• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 11: Prelude to the Coming Darkness

Author's Note:

Hello everyone its your girl NinjaMare here, and I'm back baby! sorry the hiatus of not uploading chapters to any of my fics, especially this fic in particular. but I got my groove back, and in a better time schedule to be able to work on my fics. and for those who favored and like this fic, I am SO SORRY it took me so long to get back into writing this fic. hopefully I'll be able to pick it back up.

Two days have gone by since Stacy has attempted to try and use her beast spirit, and in those two days Stacy again tries to harness the power of her other spirit, and with Chrysalis’s help she’s been managing to keep control of Zyphermon longer and longer. But the spirits power and wild instincts keep proving to be too much for the girl, and forces the changelings to restrain her while their queen reverts Stacy back to her normal form. After those two days Stacy has gone back to Ponyville with her friends, as Chrysalis and the princesses have important matters to discuss, so for the time being any training regarding Stacy’s Zyphermon form is put on hold.

So while training was put on hold, Stacy was back in Ponyville and this time was staying with Rarity, as the mare wanted to make more clothes for Stacy while also experimenting with human fashion trends. And thus far, the seamstress was enjoying the wealth of any knowledge Stacy had on fashion, and even came up with a few designs of her own for a dress or two, and even some actual casual clothes for ponies.

“Alright Stacy try these on.” Rarity said as she levitates a new pair of pants over to Stacy, who took them and started to put them on and testing out how they feel.

“Well darling how are they?”

“Not bad. Very comfy, and the stretch nicely.” Stacy says as she squats, and stretches out her legs.

“You’re really getting better at making human clothes.”

“I’m glad to hear that, and I think I’m getting better at converting some of your human fashion into fashion for ponies.” Rarity remarked as she looked at some of the ponniequins in her room, with varying types of non-traditional pony clothes on them. after examining the ponniequines Rarity glanced over to a nearby clock.

“Why don’t we take a break from clothes production and get some lunch?”

“Sounds great.”

Rarity and Stacy then started to make their way down to the main level of the boutique, and as they left the building Stacy watched as her lavish unicorn friend put up a sign that readd ‘Out to Lunch’ on the door. The pair then made their way towards the main market residence of the town, where dozens of ponies were trotting about and going about their business, although a few that the two walked past stopped what they were doing and gave Stacy cautious glances. Even with Celestia giving the ponies reassurance that Stacy is not a dangerous person, some ponies are still weary around the young woman which does sadden her somewhat. But her friends always assure her that the ponies will come around eventually and see Stacy for who she really is.

Entering the eastern end of Ponyville, which has the majority of eateries and small snack shops, both Stacy and Rarity started to browse around to see where they would like to eat. Especially some place where Stacy can actually eat. It has been rather hard for Stacy to find sufficient food for her to eat, since most pony foods involve sugars, flowers, oats, and some vegetables and plants that she isn’t able to digest. Eventually the pair found a nice little diner called the Silver Shilling Grill and Bar, where the scent of savor spices and grilled food was coming from.

“Let’s try this place Stacy.” Rarity said as she started trotting towards the door.

“Really Rarity?” Stacy asked in mild surprise as she looked from the unicorn and the building before continuing.

“I never really took you for someone who’d go to a bar, let alone a grill.” Rarity only gave Stacy a small chortle as she looked over her shoulder.

“Stacy, while I might be a lady, even I need a good little tipple every now and then, especially after an exhausting day at work.”

Stacy shrugged then her shoulders and followed Rarity into the bar. The bar’s interior was actually quite nice and inviting, not at all what Stacy was expecting for a bar and grill to be like. then again ponies seem to have a lot of things that subvert expectations of what something is from its appearance. The bar itself was lit with nice warm dim lit candles, nice dark brown wooden floors, and furniture, with stalls and tables having nice looking cushioned seating. The two friends then made their way over to an open booth, where a stallion came trotting over to them as they take their seats.

