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Dragon Emperor 485

A guy who's new to fanfic writings. Hope you enjoy my fics.

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Pretty good story, just needs a few edits, but it's good nonetheless.

Like here in between "about" and "a" there needs to be the word being

It's been a long day. You have been at royal guard training since 5 AM. You have always dreamed about a member of the royal guard since you were just a little colt. And once you turned 18, you packed up your things and moved to Canterlot. You have trained with the royal guard for almost a year now. You have made a lot of friends here and you feel a sense of brotherhood that you never experienced.

Kinda wish the sex scene was fleshed out a bit more, but maybe in a sequel.

That was a typo, thanks for pointing that out.

That was my first time writing a sex scene, it's kinda tricky to write a sex scene if you're not used to it.

Their wings are fucking tiny😂🤣

Solic first attempt! I'll give you that! My only problem is that it was just way too short.

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