Wind Spirit

by NinjaMare

First published

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

Stacy Heartfelt has always had trouble being in crowds, or with people she might think she’s weird or socially awkward. But she manages to make some friends, and they encourage her to be more outgoing and take the chance to give new things a try. During a comic-con Stacy was dressed up as Zoe from Digimon Frontier, when she buys a life-like replica of Zoe’s digi-vice from the show Stacy is brought to a new world, one that will challenge her courage & bravery in the face of a dark evil

Prologue: Take Flight

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Sitting on top of a broken pillar in what appears to be ruins of some kind of castle or temple, a girl with fair skin and long blonde hair. The girl is wearing a blue & white striped shirt under a dark pink hoodie, a short skirt & beanie of the same color, along with knee-high dark purple socks and white sneakers with pink patches. Stacy Heartfelt is sitting on the pillar for the last two hours, mostly to see if the portal that brought her to this place, would come back, but she’s starting to believe that it’s not going to happen.

“How did this happen.” Stacy mumbled as she pulls out the digi-vice from her hoodie’s pocket.

“All I did was turn this thing on, and then, I get sucked in through a prismatic portal.” Stacy was tempted to throw the device away, but decided not to.

It was supposed to be a simple day. Get dressed as an old favorite childhood character, from one of her favorite shows, then head to Comic-Con California, hang out with friends and attend events. And yet when she came across a stall that was selling merchandise from old shows, including digimon, she couldn’t resist. But when she was heading to her hotel she fiddled with the device, and that’s when a bright light appeared out of nowhere, and then Stacy was sucked into the spiraling portal.

When she woke up from the awful experience of feeling her insides twist and turn, and a migraine that could break her skull, Stacy tried to figure out where she is and how to get back. She did try to make her digi-vice to make the portal, but it would seem that the device was a one was trip to where ever she is.

“Still no reception. Wherever I am either has bad reception, or, this is indeed some other world.” Stacy said as she looked at her phone, before sticking head phones in it and placing the ear buds in her ears. Before playing a random song.

As Stacy just waited to see if the portal would pop back up, she just kicked back and lay down on the pillar, looking at the spot where she knows where she got dropped off. Bobbing her head to the music filling her ears Stacy started to think, mostly on what she’s going to do if the portal didn’t open back up, where she was may give her shelter but she doesn’t know if there’s a place to sleep, or even food for her to eat. While Stacy was in deep thought, she doesn’t notice that there was something else coming into the room she was in.

The five wooden beasts slowly crept up on the girl, trying to be as quiet as they can. Normally the timberwolves would steer clear of the castle, but when they sensed the burst of magical forces, they decided to see what caused it. When they followed the scent of an odd smell they found what they were looking for. Lunch. The alpha of the pack kept even closer, it was close it could taste the…

“Ugh what is that smell!?” Stacy gagged as she jumped up and covered her nose.

“What in the world could--” Stacy didn’t get to finish her sentence when she barely dodged a paw swipe, when she saw it out of the corner of her eye.

“What in the world are you!?”


“Actually I don’t want to know.” Stacy said as she rolled out of the way, when the large wooden wolf charged at her again. Quickly getting to her feet Stacy ran as fast as she could, while the pack of wooden wolves gave chase.

As she ran through the halls taking every which way she could to lose the wolves, but these wooden monsters were persistent, as they were coming close to snapping their jaws at her legs. Stacy then ran into a larger hall, and picked up the pace as she ran at the large double doors, but just as she was half way through the hall one of the wooden wolf jumped into the air. And slammed into the girl, pinning her to the ground. The wolf then quickly made the move to clamp its jaws at her neck, but an elbow slammed into the wolfs head, causing the beast to roll off Stacy. Two more wolves charged at Stacy, who swung her left leg to kick them away, and scrambled to her feet and ran.

The wolves that were kicked or elbowed recovered and continued to chase Stacy. Bursting through the large doors Stacy quickly took notice of the bridge, and quickly made her way to the bridge. Just as she was a foot from the bridge Stacy was again tackled again from one of the wolves, but instead of being pinned to the ground, the tackle from the wolf was a little powerful and caused Stacy to roll of the side of the cliff. Plummeting down the canyon Stacy flailed her arms, trying to grasp at vines on the walls, but the stringy vegetation keep breaking from the wall.

Spirit.” A faint voice whispered in her ear.

“What!?” Stacy cried out as she grabbed another vine, this time she stopped half-way down the canyon.

Spirit…Evolution.” The voice was louder and very clear. “Use the digi-vice…Spirit Evolution.”

“What! Who’s th--”

Stacy’s voice was cut-off has the vine snapped and she continues to plummet down. The digi-vice slipped out of her pocket, up to Stacy’s face. That’s when she saw the symbol of wind on the screen before turning to the familiar spirit idol.

“What do I have to lose?”

Grabbing the device she did the gesture Zoe would do in the show to spirit evolve, and to her surprise her free hand was surrounded by the digital code, quickly swiping her hand against the top of the device.

“Execute!” Stacy shouted before the codex’s glowed brighter.

“Spirit Evolution!”

Once the words were spoken Stacy was covered in bright light, her clothing disintegrated as she her body turns to a featureless body. Then two see-through graphic panels hover in front & behind Stacy body as bits and pieces of a familiar armor. When the last piece of the armor was placed on the panel, Stacy outstretched her arms, and then the panels drew closer to her body pressing into her. Then in another flash of light Stacy was no more.

“Kazemon!” Stacy proclaimed as she spun in place before outstretching her large butterfly wings, then she took off flying out of the canyon at such speeds, that she frighten the wooden wolves when she speeds past them.

“Holy crap! I’m…I’m…I’m freaking Kazemon! Oh fuck yeah!” Stacy shouted in both excitement and disbelief as she looks over her new form.

As Stacy looked herself over, the barks and howls of the wooden wolves reached her ears, when Stacy turned her head to look at them a smile grew on her face. Raising both her hands she tried to focus on her powers, which wasn’t actually too hard, all she had to do was visualize Kazemon’s signature move, and thin whirling pinkish cyclones extend from her fingertips.

“Time for some payback you wooden mutts.” Stacy concentrated more on her powers before lashing out. “Hurricane Wave!”

Swing both of her arms in front of her, Stacy launched the swirling winds at the pack of timberwolves. As the winds got closer they expanded, tripling in girth as they slammed into the pack, grinding into the wolves and pushing them into the ground. A few seconds after the winds grounded the wolves into the ground, they slowly got up and tried to cross the bridge, deciding that she got enough payback Stacy let the wolves go before flying back to her original spot in the ruins. When Stacy landed by the pillar she reverted back to her human form, her clothing replacing Kazemon’s armor, now that she was herself again Stacy looked at the digi-vice in her hand, now trying to figure out not just where she is…but how she did what she just did mere minutes ago.

“What a day.”

Chapter 1: Ponies Meet Girl/Digimon

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It’s been a very…complicated two days for Twilight and her friends. Seeing as how her brother’s wedding was almost ruined, along with Canterlot almost being taken over by a changeling queen and her swarm, luckily princess Cadence & Shining Armor used their powerful bound to eject the changelings from the city. With the wedding over with and Cadence & Shining enjoying their ‘time’ together everything went back to normal. Now that her brother and favorite sister-in-law are living happily, the young unicorn Twilight Sparkle was happily sitting on the balcony of the Golden Oaks Library, a book in hoof, a glass of ice lemon tea and a good old apple fritter on a plate. As the little pony was reading a sudden swoosh of air blew over the balcony, causing a few pages to blew by, as well causing Twilight’s mane to stand on end.

“Where did that sudden gust of wind come from? There wasn’t any breeze or winds scheduled today.” Twilight said as she used her magic to fix her hair, and flip the pages of the book she was reading back to her original place.

Putting a bookmark in her book Twilight got up and made her way to the edge of the balcony, she saw other ponies looking around and wondering where the wind came from. Twilight looked up and saw Blossomforth and asked the white pegasus where the wind came from, but the pegasi wasn’t sure and was off to see the Weather Office to see where it came from. Before Twilight could go back to reading another burst of unscheduled wind whipped past her, causing more of her mane to stand on end, looking like she was struck by lightning. Fixing her mane again Twilight levitated her book, drink and snack and trotted back into the library.

“Hey Twilight!” Spike said as he came up the stairs. “Did you feel that wind that’s picking up?”

