• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 8: Enemies New & Old Pt. 2

Today was just full of surprises, one right after the other. From Stacy learning that she maybe able to go home, and then having the Queen of the changelings just show up, and tell the ponies of a meeting between & Duskmon’s master…and now the ponies, along with Chrysalis & Stacy…are staring at a…at a…actually none of the equines know what exactly their looking at. It looks like a reddish-brown gorilla wearing armor, and a cap, that looked like it’s nose was stung by a bee and has swollen. Now while the ponies & Chrysalis were unsure about what they were looking at, Stacy certainly knows what the creature was.

“I didn’t expect to see you here Grumblemon.” the young woman said as she pulled out her digi-vice, while the Digimon chortled. The ponies looked at Stacy with confusion.

“Hey Stacy, is this guy a Digimon as well?” Pinkie Pie asked worriedly.

“Yeah, and his name is Grumblemon, the Legendary Warrior of Earth.” Stacy said as she stared down at the Digimon, noting that he was just a foot taller than the ponies. “He’s one of Duskmon’s allies, and he is a pretty tough guy to fight.”

“Huh. He doesn’t look that tough to me, at least compared to you or Duskmon.” Rainbow Dash quipped as she crossed her forelegs.

“Oh, is that right? Well then…” Grumblemon said as he reached down to the floor, his hands effortlessly pushing through the marble flooring, shocking the ponies…before pulling out a large sledgehammer with spikes! “How about we test that, hmmm?” Grumblemon chuckled as he raised the hammer.

“Brace yourselves!” Stacy said as she jumped as high as she could while transforming into her Digimon form.

“Seismic Sledge!”

Grumblemon slammed the face of his hammer onto the ground, creating a spiderweb crack and a small crater on the floor. But the impact of the blow seemed to have caused the whole castle to shake! Celestia and the other ponies, along with Chrysalis, wasn’t expecting for Grumblemon to be able to cause the castle to shake like that.

“Love Tap!” Stacy called out as she vaulted towards Grumblemon, before spinning in mid-air, and ramming into Grumblemon dead center of his chest with her rump. Causing him to tumble backwards a few feet. Summersaulting back to a proper stance, Stacy faced the gnome Digimon as he shook off the tumble.

“What are you doing here Grumblemon?” Stacy asked as Grumblemon stood up, resting his hammer on his shoulder.

“Me sent to keep eye on human, and Grumblemon has been reporting to Master about you. but now buggy queen plan to betray Master, so Grumblemon squash queen!” the gnome Digimon proclaimed before wielding his hammer like a baseball bat. “Devil Duster!”

Grumblemon swung his hammer out, scrapping before carving right into the floor, where a small tornado of stone and dust went flying out! And was racing towards the ponies. The ponies were about to stop the small twister, but Stacy beat them to the punch, as she flew directly at the twister using her Tempest Twist move to disperse it. But once the small tornado was gone, the ponies and Chrysalis noticed that Grumblemon had vanished.

“Jack in the Box!”

Grumblemon proclaimed as he jumped out of the ground behind Chrysalis, hammer ready to just smash the queen. The changeling guards rushed to their queens side to defend her, but Grumblemon spun to face them, and actually swung his hammer from right to left…slamming into both changelings and sending them crashing into a wall! Bodies & armor cracking from the force of the blow, and impact of the wall, causing both guards to slump to the floor as green blood drooled from their mouths.

“Nasty, naughty bugs, thinking they can—AGH” Grumblemon was cut of when he was blasted away by a now raging Chrysalis, her horn emitting with power and her mane flowing with anger.

“You will suffer for this transgression pig!” Chrysalis growled as she fired another beam of magic at Grumblemon, but to her shock, as well as the ponies, Grumblemon used his hammer to strike back at the beam of magic, cancelling altogether. “What!?” the gnome Digimon cackled as he waved his hammer around.

“Buggy queen think Grumblemon is easy target, Muwahahahahahahhaha! But buggy queen not strong enough to hurt Grumblemon!” the Digimon raised his hammer again, and all the ponies made a dash to stop him. “Seismic Sledge!”

the ground shook again, but this time, it was far stronger than before. Strong enough to trip the ponies, except Rainbow Dash as she rocketed towards Grumblemon, hoof pulled back for a punch. But once she threw that hoof Grumblemon countered with his own punch, and knocking Rainbow back. Just as Rainbow Dash was thrown back, Twilight fired a few magical blast's at Grumblemon, hitting all shots on the digimon but they didn't even cause him to flinch. although the magical blasts from the two alicorns & Queen Chrysalis did do damage, which didn't really make the gnome digimon happy, and started to swing his hammer around to squash the group. as the fight continued, Rainbow went in for a dive bombing kick, but Grumblemon then created what looked to be a ball of mud, or something in his unoccupied hand.