“Good evening ladies, my name is Clover Clove, and I will be your waiter for today.” The earth pony said with an accent that sounded faintly Scottish to Stacy.

“Here are some menus for you to look over, and I’ll be back to take said order as well with a glass of water.” The stallion then trotted off after placing two menus down for both Stacy and Rarity. After taking the menu in hand Stacy was surprised to see stuff like burgers, chicken stripes and other bar type food aside from typical pony food fare. Although the menu did say that all foods are made from plants.

‘So it’s like vegetarian bar? Cool.’ Stacy internally praised as she started looking through the various alcohol choices, one caught her eye instantly as it looked red looking beverage.

“Well Stacy anything catching your fancy?”

“…this radish burger sounds good, same with the Berry Bard drink sounds nice.” Stacy remarked before looking over to Rarity who was still perusing her own menu.

“What are you getting Rarity?

“I think I’ll get the Crisp Sandwich with a glass of Melody Grape.”

Just as the mare proposed what she would probably get, Clover Clove came back trotting to their booth with a tray carefully balanced tray with two cups of iced water on his head. after placing the tray on the table Clover pulled out a note pad, and asked what the girls would like to have and they gave the stallion their desired foods, and their chosen drinks. With their orders jotted down the stallion trotted over to the kitchen, while Rarity and Stacy started to talk amongst themselves until their orders arrive.

“So Stacy how is your training with your beast spirit coming along?” Rarity asked somewhat worriedly to which Stacy gives a very small sigh as she fiddles a strand of her hair.

“Chrysalis is saying that I am making progress, but I’m having a hard time believing it.”

“Why?” the mare asked with concern.

“Because I’ve been only able to control my beast spirit for only a few minutes at a time.” Stacy said as she stops fiddling with her hair and leans a little into her seat, a depressed expression coming over her features.

“I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to be able to use it…”

“Stacy.” The girl looked up over to Rarity and saw the mare give her a comforting smile, and a sincere look in her eyes.

“I know your worried about what those foul Digimon are plotting, and want to be able to be ready and stop them before they could…whatever it is they are planning.” The unicorn said as she gently flailed her hooves about before continuing.

“But you don’t need to feel like you need to rush dear. You told us yourself that this powerful is wild and untamed, and takes tremendous effort to control.” The mare then out stretched a foreleg and placed a hoof on top of Stacy’s hand and continues to look up to young woman with that reassuring look.

“Take your time into controlling this power darling, you’ll get a handle on it.” Stacy then gives a thankful smile as she places her other hand on Rarity’s hoof and giving a few grateful pats.

“Thanks Rarity.”

After the two have had a nice quite moment after their talk, Clover returned to the girl’s table with their orders and drinks. With their drinks and meals no presented to them, Stacy and Rarity thanked their waiter, and went about to enjoy their lunch. The pair started to eat their meal Stacy was pleasantly surprised to that her veggie burger tasted so rich and savory, and it felt and tasted like an actual hamburger, and the drink she ordered tasted like a slightly spiked cranberry drink. As the two friends at their lunch they made idle chatter to help past the time, and make their meal a bit more enjoyable.

But before they could get halfway into their meal the two were interrupted by what sounded like screams coming from the streets! Jumping from their booths both Stacy and Rarity left the bar, and the moment they exited the building they both saw a large three headed black furred dog just rampaging through the town, and the instant that Stacy saw it she instantly recognized it. the beast before her is Cerberus from Greek mythology, stomping and barking as it just bulls through everything that was in its path! Not hesitating and immediately jumping into action, Stacy transformed into her Kazemon form and flew over to the three headed canine, which had just uprooted a building by headbutting it and sending it vaulting over to a group of ponies that was trying to run away. Stacy rockets over to the group managing to get a head of the building, and summersaulted back towards the building before going into a hand stand pose.

“Tempest Twist!” the spinning wind infused kicks stopped the building in its flight, before being knocked back over to the three head dog. And shattered against its heads while knocking it to the side by a few paces.