“Yes I did. I asked Blossomforth about it, but she doesn’t know.” Twilight placed the objects in her magic onto her desk. “She told she was about to head on over to the weather office, and see if she could find out what’s happening.”

“You don’t think that the Everfree Weather is coming to Ponyville do you?” Spike asked nervously. The weather in the Everfree is always unpredictable, and un-scheduled and it usually meant raging rains or thundering storms.

“It is possible. Rainbow did say that every now and then, the weather from the Everfree tends to drift into Ponyville.” That’s when Twilight made her way to the lower part of the library, then towards the door.

“Let’s go see if it is rouge weather.

(Outside of Ponyville)

“Nothing over here!” Pinkie said from a bush.

“Or over here!” Pinkie said as she pops out of a tree…half a yard away. “Or here, or here, or here, or here…” Pinkie Pie was pretty much popping up everywhere like a mole in the Whack-A-Mole machine. And it was making her friends dizzy trying to see where she pops up next.

“Wait…” Pinkie said as she drops from…the…sky? And looks at a fallen leaf. “Nope! No rouge weather here.” Pinkie said after lifting the leaf up.

“Ah guess we can say this area is clear.” Just as Applejack as finished her sentence, a powerful gust of wind whipped across the six mares.

Applejack’s Stetson was flown off her head, Fluttershy’s & Rarity’s manes got all ruffled, Rainbow was even caught off guard by the gust and crashed into Pinkie’s mane. While the ponies recollect themselves, Rarity fetched Applejack’s hat from the lake, and used her magic to dry it and clean it, before placing it back on the farm ponies head.

“Thanks’ Rarity.”

“Not a problem dear.”

“So where did that gust of wind come from?” Fluttershy asked as she finished straightening her mane.

“It seemed to have come from over there.” Rainbow pointed to the White Tails Woods.

The group of mares, plus a baby dragon, galloped to the woods. Normally the weather around the White Tail Woods was tied with that of Ponyville, so having a powerful gust of un- scheduled winds is unusual. When the group made it to the field just outside the woods, another gust of wind came towards them, thankfully Twilight used her magic to create a shield.

Tempest Twist!” the group then heard a faint voice in the rushing winds that were still bashing against the rosy shield.

“Did you hear that.” Spike said as he listened closely, followed by the others.

Roseo Temporale

“There it is again!” Spike said before hearing the creaking of wood, before hearing a very heavy & loud thud.

The group made their way through the tree’s seeing that some of them had their leaves thrown off. As they continued to follow path’s and cutting through some thickets of bushes, until they came across a fairly large open area of the woods, the found the broken tree that made the loud thud…and the creature that might have broken it. hiding behind bushes and tree’s the group quietly observed the creature. It was certainly a large creature, standing around 5’5ft tall or even 6’ft, but it was a pretty scrawny looking creature.

The ponies & dragon were surprised to see that this creature was wearing clothing, if what it was wearing was considered clothing. To Rarity it reminded her of some of the more risque outfits she’s seen, she also noticed the boots and gloves, as well as some armor pieces. The creature also had a long flowing purplish pink mane, although they couldn’t see the creature’s eyes, since it was wearing a strange visor over its eyes.

“Okay let’s try that move again.” The creature said in a female tone before somersaulting over to a tree. “Roseo Temporale!” the creature said the instant it unleashed a flurry of kicks.

The idea of the creature being not strong looking was now a mistake, seeing as the creature was able to very literally break through a tree as wide as a bear, with little ease. Once the tree was broken through and it was falling, the creature backed flipped from the falling tree landing back onto the ground.

“Okay I think it’s time to take a break.” The creature said before walking over to a flat stone, the creature then rubbed her stomach. “I’m starting to get hungry, those apples from that orchard looked good. Maybe I’ll swing by there and snag some.”

“The hay you will!” Applejack said as stomped into the clearing. The creature then looked towards Applejack and seemed a little surprised to see her.

“An orange pony with a southern accent, that’s certainly a new one.” the creature said, but still sitting on the rock.

“If you’re planning on raiding my apple orchard missy then you got a fight on your…claws.” Applejack said as pawed at the ground.

“Applejack, let’s not pick a fight with a creature that can tear through a tree, like a wet rag.” Rarity said as she & the others emerged from their hiding place.

“Look I didn’t know those tree’s belonged to you, sorry if I upset you…Applejack was it?” the farm pony nodded and accepted the creatures apology.

“So who are you, and, what are you?” Rainbow Dash asked as she eyed the creature up and down, mostly looking at its large butterfly wings, reminding her of Rarity’s gossamer wings when she & the others came to Cloudsdale.

“Names Stacy. And as for what I am, I’m known as a human. Although at the moment I’m technically a digimon.”

“What’s a digimon?” the 7 members of the group asked.

Stacy then started to explain what a digimon is, as well as what a human is to the six ponies & the baby dragon. Twilight then asked on how Stacy could be both, to which the girl said she uses a device that allows her to change forms, to demonstrate Stacy transforms back to her normal form. Although to the ponies there wasn’t much of a difference between the two, aside from Stacy’s mane, clothing and that she shrunk by a foot & half. But unlike her other form Stacy’s clothing were a bit worn, and had some tears in them.

“Oh you poor dear! Your clothes are in poor condition.” Rarity said as she looked over the shirt, hoodie, skirt and socks.

“I’ve only got the one pair.”

“Why not just take them off?” that’s when Stacy started to explain why being nude for a human is both bad manners, and also not a thing you do around strangers. And that both genders of her race are only naked in the presence of their significant other.

“Well in that case allow me to make you some new clothing. And it won’t be a problem.”

(Carousel Boutique)

Sitting on a stool with only a towel wrapped around her chest and waist, leaning up against a wall waiting for Rarity to finish fixing her Zoe outfit, as well as make her a new outfit and under garments. When Stacy was being brought to Ponyville she started to explain how she ended up in their world, which was funny seeing the purple unicorn bounce and act all giddy with the prospect of interviewing an alien. Course Twilight has to wait until Stacy was in something she felt comfortable in.

While Stacy was waiting she meets Rarity’s younger sister Sweetie Belle. The little filly was ecstatic to meet an alien and was asking all sorts of question, sometime later Sweetie Belle even brought her friends over to meet her, the little pegasus named Scootaloo enjoyed hearing all the stuff she did on skateboards from doing tricks, or riding around areas most people wouldn’t skate. After an hour or two Rarity presented Stacy her new outfit consisting of blue jeans, a white shirt that has something akin to Rarity’s Cutie Mark but more stylized, Rarity also presented a short-cut black jacket.

“Well how do I look?” Stacy said as she turned around presented her new outfit.

“Absolutely stunning. And here I thought it would just be a plain old outfit, but you pull it off marvelously.” Rarity said as she looked at the outfit in its entirety.

“This is pretty much what I normally wear back home. It’s simple, but I know how to make it look good.” Stacy said as she then took the small backpack Rarity also made, inside was her Zoe outfit and another set of clothing. Her digi-vice was also inside, but Stacy quickly put into her jacket’s pocket.

“Well I guess it’s time to head over to that treebrery of Twilight’s for that interview.” Stacy then giggled to herself. ‘I kind of feel like a celebrity now.’ before exiting the building Stacy turned to face Rarity.

“Thank you again Rarity for the clothes, are you sure you don’t need some form of currency?”

“Of course dear, it was no trouble at all. Besides while working on your clothing.” Rarity then generated ten pieces of parchment, each with a different design.

“I came up with a whole new line of clothing. Consider my inspiration from your clothing as payment.” Rarity said with glee.

With the issue of payment for the clothing out of the way Stacy departed for the Golden Oak’s Library, with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in tow, deciding to follow her and hang out. Truth be told, Stacy enjoyed the company, as being alone for three days in some old ruins where monsters come by every now and then, was starting to get old.


some time later during the day, racing through the sky flying side by side, Stacy was racing against Rainbow Dash to see just how fast she could fly as Kazemon, and for her first flight she was doing very well. Both Stacy and Dash were pushing around 175miles per hour at the moment, and climbing every five minutes, Rainbow was surprised to see Stacy’s butterfly wings keep up with her, she thought those thin looking wings would snap from the strain of high-speed flight.

While Stacy & Rainbow are racing around in the air, on the ground the rest of rest of Rainbow’s friends were sitting on a picnic blanket, watching the two fly as fast as they could. Ever since Twilight has interviewed Stacy yesterday about her world, culture and some personal info, and during the interview Twilight promised she’ll help Stacy find a way home. Once the interview was over with Twilight sent a letter to her mentor, so that Stacy could get introduced to Celestia, and maybe the alabaster alicorn knows how to send Stacy back to Earth.