“Clay Ball!” the ball was thrown at Rainbow, and it grew in size and just caked the pegasus in heap of clay. “Now sit still little pony, Grumblemon deal with buggy queen first, then you next.”

“Hurricane Wave!”

Grumblemon looked over to Stacy to see what she was up to, but he was given a face full of cyclone tendrils, as they all crashed into him and sending him careening to a wall. Crying out in both surprise, and pain, Grumblemon was blown out of the room by crashing through the wall he was sent flying towards, causing him to fall from a good 50ft. above the ground. and landing HARD on the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Stacy chased after the gnome Digimon and raced towards her dazed foe, and when she was just above him Stacy quickly spun forward, and unleashed a Roseo Temporale barrage as Grumblemon was recovering from the fall. Only to be beaten into the ground. Stacy gave one last kick straight to Grumblemon's gut, causing to 'GAHFA!' before back flipping a few feet away and hover in the air. Back up in the chamber the ponies, and Chrysalis, were all watching the whole thing take place.

“Your out numbered Grumblemon, my friends may not be able to hurt you, but the princess as well as the queen certainly can. And of course there’s me, so advise you to leave.” Grumblemon only laid there on the ground for a moment, before he started chuckle which evolved into a manic cackle.

“You think you got Grumblemon good, well joke on you human!” Grumblemon’s entire body was bundled up in data bands, causing Stacy to developed a worried look, while the equines above have looks of astonishment on their faces. mostly for the three royals, as this was their first time seeing such a thing.

“Grumblemon, slide-evolution!”

The Digimon’s voice went from a craggy grumble, to a deep bellowing voice. when the bundles of data strips vanished after a brief moment, the equines gasped in shock at what they were now looking at, and a sense of dread washed over them. In terms of size, this new Digimon was HUGE, easily twice the size of Stacy who is roughly the same height as Celestia & even queen Chrysalis. But it wasn’t just the size of the Digimon that shocked the ponies, but the pure raw muscles that was clearly visible, showing that this Digimon is definitely a physically powerful foe to deal with.

“Gigasmon!” the new Digimon said before standing to its full height, and was looking down at Stacy who was just hovering above the ground.

“Still think me not capable of fighting back?” Gigasmon said before pulling back his left arm, and sending it rushing forward to pummel Stacy! But right as the fist was about to strike the human Digimon hybrid, and before Stacy could defend herself, the young woman vanished in a flash of blue light, and was now standing next to the ponies.

“Wooo.” Stacy said as she wobbled a bit, before Luna used herself to steady Stacy. "What happened?" Stacy asked as she leaned off Luna, trying to get her balance back.

"I've teleported you back to us, before that giant could strike you." Luna said.

“I don’t think…I like being, teleported.” She said as her friends steadied her.

“Stacy what happened to Grumblemon, how did he get so huge!” Applejack asked in bewilderment.

“He digi-vold. It’s a way for Digimon to get stronger.” Stacy said as she tries to recover from the sudden teleportation.

“How much stronger are we talking about human?” Chrysalis inquired. But before the ponies could get an answer, they all heard Gigasmon make a loud grunt, and looked to see him jumping ten feet into the air, before spinning like a wheel. “What is he doing?” Chrysalis asked Stacy, but got her answer when Gigasmon came crashing down. Stacy tried to take off to try & stop Gigasmon, but she was to late to react to the attack.

“Tectonic Slam!”

The moment that Gigasmon came slamming down, EVERYTHING felt the impact. The entire castle shook so violently, that walls, pillars, everything started to crack and crumble. The ground where Gigasmon struck was so heavily struck that massive fissures erupted into a horrible spiderweb pattern, even some piece of the ground like large rocks came jutting out of the ground. but it was worst in the city! The shockwave alone was enough to cause all the building to develop cracks, some however even had walls actually separate and crumble away. Even the streets & roads of the city developed fissures, and having large rocks emerge from them, all the while ponies are running around screaming and panicking. back at the castle, Twilight & her friends, along with three royals were tumbling all over the place, as the sheer force of the quake knocked all of them off their hooves. all the while Gigasmon was cackling at the sight of his handiwork.