“Quick find some place to hide!”

“No need to tell us twice!” one stallion shouted as he and the other ponies galloped away, while Stacy flies over to the large dog who was shaking its head. “This is certainly unexpected, tangling with a beast of mythology. Then again I shouldn’t be too surprised.”

As Stacy was about a dozen or so feet from Cerberus ready to wrestle the large dot, the might canine let out a chorus of bone chilling howls that stopped the Digimon in her flight, the howls were so loud and powerful that Stacy had to even cover her ears to try and dull the howls sheer volume. But this effort was in vain as the howl was just to powerful, and left the girl open for an attack from Cerberus. Which was a paw swipe that not only felt like a truck slamming into her, but sent Stacy flying through the air before crashing into another building.

“Damn.” Stacy moaned as she shakily gets up to her feet and looked through the hole she made into the building, and saw her friends trying to stop Cerberus themselves. Even with Pinkie trying to use a ball. But the large three headed dog just tries to either bite or stomp on them.

“This is going to be a tough fight.” Stacy commented as she flies out of the building and makes her way over to her friends, and the rampaging beast of legend.

~~Elsewhere – Earlier that Day~~

Tartarus, the dark prison of all things foul and monstrous, where the most evil of evils are sent to forever live out their lives or eternity with no chance for escape. And within the depths of this dark and bleak landscape of rock spires, and ledges over desolate wastelands lays a cage that sits in the center of a large pillar in the midst of the vast wasteland. Within the cage there stood an emaciated old centaur just pacing within the cage, while angrily grunting and muttering to himself.

“Gotta find a way out, gotta find a way out, gotta find a way OUT OF HERE!” the centaur shouted in anger as he kicked out with his hindlegs, bucking the bars of his cage with a terrible clattering sound ringing out.

“Scorpan!” the centaur shouted again but this time clutching the bars of his cage, shoving his head through the bars as he looked up to the dark clouded skies above.

“I swear by our fathers name I will have my revenge! You hear me brother, I will have—”

The centaur was stopped in mid rant when a horrible screeching sound echoed through out Tartarus, and the screech was then followed up by the terrible howls of Tartarus’s stalwart guard, Cerberus. Yet what was concerning to the centaur aside from the roars and screeches, noises that he is accustomed to hearing after a thousand years of his imprisonment, were the sounds of metal scrapping rock and boulders rolling about before crashing into something else. The withered centaur tries to get a look at what is going on in his prison, and the centaur got an answer as he saw Cerberus come crashing down hundred paces from his cage, then a moment later a massive skeletal bird descended from the sky and stomped a boney foot on top of Cerberus’s middle head. screeching into the air of its victory over the guard of Tartarus. Never has the centaur seen anything like this monstrous bird, nor has he felt such…malice…such primal wickedness and evil emanating from something before.

“What in the world is that?!”

The centaur muttered as it watched lower it its head down towards Cerberus, and then it seemed to have spoke something to Cerberus while its three eyes glowed ghostly red, which the three headed canine’s own eyes also developed the same glow before ceased its squirm. The bird then dismounted its position from on top of Cerberus, allowing the large canine to get up and start walking off as if he was in a trance. As Cerberus walked off, the bird then turned to look over to where the centaur was, and started to make its way over to him.

Naturally the centaur backed away as best he could within his cell, but could only go so far yet again the centaur was surprised when he watched bird be surrounded by ribbons of what looked like magical energy. A second later the ribbons dispersed but what stood now before the centaur was not the towering bird monstrosity, but a much smaller black boned bipedal creature, which still emitted the same levels of malice and evil from its being. The figure then produced a crimson red blade from its arm, and reduced its side of the cage to pieces of scrap metal.

“W-who…who or what are you?” the centaur asked in both fear and fleeting curiosity as the bone armored figured retracted its sword, and then spoke in a dreadful baritone voice that sent chills down the centaurs spine.

“Your liberator.”