“I’m still surprised that Stacy is able to keep up with Rainbow Dash.” Fluttershy said as she keeps watching the flying duo.

“You can say that again.” Pinkie said before tossing a cupcake into the air, before catching it with her mouth.

“You really have to admire Stacy’s attitude.” Rarity said as she kept watching the human turned digimon.

“She’s tough and confident like Rainbow, but she’s such a sweetheart like you Fluttershy.”

“Heads up gals, they’re coming in for a landing.” Applejack pointed towards the flying pair as they were coming in.

Rainbow came skidding across the ground coming to a stop just an inch from the picnic blanket. Stacy also came in skidding on the ground, but when she was half way to the picnic blanket, Stacy quickly leaped onto her hands and summersaulted over the others as she was transforming back. Stacy landed on the other side of blanket in a perfect hand stand, before quickly twisting her body to a sitting position.

“Okay…that was cool.” Spike & Scootaloo said as they looked at the human.

“One of the many tricks I learned how to do while skateboarding.” Stacy said before taking a bite out of an apple.

“Think you can teach me some of your tricks!?” Scootaloo asked as she scooted over to Stacy. And when Stacy said she’d love to the little pegasus filly was pretty much jumping around like a pogo-stick.

Once Scootaloo has settled down the group went to just relaxing and enjoying the nice evening. As the group of ponies, fillies, a baby dragon & the human/digimon continued eating and simply talking, they were unaware of the danger coming to Ponyville.

(Everfree Forest)

Somewhere in the Everfree a manticore is wrestling with…a blob of darkness, which was trying to smother the large beast. Swiping its claws and tail at the shadow mass wasn’t harming the black object; it was more of just making it more difficult for the shadow to envelope around the beast. Somewhere else in the forest a pack of timberwolves were also fending off shadow blobs, a cragadile in a nearby pound was thrashing around tangling with a larger blob of darkness. The entire forest was in an uproar with the various monsters & wild animals fighting the dark globs or running from them, and one by one the dark blobs infused themselves into their opponent’s.

As more and more monsters and wild animals were overcome by the dark force now controlling them, they began marching their way out of the forest. In total 2 cragadiles, 4 manticore’s & 18 timberwolves were marching somewhere, where to only they know, far off into the distance a massive figure, a kin to some kind of bird perched on top of an old dead tree, it’s three glowing eyes trained on the village just outside of the forest.

“Go now foul beast; ransack the village beyond your boarders. For our master demands it.” the large bird mentally thought as its eyes glowed even brighter.

(back at the picnic)

Back at the picnic the food was basically all gone, except for one-fourth of a cake, half a salad & two apple turnovers. While most of the group was still talking and relaxing, Rainbow was trying to help Scootaloo build her wing muscles, as well as trying to help her wings get properly aligned. Stacy was just laying on the grass under a tree, enjoying the warm glow of the sun while Sweetie Belle was laying next to her napping away. Everything was peaceful, aside from the occasional rambling and chuckles of Pinkie whenever she won at a game of cards.

As the group continued to enjoy the quiet peace over them, Fluttershy noticed several flocks of birds flying off at top speeds; some of the birds were chirping in fear and saying things. Curious at what could frighten the birds from Ponyville, the butterscotch pegasus took to the air and looked in the direction of town, only to gasp at the sight now before her.

“Fluttershy what’s--”

“Ponyville is under attack!”

“What!?” the entire group shouted as they looked towards town.

Running up the hill covering the view of the town, but when they got to the top of hill, they felt dread and fear at the sight. Various dark figures were running around the town, ponies were running around or flying away, scream from whatever was causing various crashing or breaking sounds. Wasting no time the group ran towards the town.

Ponies were screaming and hollering running away from the horde of Everfree monsters attacking the town. Cragadiles were ramming through buildings, breaking wooden walls, shattering windows and their stone tails smashing stalls and booths. Chimera’s were smashing through building as well, but they were also flapping their wings causing great powerful gust of winds, knocking over non-destroyed stalls & booths. While the larger monsters were mostly busy with destroying the town, and only going after ponies who tried to attack them, the timberwolves were running all over the place chasing ponies and trying to catch them.

“Run Diamond run!” Filthy Rich said as was throwing whatever he could get his hooves on at the three timberwolves around him.

“Miss Cheerilee!” several foals cried at as they saw their teacher with a large stick in her mouth, charge a timberwolf that has corned them.

“You won’t lay a paw on my students!” Cheerilee cried out as she braced herself for a fight.

“Cupcake take the twins and run!” Carrot shouted as he tried to keep the door shut from two timberwolves trying to break into the shop.

It was utter chaos. At least half of the ponies managed to escape, while others were either trapped or stayed behind, to distract the monsters so that their friends or family could escape. Just as things were getting worse Twilight and her friends reached the center of town, and immediately took action. Rainbow Dash rammed into the timberwolf attack Cheerilee, Pinkie used her party cannon to blast the wolves trying to get into Sugarcube Corner, Applejack and Rarity assisted Filthy Rich with the three wolves he was dealing with. Rarity & Twilight were using their magical blast to distract the other monsters around town; Fluttershy and the CMC were leading more the trapped ponies to a safe location. Stacy transformed into Kazemon while heading towards town, and was already taking care of the larger monsters.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy’s spinning kick slammed right into a manticore’s face as the beast was chasing mint green pony with her cream colored friend. The digimon/human then started to lash out with more kicks, throwing in a punch every know & then.

The manticore and a nearby cragadile averted from ransacking the town, and started to attack the digimon/human, but Stacy had the advantage of full aerial movement to dodge their attacks. With more kicks and punches, with some gust of wind or air blast, Stacy was able to wear down the large monsters. Quickly climbing higher into the air Stacy readied to use her strongest attack.

“Try this one for size.” The familiar whirling pinkish winds extended from Stacy’s fingers.

“Hurricane Wave!” and were flung at the two large monsters, grinding them into the ground.

When the spiraling columns of wind died down the monsters were knocked out, she headed off to take care of the other monsters as Twilight and the others joined her, once they help the rest of the town’s folk to escape. Using her array of spells Twilight assisted Stacy & Rainbow in handling the remaining 3 manticores. Pinkie with help from Applejack & Rarity was able to trap the other cragadile in ropes, ribbons and stick bubblegum cake batter, Fluttershy was with CMC to make sure they stayed out of trouble, and keeping an eye out for the timberwolves. Speaking of the timber wolves they were converging onto the group as they were just tangling with the 3rd manticore.

“Love Tap!” Stacy proclaimed as she rammed into the manticore, slamming her rear into the manticores ribcage. Bouncing off the large beast, Stacy stood on her hands then starts to spin using her wind powers to move her over to the wolves.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy then started to kick the wolves out of the way as she continued to spin in their direction. As the wolves were being knocked out, Twilight & Rarity quickly tied them up with rope, and as added insurance Pinkie used her bubblegum cake batter on them.

“Well that takes care of them.” Twilight said as the teleported the last of the monsters back to the Everfree.

“Didn’t you guys say that the monsters never leave the Everfree?” Stacy asked as she reverts back to her human form.

“They don’t.” Twilight replied.

“But…then, what made them invade town?” Fluttershy asked as she left her hiding place with the CMC next to her.

“I don’t know.”

(Everfree Forest)

The passed out monsters laid scattered across the forest floor, free from their bindings, and were just laying in the grass and dirt. From their bodies the black blobs ooze out of them like smoke or sludge. Still perched on top of the dead tree, the bird just went over what it just seen. The small horde of monsters it tainted with its darkness was doing what they were told, but were stopped by the heroines of the land that it has limited knowledge of, and an unknown being that was able to manipulate the winds. Spreading its massive wings the titanic bird took to the air, and flown back to its master. While the siege of the town was short lived, only lasting for an hour, the whole event has caused enough destruction to give his master some power. But the dark avian was certain that his master would command him again, and he will full fill whatever the command is.

Chapter 1.5: Ponyville Getting Back in Shape

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“And so these monsters just started to ransack the town, before you and your friends stopped them.” Celestia asked her student as she walks around Ponyville, observing & overseeing the reconstruction of the destroyed buildings and booths.