“We got to stop him before he causes the whole city to fall off the mountain!” Twilight cried out in objective horror as she tries to steady herself, but the castle crumbling beneath her continues to knock her over. Stacy immediately leapt out of the hole in the wall, and went on the attack as she raced to the laughing troll Digimon. gathering large amounts of wind in her right hand becoming a massive sphere of wind.

“Turbulent Smash!”

Stacy swung her arm with the sphere of wind at Gigasmon…who outstretched his right hand and blocked the attack! The sphere of wind expanded slightly, and began bombarding Gigasmon’s hand and wrist with detonating air currents, and was showing no signs of even being damaged. once the sphere did its thing for five seconds and disappeared, leaving Stacy to see a barely bruised hand of the large troll Digimon.

'No way! That...That didn't do anything to him!' Stacy internally lamented as she just floated there, completely dumbfounded.

“Little human try her best…but little human is to weak. Much to, weak.” Gigasmon said as he then reached out to Stacy with his hand.

Stacy could only just hover their as the large hand reached out for her. but just as the hand was a few inches from grabbing Stacy’s head, Gigasmon stopped before looking around, as if in search of something. Celestia, Luna, and Chrysalis flew down to the ground while the princesses levitated everyone, except Rainbow who still had clay clinging to her body, as they watched Gigasmon wearily. the large troll Digimon then looked at the group with a small smile.

“You lucky.” Gigasmon started. “Master said to leave you alone, for now. But me be back, and me will crush you then.”

turning his back to the group, Gigasmon made a massive jump into the air, soaring through the air and disappearing from sight when he touched down. Stacy dropped to the floor, reverting back to her human self, all the while still having a shocked expression on her face.

“Stacy are you alright?” Celestia asked worriedly as she and the others rushed to her side. Stacy didn't anser right away, but after a moment, she finally responded.

“…y-yeah, just…” Stacy said as she started to visibly relax, the white alicorn then nuzzled the human to comfort her.

“Don't worry Stacy, It’s over now.”

“Maybe for the time being.” Chrysalis cut it as she looked down at Celestia, before looking at the castle, then out towards the city. “But i have the feeling that this is far from over.”

The group looked around and saw for themselves just the level of damage that was done to Canterlot. Luna immediately went into organizing the guard to check on the city, as well as the castle, while also asking Twilight and her friends to check on the citizens. As the girls left, Luna started to fly over the city and see if there was any more serious damage. Celestia was about to help her sister, but she was stopped by Chrysalis, who reminded the princess that once they had a moment they would talk about a treaty, and the alliance pact. Celestia remembered and took Chrysalis to her private chambers, where they will have their discussion.


in the lair of the Master painful wails echoed through out the winding cavern walls, startling any creatures that lived in the tunnels and large caverns. Grumblemon shouted in pain as black and red electricity struck him from his Master’s left hand, while an angered expression was etched onto the Master's face. As his cohort was being punished for his blunder, Duskmon loomed in the shadows, arm's crossed over his chest as he simply watches the sight. The moment that Grumblemon returned to the cavern, he was immediately questioned by his Master in what he did, and off course Grumblemon bragged about the level of destruction he caused to the ponies capital city, while also telling that he was trying to eliminate Queen Chrysalis. Needless to say, the Master was not pleased.

“AGH!” Grumblemon cried as more lightning struck him, and pushing him further into he ground. “FORGIVE MASTER! FORGIVE ME!!!!!!” the gnome Digimon cried out as he begged and plead.

“You were ORDERED to spy on the human, not to engage any of them unless I say so.” The Master scolded by unleashing more lightning, further tormenting the gnome Digimon. “From now on you WILL follow ALL of my orders, to the letter.” One final barrage of lightning rained down upon Grumblemon, before finally subsiding.

“Do I make myself, clear?” the Master said as he loomed over the panting gnome Digimon, who shakenly rose to his hands and knees, looking up to the Master with a terrified expression.

“Y-yes, Master…I s-swear it.” Was all Grumblemon could get out before dropping to the floor, and falling unconscious.

Author's Note:

great. just great. not only do the ponies have to deal with the boogyman of digimon, but now they got a stupid muscle head to keep an eye out. but what truly is the Masters plan? and will the ponies be able to handle that Changelings might be part of the social norm? things are certainty going to be hepatic in the coming future.