the Pod to Sackboy and the group.

"Ah thought you were joking about the cardboard rocket box Sis?!" Apple Bloom asked Applejack if she was lying.

"You'll get to it Sis." AppleJack asked, "After all, ah seen some weird things in this world."

"Definitely that's the same Pod like our previous adventures with Sackboy." Twilight nodded "Well, aside from Rarity's fashionable pod decoration from our last time adventures with Sackboy."

"Darling, it would've been better if there are some decorations rather than slim old cardboard filled with emptiness." Rarity shrugged as she was disappointed with the Pod she decorated last time. "Ugh, it's better if we're to be filled with textures than a simple old cardboard."

"Come on Rarity, we can still decorate it on we're on board on the pod." Sweetie Belle said.

"We should be on board!" Rainbow exclaimed as she dashed into the pod first. "All aboard!"

"I've seen stories of ponies going to rockets before, but this should be interesting for a cardboard rocket," Spike said. I think we should be fine right?"

"We should be fine Spike," Scootaloo asked. "This is the Crusaders' first adventure with Sackboy!"

As Sackboy and the Group finally got the Pod flying as they're all Aboard, Da Vinci asked the group, making sure they match a fit for the Alliance.

"If you trot, there's a good fellow!" Da Vinci yelled. "I need to make sure you're Match Fit for the Alliance - just one or two simple experiments, um, test."

"We got you, Da Vinci!" Twilight yelled. "We'll prepare Sackboy for his training for you!"

"See you in a tick!" Da Vinci yelled.

Author's Note:

Before you ask, no I have no plans to do the first LittleBigPony since it's going to be complicated to replicate the Mane 6 and Sackboy's adventure in the first LittleBigPlanet game as it's focused more on gameplay than story. I will allow someone to do the First LittleBigPony if they're comfortable with the idea of it.

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Shouldn't you start with the previous LittleBigPlanet?

I was wondering when somebody was going to make a LittleBigPlanet story, this game series means a lot to me.

Though, you're about a decade late but better late than never.

LBP2 is mostly my favorite LBP of all time. But I did mention that someone should write the First one if they want to tie on LittleBigPlanet 2 with a crossover with MLP in it. The first LBP has a story, but it focuses more on gameplay. My focus should be LBP2 since it's more recognizable than the first one but also has a cosmic story to tie in this crossover.

I'll allow someone who's capable to do the first LittleBigPlanet with MLP if they want.

Well, given that there are Mario crossovers with MLP, I never thought of an MLP crossover with LBP. Sure, LBP games focus on the "Play, Create, Share" aspect as it speaks, I noticed there aren't any LBP fanfic crossovers that could tie to LBP's story mode like a character from a franchise going into Craftworld to meet Sackboy to explore the world of Craftworld for example.

Well, given there are some game crossovers for MLP, LBP is one that hasn't been touched as the franchise is underrated.

what happened to litlebigpony 1?

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