“Yes princess. But we’re not sure what caused them to leave the Everfree, and attack Ponyville.” Twilight said as she levitated a hammer over to Berry Punch to fix her winery’s front door.

“Thanks’ Twilight.” the mare said as the unicorn smiles & waves.

Since yesterday evening after the attack on the town, the town’s ponies have been hard at work in repairing what has been destroyed. In the morning princess Celestia came to Ponyville with carpenters & workers to help, as well as hooful of guards to scout the woods for any signs or clues, as to what has caused this predicament. So far the repairs of the town are going very well, but replacing personal items was being a bit harder.

As for those who were trapped in the town, or stayed behind to fight were being treated at the Ponyville General Hospital, which was thankfully not in the line of fire during the attack. When Twilight & her friends along with Celestia made it to the center of town, Celestia got her first viewing of Stacy as Kazemon. The human/digimon was lifting a large wooden piling, and then holding it in place so two pegasi workers could nail it in. Celestia has seen many strange creatures in her long life, but a furless biped wearing a strange outfit with butterfly wings, is certainly a first for her.

“Thanks Stacy for the help.” one of the stallions said as she hoof-pumped the human/digimon.

“No problem guys.”

“Stacy could you come over here!” Stacy looked to see her friend wave her down; she also noticed a very large white alicorn.

That must be that Celestia pony Twilight told me about.’ Stacy though as she landed back on the ground in front of the group.

“Stacy let me introduce you to princess Celestia.” Celestia took a few steps, standing practically at eye-level with Stacy.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you princess.” Stacy said as she stretched out a hand for handshake. Twilight & the others were about to tell her to bow instead, but Celestia beat them to it by placing a hoof in Stacy’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Stacy.” Celestia said as she shook the hand. “I see you are helping out with the repairs.”

“Well I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, when I know I could do something.” Stacy said as she stood in a relaxing pose, her wings fluttering every now and then.

Seeing that the princess and her newest friend were hitting it off Twilight let out a relieved sigh. As the two continued to talk Celestia asked if she could see Stacy’s original form, to which Stacy obliged. It always fascinated Twilight and her friends in seeing their friend revert or turn into her two forms, especially with the streams of what Stacy called data, wrap around her body like a cocoon before vanishing a few seconds later revealing Stacy’s current form.

“Fascinating, so you can shift between your real form and that, digimon form?”

“Yup. I also have another form I can change into, but unfortunately I don’t have the spirit stored in my digi-vice.” When Stacy said she could transform into another form, they seven ponies and the one dragon perked up.

“Wait, Stacy, you can turn into another digimon!?” Pinkie asked excitedly as she stood on her fore hooves tips.

“That’s right. But like I said, I don’t have the spirit, see.” Stacy showed the group the screen of her device, which revealed the idol for Kazemon’s spirit.

“If you don’t have the other spirit, then where is it?” Fluttershy asked as she looked up at Stacy.

“Not sure, usually the spirits are sealed or hidden so no one can abuse their powers.”

As Stacy finished her time in speaking and introduction to the princess she transformed back into Kazemon, and went back to helping the ponies of the town in repairs. Happy that she was finally able to meet the alien that her student and friends made friends with, she left back for Canterlot leaving her a small portion of her guards and workers. When Celestia left Twilight and the others went back to help the town repair itself, Fluttershy & Applejack help Rarity in fixing her boutique, while Rainbow was flying around with Stacy to see who need help. Twilight was going around seeing who needed supplies, and using her magic to help repair shops, stalls and booths.

“This is going to take a while.” Twilight said as she just finished fixing a wall to the local music store.

(Unknown Location)

Flying through the shadow corridors of an underground location, the giant skeletal bird navigated through the darken halls, until he reached a massive cavern with several large stone pillars. “Velgemon slide evolution…” the large skeletal said as streams of digital code wrap around his body, changing him to his prior form “…Duskmon.”

Now standing where the cavern where the large bird, was a tall humanoid being. Standing around 5’8ft. tall the being’s body was covered in a bizarre and ghoulish black bone-like armor, his arms ending with like large predator-like skulls. Seven large eyes are adorned in different parts of the armor, the long flowing blond hair swayed gently as the figure continued to march through the darkness. As the figure continued his march, torches on the pillars are set ablaze with ominous black & purple flames, illuminating the figure and his surroundings.

Reaching the back of the cavern the figure knelled before a massive stone throne, and the being sitting on it. The massive being was just as odd looking as the figure kneeling before it. Its long arms barely fit on the throne arms; it’s torn up long ears flicked every now & then, its jester-like collar drifted in the slightest breeze entering the cavern. The massive digimon looked like a demonic rabbit jester, but the waves of power that the being gives off are not to be taken likely. The figures glowing yellow eyes stared down at the kneeling figure for a second, before speaking.

“Report.” The master said in a menacing somewhat growling voice.

“Master I have corrupted the monsters of the Everfree, and sent them to attack the town outside the forest’s boarders.” Duskmon said then looking up to his master. “But the attack was cut short do to the interference of six ponies…and another digimon.”

“This other digimon, who was it?”

“I do not know master. All I know is that this digimon can control wind.” Duskmon said to his master, who then leaned back into his throne, deep in thought.

“....for now leave that town alone, I have another assignment for you Duskmon.” The humanoid digimon rose to his feet and waited for what his master has to say. “In the far north I felt something, a dark force. Go there and see what this dark force is.”

Placing a finger on Duskmon’s forehead, the master transferred data of the location her felt the surge of dark energy in the north. Bowing to his master after receiving the data Duskmon wrapped himself in data streams, evolving back to his beast-spirit form. Once transformed Velgemon spread his wings and took flight.

(Frozen North)

Soaring through the skies the shadow of Velgemon races across snow covered fields, racing towards the destination he received Velgemon saw something in the raging snowstorm, it looked like a city. It was certainly more grand than the one Velgemon has seen on the mountain side, but there was something off about the city, there was an obvious touch of evil surrounding it. And it wasn’t the lingering touch of dark energy, there was something else surrounding the city, a large cloud of linger black smoke was surrounding the city as well. Flying closer to the cloud of smoke Velgemon decided to--

The cloud of smoke released tendrils of smoke and black sludge, trying to ensnare the flying digimon. Despite his large size Velgemon was able to dodge and fly out of the way.

“Shrilling Nightmare!” Velgemon shouted as he released a sonic shriek that cracked the ice bellow, and caused snow and the cloud of smoke to disperse. The cloud released more tendrils but with another sonic shriek they were rendered useless, either being turned to scattered ash, or splattering black ooze.

“Who are you interloper?” a deep foreboding voice called out.

Velgemon turned to face where the source of voice was louder. What he saw was the head of a pony, a stallion, but nothing like any pony that Velgemon has seen. His dark grey coat was like dry ash, his mane was pitch black that was flowing like water, which bleed into the large cloud of smoke, where more tendrils were forming but this time covered solid crystal thorns some even forming the deformed heads of dragons. The stallion’s long cured rigid blood red horn pulsed with energy, his glowing green eyes with wisp of purple smoke glared at Velgemon, but the massive bird did not weaver under the gaze.

“Who are you interloper?” the stallion asked again this time with more malice in his voice. Velgemon transformed back to his prior form as Duskmon before responding.

“I am Duskmon.” Duskmon said with a cold expression and a flat tone.

“Why are you here in my kingdom.” The stallion asked as he moved his closer to Duskmon, the deformed dragon skulls surrounded the humanoid digimon.

“I was sent here on order of my master, to investigate the source of dark energy he detected.” The stallion narrowed his eyes trying to read Duskmon, but his stoic and cold expression made it hard for the stallion to get a good fix on the digimon.

“Who is this master of yours?”

Chapter 2: Journey to the Frozen North

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Watching the scenery pass by the window as snow blown past them, Twilight, and her friends, along with Spike & Stacy, as the train travels to the frozen north. A few days ago when Ponyville was finally rebuilt Twilight received a letter from Celestia about an important test, which Stacy thought was adorable and funny seeing her bookworm friend running around and panicking. Once Twilight has slightly calm down she along with her friends headed off to Canterlot to see what Celestia has in store for her.

When Stacy went to Canterlot she was mildly impress with the city, while the city itself wasn’t as grand as Rarity made it out to be, she has admit it does look like a wonderful place. While the city looks great Stacy could tell she wasn’t going to like the folks that live here. As they were walking through the streets to the palace, the group has come across some of the ponies that live here, and from the way they carry themselves and act Stacy knew they were going to be very pompous.

