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I will un-nugget ur chicken. o(*^▽^*)┛


This story description, and by extension, this written work, have hereby been repossessed by the Flim & Flam corporation as collateral for the failure of the author to repay his loan of one (1) firstborn child. As such, until its auction, Flim & Flam corp. shall hereby be the sole operator of this work, and may use it as they see fit, whether it be for advertising purposes, the telling of stories, advertising purposes, or advertising purposes.

call now and get our fire deal on toasters that start fires

CONTENT WARNINGS: as-seen-on-TV advertisements in written form, scammy practices, the sale of your remaining shreds of sanity to the highest bidder, hypercapitalism, the crushing of the competition under the corporate might of Flim & Flam corp., plans for the corporate takeover of Equestria, and an unexpected vibe-check.

Chapters (1)
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You see, dear reader, this is where we come full-circle. Remember how Flim booped you on the nose through your screen earlier?



Bold of you to assume I don't want to die.

8 out of Ten Iron crosses from me.

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