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Azure Ariana Lune is no stranger to crime. She's always wanted a life of relative comfort and leisure, but all her efforts to find it have lead her deeper into a life on the wrong side of the law.
After fighting tooth, hoof and bit to get away from the mob, she finds herself in a new town with all the same problems. Only this time she might have a friend or two willing to help.

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This is really action-packed thus far. I hope it continues!

Trying real hard to come up with pony-ish alternative names for all the car brands. Good luck guessing them all.

I'm pretty sure that the user Always Dresses in Style wrote stories specifically about this. Anyway, glad to see this continuing, and with new cover art too!

Does the pony equivalent of the Yakuza appear in this story?

I don't have any plans for that. There's room for them though.

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