After reaching the castle which Stacy was really impressed with Twilight headed inside, while Stacy and the rest remained outside in the gardens. Sometime later Twilight came back and told her friends that there off to the Crystal Empire. So now the group is getting the low down on what the Empire is, what Celestia has told Twilight about what happened to it, and what they need to do.

“What exactly are we supposed to do when we get to this Empire Twilight?” Rainbow asked as she looked towards her friend.

“I’m not exactly sure; we’ll just have to wait till we meet up Shining Armor & princess Cadence. They know what needs to be done.” Twilight then looked over to Stacy, who was just staring out the window, a faraway look on her face.

“Stacy, are you…alright?” Twilight asked her human friend. The others looked at the tall human; as she just sat there eyes focused on something yet…looked like she was daydream.

“Stacy?” Applejack asked she got up from her seat and rocked her friend, a little worried that Stacy wasn’t responding.

“Uh?” Stacy said as she slowly shook her head, before looking to her friends. “What, are we there yet?”

“No dearie we’re still not there yet, but, are you alright?” Rarity asked. “You’ve been staring off into the distance for some time now, and you weren’t responding when we’re talking to you.”

“Sorry guys I didn’t mean to make you worry.” Stacy then looked backed out the window.

“But…I don’t know. Ever since we crossed into the north, I started to feel…something.” Stacy said ominously as the faraway look returned to her face.

“What is it that you feel?” Fluttershy asked as she scooted over to her friend. Stacy looked down at the cabin floor before speaking.

“I’m not sure. I feel like there’s something out there, something familiar yet…different. I can’t put my finger on it.”

Deciding not to press on the subject any further the ponies decided to talk about other stuff with Stacy, one of the questions that Rainbow asked was about other type of digimon there were. As Stacy was just talking about some of the other spirit digimon warriors, the train stopped and announced that they have reached their destination. Departing from the train Stacy zipped up the warm jacket and put on the gloves Rarity made for her, she and the ponies looked around to see that everything around the train station was covered in snow.

A moment later and Twilight’s brother Shining Armor walked out of the blizzard. Twilight introduced Stacy to her brother, and Shining to her human friend. Once the introductions were over with Shining Armor then started to lead the group to where the empire is, as the group kept on trudging through the blizzard, Stacy started to get that strange feeling again. There was something out there, something that was calling to her, like a little voice in her ear.

“Stacy look out!” Shining Armor shouted as he shoved the human. Stacy was brought out of her trance when she noticed a massive cloud of smoke was behind them, with a pair of glowing green eyes glaring down at the group.

“What is that thing!?”

“It’s the thing that’s trying to get into the Empire!” Shining shouted as he fired a bolt of rosy energy at the cloud. “Get to the Empire, I’ll handle this!”

“Not alone you’re not!” Stacy then brought out her digi-vice, stretching out her left hand a stream of code appeared.

“Execute!” Stacy grinded the device against the data stream. “Spirit Evolution.”

As her clothes were ripped off her body, as several data streams wrapped around her body, which turned a faint shade of black. Twilight & her friends have seen this sight so many times already, yet every time Stacy does it the mares were still fascinated by the action. As for Shining Armor he was stunned by the sight of seeing the strange bipedal creature changing forms. Once her transformation was finished Stacy spun on one of her legs a few times, before kicking out the other leg before going into a pose.

“Kazemon.” Stacy said as the data streams were blown away by the wind, as her wings flapped once.

“Alright let’s do this!” Stacy then took flight and charged head first to the cloud of smoke. Backing up the human turned digimon Shining Armor fired more beams of magic, while Stacy used her wind based powers to kick or punch out small but powerful gust of wind.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy flown towards the cloud of smoke, before twisting in mid-air so she was upside down, then she started spinning causing the smoke cloud to spin around her. When the cloud was thoroughly twisted, Stacy flown off just as Shining Armor encased the cloud in a large bubble.

“Alright now let’s go while the going is good.” Stacy said as she wrapped her arms around Shining’s barrel, and then took off for the empire following Shining’s directions.

But the duo didn’t get too far when they heard the bubble shield explode, and tendrils of black smoke & ooze reached out towards them. Making a quick decision Stacy tossed Shining Armor into the air, and then she started to spin in place with her legs outstretched.

“Tempest Twist!” the tendrils were batted away from the whirling windmill kicks. While Shining was airborne he took the opportunity to fire more beams of magic, but he was blind-sided by a large cloud of smoke that rammed him to the ground.

Diving into the cloud Stacy gathered up the white unicorn and flew for the empire as fast as she could. As she was flying Stacy dodged the additional attacks that the cloud was throwing at her, from the tendrils, to even solidified crystal spears. Soon Stacy saw Fluttershy and Spike run into an invisible wall and disappeared, figuring it was the protective wall Stacy picked up the pace and flown as fast she can.

“Brace for impact Shining!” Stacy shouted as she flown past her friends and slammed into the ground.

“Stacy, Shining! Are you two alright?” Twilight said as she and her friends gathered around the pair.

“Well…I’ve been better.” Stacy said as she looked up to her friends, while Shining Armor rolled off her body.

“Thanks for the assistance Stacy.”

“No prob--Shining, your horn!” the group then looked up to his horn.

The stallion’s horn was covered in small specs of black crystals. Shining Armor tried to use magic, but the black crystals prevented the stallion to use it. The group then ventured to the castle of the empire. As they were walking to the castle the group noticed that the city was felt like a ghost town, barely any ponies were out and a bought, but the ones that were out looked so…broken.

When the group made it inside the castle Shining Armor lead them to the throne room, as they entered the room Stacy saw a pink alicorn sitting on a throne, but the alicorn looked so exhausted that she could pass out if someone just pokes her. The pink alicorn descend her throne and did a cute little dance with Twilight, which Stacy had a hard time not to snicker at. Once the dance was over Stacy was introduced to the alicorn who was known as Cadence, and then the group was informed about what is going on with the empire.

Turns out that when the Empire returned from its pocket dimension prison, it has also brought back an ancient tyrant known a King Sombra, a powerful unicorn that almost rivaled the power of Celestia & Luna centuries ago. The group then started to wonder on how they could protect the empire from Sombra, without relying too much on Cadence’s own shield spell which is quickly draining her last reserves of magic. So Twilight and the gang set out to find some answers.

(An Hours Later)

“Anything?” Twilight asked her friends as they gathered in the square.

“I got nothing so far.” Rainbow said in a defeated tone.

“The ponies were too scared of me to even talk, or approach me.” Stacy said as she rubbed her left arm looking a little defeated. “Sorry guys.” The others told Stacy it was fine.

“I got nothing as well.” Rarity said as she fluffed her mane. That’s when Fluttershy walked over to Twilight, but turned out this Fluttershy was a costume for Pinkie to hide in.

“My cover has been blown, I repeat, my cover has been blown.” Pinkie whispered before zipping off, which just made the others look at her with questionable looks.

“Sorry Twilight but these crystal ponies seem to have a collected amnesia or something.” Applejack said as she looked at a few crystal ponies that were just walking around aimlessly. “Only thing I was able to get out of them is something about a library.

The moment that Twilight heard the word ‘library’ she perked up and started galloping off to find the building of her desire, her friends could only shake their head with smiles on their faces. It didn’t take long for the group of 6 mares, 1 dragon & 1 human to find the library, and when they entered, they were meet with rows upon rows of thousands of books. Twilight was basically speechless when she looked at the marvelous sight. A pony of to the side asked if they needed help, but after a brief conversation the group realized the older mare wouldn’t be much help.

“We’ll just take a look around, I’m sure we can find what we need on our own.” With that the group split up and began their search.

Another hour has gone by as the group made their way through one section of the library to the other. Fluttershy was checking books on the ground, while Rainbow was knocking books off the top shelves, by skating by on one of the rolling ladders, and Applejack going through the books her friend knocked down. Pinkie was using her springy tail to bounce to various shelves grabbing random books. Stacy was working with Rarity & Spike, going through several stacks of books searching for anything useful. Twilight was gathering large amounts of books, and piling them into a large pile as she scanned through them.

“Yes!” Twilight shouted prompting the rest of the group to move to her location, and see what she has found. A large reddish-brown book, with gold lettering and several different colored gems on the cover was laying before the group.

“History of the Crystal Empire. I just hope it has the answers we need?” Twilight said as she started to flip through the pages of the book, her friends standing by her side hoping she would find the answer.


While Twilight was talking to her brother and sister-in-law, and the others waiting to hear what they’re about to do next. Stacy was wondering around aimlessly through the castle. The same sensation of something familiar or different was still present, but ever since the group got to the castle that sensation felt even stronger, even though she wanted to help her friends she just had to know what this strange sensation is. So for the past hour she’s been wondering around the corridors of the castle, but it seems that the further up the castle she travel’s the sensation became stronger.

Going out to a balcony Stacy transformed into Kazemon and flew as high as she could, following the strong pull of the weird sensation. After a few minutes of flying Stacy reached the top of the castle to the highest spire, this is where the sensation was most powerful, and what she found was really astounding. Floating in the center of the spires only room was a very beautiful crystal in the shape of a heart. But while the heart was eye catching, the thing that really captivated Stacy was the floating orb of light that was orbiting it.

When she was only a few feet from the heart the orb stopped its movement, and started to slowly approach Stacy. As it just floated a foot away from her Stacy got a clear view of what the orb was. Inside the orb was idol like her Kazemon spirit, but this one was of different design, Stacy knew what this was. Quickly taking out her digi-vice Stacy pointed it to the spirit idol, which was absorbed into the device.



“Here-eye, here-y--” Twilight tried to announce to the crowed of crystal ponies before Pinkie cut her off when she tried to use the flugelhorn, which just caused the purple unicorn & the two royals to grimace at the pink pony. Pinkie giggled sheepishly, as she hides the instrument behind her.

With no further distractions Twilight announced to the empire that the Crystal Fair was underway! When the crystal ponies heard that the fair was upon them, they all perked up, and their once dull coats were instantly crystalized making them more lively. Soon the whole fair was crowded with ponies going around, checking things out, and letting their once forgotten memories flow back to them. While the crystal ponies were wondering around checking out what the fair had to offer, Twilights friends were going around seeing how they can help the fair and the ponies enjoy themselves.

The fair was in full swing and above the festivities Stacy flew overhead, with a big smile on her face as she looks for her friends. She wanted to tell them on what she discovered. As she flew she could see that the crystal ponies looked a lot better, and seemed to be more up-beat, some even looked up at her and waved. So far Stacy couldn’t find any of her friends. Just as she passed over the petting area Stacy heard a menacing hollowed howl, she then saw the shield go down, and saw the grinning face of King Sombra off in the distance.

“Oh no! Cadence!” Stacy panicked as she flew to the castle, but stopped when she noticed the shield was going back up. “Phew, for a second I thought we were toast.”

What Stacy failed to noticed that when the shield was going back up, was that a piece of Sombra’s horn being cut-off, a shadowy figure landing at the empires gate. Standing upright the shadowy figure made its way towards the city, while the small piece of Sombra’s horn melted into the ground sprouting a tiny black crystal spike.

“Applejack!” Stacy cried out to her apple farmer friend who looked up at her.

“There you are Stacy, where have you been?”

“Remember when I told you guys on the train I felt this weird sensation?” Applejack nodded.

“It got stronger whenever we were in the castle. So when Twilight went to go tell Shining & Cadence what she found in that book, I started to search for where that sensation was. And look what I found!” Stacy then presented her digi-vice to the apple farmer, and shifted Kazemon’s spirit idol, to her newly acquired spirit.

“Is that…your other spirit you can transform into!?” Applejack said in surprise.

“Yeah, I got my beast spirit!” Stacy then noticed Applejack trick a pony to leave a covered pedestal. “So what’s going on here?”

Applejack then started to explain things to Stacy involving the fair and a crystal relic, when Applejack mentioned the crystal heart Stacy told her that she saw something like that at the top of the castle. As the two were about to take off to inform Twilight they saw the shield starting to flicker, like it could go down at any second. Soon the two were crowded by the ponies of the fair, as they started to see building being twisted and corrupted. As more & more ponies gathered around them Rarity & Pinkie came around to see what they could do, but that’s when Pinkie accidently fell off a ball she was balancing on, and kicked it to the fake crystal heart. When the ball knocked the pedestal over revealing the fake heart to the crystal ponies.

“Crystals.” That’s when King Sombra’s voice and laugh filled the air, which caused the crystal ponies to panic. That’s when the shield finally went down. The sky darkened, becoming an ominous dark orange color, the ponies were screaming and shouting about the return of the king and started to run. “My crystal slaves.” Sombra hissed out as she glared down at the frighten crystal ponies.

“No! I can’t, I won’t go back to those mines!” a mare screamed as she galloped into a random direction. “Of!” the mare bumped into something, but when she looked up she froze in place at what she saw.

“What in land sakes is that!?” Applejack said as she, rarity, Pinkie & Stacy looked over to where the mare ran into.

Standing before the ponies was a tall dark figure, it’s large eyes in its pitch-black armor looked at the surrounding ponies, causing them to shudder away. Applejack and her friends have never seen anything like this thing, it was so…evil looking. And it’s mere presence alone was making Applejack tremble with fear, as she looked into the beings blood red eyes she saw nothing but terror and malice in them. The foreboding figure then created two blood red swords from the skulls on its arms, the dark figure then raised a sword as its eyes focused on the mare before it.

“Execute! Spirit Evolution!” Stacy shouted as she charged the dark figure as she transformed into her spirit form. “Roseo Temporale!” Stacy leaped at the figure, then unleashed a barrage of kicks.

The figure quickly brought the sword up to block the attack, but the force of the kicks was pushing the dark figure away from the ponies. Delivering one last kick, Stacy then flipped herself in mid-air then she immediately went into another attack.

“Tempest Twist!” another barrage of kicks lashed out at the figure, but its defense crumbled and was now taking direct hits from the rock smashing kicks. With one last spinning kick Stacy sent the dark figure flying into a building.

“Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie get everyone out of here, NOW!” Stacy shouted as she looked at her friends.

“Stacy what’s--”

“Lunar Plasma!” Rarity was cut-off when a menacing male voice called out, before a thin wave of red energy came racing out of the building the where the dark figure was sent flying into. Bring up her arms Stacy was able to block the majority of the attack, but she was pushed back a good few feet and her arms now had scars on them.

“Ghost Move.” The dark figure was now in front of Stacy with a raised sword.

Stacy didn’t have enough time to block the next attack, as the dark figure brought the sword down cutting Stacy’s chest creating another scar, but Stacy stood her ground as she threw a wind infused punch. The dark figure wasn’t expecting the human girl to recover from such a blow, and was knocked a foot into the air. Another quick kick to the gut & Stacy sent her opponent higher into the air.

“Hurricane Wave!” Stacy shouted as she used her strongest attack.

“Deadly Gaze!” the dark figure said as he fired 9 beams of blood red lasers at the ten whirling winds.

The attacks collided with one another causing a powerful shockwave to rattle the air around the two fighting digimon, and causing the ponies around the fight to scramble away. As the two digimon continued their fight the ponies ran as far as they could as to not get caught in the middle. As for Applejack & they others of Twilight’s friends, they were scared out of their minds. Aside from King Sombra now closing in on the castle, they were just as frighten as they watched Stacy and the other being fight, they’ve never seen Stacy fight with such fervor before. Not even against the monsters of the Everfree, whoever this other digimon is Stacy seems determined to beat him.

“Guys!” Applejack and the others looked up to see Spike, dangling on the edge on a ledge on the top of the castle.

“Here! I got the Crystal Heart!” It’s true. In the dragons claws was the Crystal Heart.

The dark king saw this and made his way to the castle. The two fighting digimon were still at it, but when Stacy noticed that Sombra was getting closer, and seeing Spike fall from the ledge while trying to get the Crystal Heart he dropped. Kicking her opponent away Stacy took to the air and flew up to catch Spike, but she didn’t get the heart. But just as Stacy was about to fly to the heart a pink missile swooshed by, Cadence snatched the heart just before Sombra could devour it.

“The Crystal Heart has returned, use the light & love within you to ensure that King Sombra does not.” Cadence said as she threw the heart back to its original position.

When the heart was placed in the center of the courtyard, it was held in place by two pillars. The crystals ponies then bowed as they started to generate the energy they needed to power their ancient relic, the roads that stretch throughout the empire started to glow a bright blue.

“What!?” Sombra said in disbelief that his plan was starting to crumble around him. “No! Stop!”

Then all the light from the empire was collected into the Crystal Heart, the relic then pulse out a powerful wave of magic coating the crystal ponies, Twilight and her friends, and Stacy along with Spike giving them a crystal like shine to their bodies. Another pulse out but this time the wave of light & love rammed into Sombra & the dark figure, causing the dark kings body to crack while the dark figure was being pushed back. With one last pulse of energy Sombra’s body was destroyed, shattering like glass as the pieces were being forced out of the empire. The dark figure was hurled out of the empire as well, but the power of the relic couldn’t destroy it.


With the Crystal Heart back in place, the Empire was finally in peace with no tyrants to enslave the inhabitants. With the threat of Sombra no longer present the crystal ponies were thoroughly enjoying the fair, as for the heroes of the day they were relaxing and enjoying the festivities as well, except Stacy was being treated from her fight with the dark figure.

“There we go Miss Stacy, good as new. But I’d advise you not to strain yourself.” A healer said as he finished wrapping bandages around Stacy’s arms and chest.

“Thank doc.” Stacy said as she leaned down and gave the doctor a kiss on the nose, which caused the stallion to straighten up for a sec, causing his face to turn red. Stacy and her friends giggled and chuckled as they saw the goofy smile start to form on the doctor’s face, as he wobbles off.

“Stacy…who was that you were fighting? You seemed pretty determined to beat that horrid creature.” Rarity asked as shivered as she remembered the black figures cold unfeeling eyes.

“That was Duskmon. A very, very, VERY dangerous digimon. I was surprised I was able to stand up to him as well as I did.” Stacy said as she remembered just how powerful Duskmon was from the show.

But that’s when Stacy started to wonder, if Duskmon was here, does that mean the other evil Legendary Warriors are here to…and the mastermind in control of them…

‘Oh god I hope not! I don’t think I can take on all those bad guys by myself.’

“Hey Stacy Applejack said that you got your other spirit!” Rainbow asked excitedly which got the others excited to.

“Yup, turns out it was where Sombra hid the heart.”

“Can we see what your new spirit looks like?” Twilight asked, hoping to see what Stacy’s stronger form looked like.


“What? Why not?” Pinkie asked with a look of confusion on her face.

“Beast spirits are unlike human spirits. All that extra power, primal instincts, it could be too much for me to handle at the moment…it might even make me hurt you guys by accident.” Even though Zoe didn’t have a berserk moment in the show, Stacy wasn’t sure if she would be as lucky. She didn’t want to go berserk like when Takuya turned into BurningGreymon, and went into a blind rampage.

“Well at least we can kick back and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.” Rainbow said as she kicked back in the lounge chair, taking a sip of her crystal nectar.

Chapter 3: Whatever Life Throws I Will Embrace It

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After the incident in the Crystal Empire, the group made the journey to Canterlot so Twilight could give her report of the events that transpired to Celestia. This would also marks Stacy’s first trip to the capital, and so far…Stacy hated it. Upon seeing the capital, Stacy’s initial thoughts on the city was, mixed at best. The city & castle looked great, but it just reminded her of Disneyland, which kind of removed some of the charm the city would have. But what really soured, or made her out-right despised her initial visit to the city, and made her not wanting to visit it again…were the ponies.

Every pony in Canterlot acted like entitled people, and those who think they are the cream of the crops, they thought they were high-profile celebrities. But what was worst were the nobles of the city. The nobles were so insufferable, and had their noses shoved so far up their own tail holes that Stacy could smell the crap lacing their words. But Stacy gritted her teeth whenever a noble talked to her, in a manner that made them sound like they thought they were superior, or say something behind her back when they thought they couldn’t be heard. Aside from the nobles, the majority of the city’s population, the rest of the trip was decent.

One thing that Stacy found interesting, and a little cute, were the royal guards. Every time Stacy would come across a patrolling or stationed guard, they seemed to have straighten up their postures, and seemed to act a little more professional. Of course Stacy didn’t notice this, but once Twilight, and even Celestia noted this when none of the guards were present, noted the subtle change to the guards demeanor. And when it moved into the night time hours, and Stacy was by herself she kind of saw this first hand, and thought that the guards were doing this to impress her.

Of course there was no way to actually prove this, but Stacy still found it adorable if it was true.


Back in Ponyville in her own room at a local inn, it was now morning, and Stacy started to wake up from a rather nice sleep. Moving her messy hair out of her face, Stacy let’s out a loud yawn before rubbing her eyes, and then giving herself a pinch on the forearm. Wincing at the slight pain, Stacy sighs as she flops back down onto the bed, her wavy blonde hair covering the pillows. From waking up in the ruins, staying there for a few days, then finding Ponyville, and then just going to a far-off kingdom. It’s been roughly a week since Stacy was, brought, to Equestria and she was still having trouble believing this whole thing was really happening. But after a week, and seeing & living everything that happened during that week, Stacy has to be a firm believer that she has, in fact…been isekai to a different world.

“Whatever else happens in my life…nothing is going to top, or be as interesting, as what is going on right now.” Stacy chuckled to herself as she continued to lay on the bed.

A moment of finally accepting this weird part of her life, Stacy removes herself from her bed and proceeded to prepare for the day. Washing herself, freshening up, and putting her clothes on. Twenty or so minutes later, Stacy emerges from her room and walked down the steps to the dining room of the inn, where Stacy could smell eggs being cooked, as well as hash browns. The mare at the stove, on the other side of the counter in the dining hall, was Humble Straw a tannish brown unicorn, with a black mane & tail with a single streak of darker brown. As her name suggest, Humble Straw was a humble and kind-hearted mare, and was more than happy to give Stacy a place to stay. Does help that Celestia gave Stacy a stipend of bits to use to make her stay more easy, until either Stacy finds a way home by herself, or by Twilight & Celestia when they vowed to search for a solution to Stacy’s predicament.

“Good morning Stacy, how did you sleep?” Humble asked as she starts whisking a patch of pancake batter, holding the bowl & whisk in her golden yellow aura.

“Pretty good.” Stacy simply said as she took a seat at one of the three tables, trying to stifle a yawn.

“The bed wasn’t to small was it? I tried to give you a room with a big enough bed.” Humble said as she continued to whisk away in the bowl. Stacy just waved at Humble.

“Nah its fine.”

After confirming that her bed was fine, Stacy was given a plate of eggs with melted cheese and ketchup on it, with a side of seasoned hash browns & a cup of hot chocolate. From what Stacy has gathered in the past two days, ponies don’t seem to have access to coffee, not that they needed the extra caffeine, as apparently sugar is part of the ponies main diet and get plenty of it. While Stacy laments the loss of coffee, a set of hoof steps wonders into the dining area, where Stacy saw the newcomer come in and sit at a nearby table.

The new pony was a black earth pony stallion, his mane & tail were rather scruffy looking and were navy blue, with a lighter shade speckling each scruffy tip. The stallion stretched out his body, causing some audible pops, before slumping onto the table where Humble gave the same food to the stallion, before adding a separate plate of pancakes. Which was soon offered to Stacy as well, but the young woman just took two flapjacks and proceeded to eat her breakfast.

Three more ponies, the other residences of the inn, eventually made it into the dining area for breakfast, and by the time the last pony just started to eat her breakfast, Stacy was already done. Placing her dishes on the counter where Humble took them, and placed them in the sink of soapy water, Stacy thanked for the meal before leaving the inn and heading out into Ponyville. taking a breath of fresh air Stacy began making her way through the town, planning to go on a town tour now that everything was fixed up & rebuilt. The young woman’s presence wasn’t lost on the ponies, as they stopped what they were doing to give her a smile, a wave, or simply watch her walk by. Carefully examining her otherworldly figure, which the stallions seem to be the more intent observers, watching her hips sway slightly and watching her long curly blonde hair bounce with each step. Continuing her little venture through the town, oblivious to the ponies examination of herself, while examining the buildings in their entirety, and giving the occasional pony a greeting, the human’s mind started to wonder back to Earth. To home.

Stacy started to remember her single bedroom apartment, the messy bed she usually leave when she wakes up. remembering the posters of her favorite anime, games lining the walls, along with the occasional merchandise of her favorite series sitting somewhere in the room. a small smile graced her lips as she remembered her TV, and her four game stations, playing some of her favorite titles. And for some reason, her thoughts drifted from her room, to the odd red couch that she bought out of the blue, in hindsight there was no reason to have it, but for some inexplicable reason, she couldn’t imagine her apartment without it.

Stacy’s thoughts then drifted from her home—and that odd red couch—to her family, where she started to remember her mother, father, two little sisters who should be in middle school now, and her baby brother who had just started preschool. She could remember the times she showed her two sisters her favorite shows, and actually teach them how to speak Japanese, which has become her second language. She then started to remember the times she played and goofed with her baby brother, and much of a little cutie and sweet heart he was. Her reminiscing, and the smile that had developed on her face, was cut short when the idea that she would, possibly, never see family again finally surfaced.

If she was indeed stuck here, for the rest of her life, then she’ll never see her parents live their happies lives. Be there for her little sisters and help them through their teenage years, or be there for her baby brother whenever he needed her. stopping in the middle of the road, in the midst of the shopping district, Stacy then looked up to the sky staring at nothing, just soaking up the thought that had just intruded into her mental space. And threaten to dampen the good mood she was in.

“Stacy?” the young woman was snapped out of her mild turmoil, when the southern voice of one of her latest acquaintance said her name, and tapping her leg. Looking down to her right Stacy saw Applejack looking back up at her, a slight concern look on her face. “You alright sugarcube, you’ve been standing in place for about a minute now, just…staring out into space.”

“…I was just, thinking.” Stacy said as she brushed some of her hair back.

“Thinking about what?” Applejack asked. Stacy didn’t immediately say anything, as she started to think about her family, and, somehow, the pony next to her seemed to pick up on those thought. “…is it about your home?”

“…yeah.” Stacy sighed out. “I was just wondering what would happen if I couldn’t go home. And was stuck, here.” Applejack rose to her hindlegs, and went in to give Stacy a hug. But at Stacy’s slight shuffle, and remembering that humans aren’t as, social, as ponies Applejack just gave a comforting pat to the human.

“Have faith Stacy. Twilight is the smartest pony I know, I’m certain she can help you find a way home.” Applejack said confidently. “But even if Twilight can’t figure a way to send you back, I’m certain Princess Celestia can still help you.”

Stacy thanked Applejack for the pep talk and returning the comforting pat to the pony. Applejack then offered to spend time with her & Rarity at the Spa, just to more help Stacy out of her still poor mood, Stacy thought for a moment and decided to accept. She never got the chance to go to a spa back home, because HOOO BOY! Those spa trips were costly. The pair then made their way to the west district of Ponyville, where they came upon one of the more unique looking buildings, where Rarity stood outside patiently waiting for Applejack. But when the unicorn saw that Stacy was with Applejack, a smile grew on her muzzle.

“Stacy! What a pleasant surprise darling, are you joining us for our spa day?” Rarity asked excitably, always eager to enjoy the spa with more of her friends.

“Yeah. Applejack thought I needed a good pick me up, and offered me to visit the spa with the both of you.” Stacy simply said to the fashionista, who seemed to get a bit more giddy, causing the farm pony & human to chuckle slightly.

“Well have no fear Stacy my dear, I promise, once you have even the simplest of accommodations here, you will be HOOKED!” Rarity exuberantly said, before opening the door with her magic, and all but drag the human by her sleeve. While Applejack simply followed behind, still laughing at her friends excitement.

The energy that Rarity was radiating was to infectious to try and deny, as she simply allowed herself to be tugged along, and awaiting the pony pampering the spa had. Despite the somber thoughts mere moments ago, and the prospect of possibly never going home, Stacy knows that at least she has a group of new friends that will be there for her. whatever the future may hold for Stacy, she knows deep down that things will work themselves out.

Chapter 4: Decision

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Out in the open fields that surround Ponyville, Stacy was in her Digimon form, practicing her fighting skills and getting a better grasp on her powers. Not does this allows Stacy to know what her limits are, it also helps her stay in shape, and since 50% of the food ponies eat have excess amount of sugar in it. Another reason that Stacy practices her Digimon powers, is to see how much control she has over her wind element, to see if she’s like Air-Bender or can just cause a small gust. Much to her gleeful surprise, Stacy has found out that she does have control over the wind, but she has noticed that controlling the wind directly wasn’t as, powerful, as her base Moves.

Speaking of moves, Stacy has for most of the morning, been trying to see if she can create her own moves. That was something she’s done since she was 10, coming up with her own attacks from her favorite cartoons, while pretending to be a character from that show. However unlike the air-bending, making up your own move apparently was more difficult. Not only do you need an absolute clear picture of what the move is, you also needs to power enough power into the attack itself, or it was either going to be a big whiff, or miss fire, or not even be made at all.

The move that Stacy was trying to come up with, is a power move that would allow her to slam an enemy with heavy damage, while her current moves are fairly good—although she has some doubt that the Love Tap moves is actually useful—so she’s trying to see if she can add more to her list.

“Okay. New move test #10.” Stacy mumbled to herself as she brushes a lock of her Kazemon’s purple hair out of her face.

Stacy holds her hands a foot in front of one another, concentrating on gather wind between the appendages forming a small ball of purplish pink wind, which slowly started to grow in size. Stacy smiled as she was actually able to keep the ball in shape, and growing it in size and keeping it stable, however when the ball of swirling wind currents became the size of a large pumpkin it started to become harder to keep stable. Focusing more into keeping the ball stable, Stacy tried to keep it together before pulling her right hand away, ball grasped tightly before she leapt into the air and then swung her right arm forward. But before the sphere of compressed wind came in contact with the ground, it became unstable at the last second and prematurely burst, sending Stacy flying backwards a good few feet.

“Damn it! I was so close this time!” Stacy fumed as she hovered in the air. “One more time, I’ll get it this time!”

Again Stacy cupped her hands in front of each other, gathering more wind between them, but this time her added frustration made her determination, and therefore her focus on the move she’s trying to do a lot more easier than a moment ago. Pretty soon Stacy had the large sphere of wind created, and this time there was instability problem this time. When the ball was fully formed Stacy lunged forward, right arm outstretched, before swing it forward, and this time…the Move actually worked!

“Turbulent Smash!”

The pumpkin size ball of wind slammed into the ground, doubling in size, and the swirling wind reeved up in their spiraling motion, and literally carved a foot into the ground before dispersing with a concussive wind blast. After finally pulling off the move she’s been trying to do for the past hour, the young woman was pretty much pulling off her own happy dance while cheering in the air.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I just made a new move! Oh yeah, that’s right!” after her celebration of her accomplishment, Stacy tried to do the move again, and while it wasn’t as seamless as her previously established Moves, she was able to perform her new move several times.

“Alright. New move, partially mastered, now then…what to work on next?” Stacy said in between labored breaths as she wipes her forehead of sweat.

Landing back down on the ground Stacy started to wonder what she could work on, or improve on next. That’s when one thought came to her mind, she could practice in trying out her Beast Spirit, but the idea was almost immediately pushed to the side. As Stacy thought before, could she actually use her Beast Spirit, without the risk of going feral or berserk. In the show that little detail was curbed for the plot, but in an actual situation, Stacy doubt that the same level of ‘media plot convenience’ will work for her in real life. But, if she doesn’t at least try and work on it, she’ll never be able to use her Beast Spirit. And with Duskmon out there she honestly doubt her Human Spirit will be enough.

Turning back into her human form, clothed in a plain white shirt and a pair of work-out shorts—curtsy of Rarity—Stacy held her digi-vice in her hand, staring at it cautiously. The wind symbol appeared on the small display screen, before showing the spirit idol of Zephyrmon. Stacy kept looking at her digi-vice, hand slightly shaking, before just sighing and deciding to not risk going feral for practice. Walking over to a rock Stacy sat down for a break. Stacy looked at her digi-vice again, before placing it behind her then running her hands through her wavy blonde hair, feeling a little disappointed in herself that she couldn’t even attempt to use the Beast Spirit.

“Hey there Stacy.” The sound of Twilight’s voice pulled Stacy out of her little funk. Looking up from the ground Stacy saw Twilight, and the others coming over to her.

“Hey there girls, what’s up.”

“We came to see if you wanted to join us for lunch.” Rarity said before looking around the area for a bit. “But it seems you’re in the middle of something.”

“I was just training that’s all.” Stacy said before straightening out her body, the ponies looking over her body as she stretches, always fascinated by how her body looked. And for one of them, something else came to her when looking over the humans body.

“Oh! Were you practicing you’re beast form, or whatever its called?” Rainbow Dahs asked excitably. Stacy just shook her head.

“No. I was just practicing my usual spirit; I don’t think I should try to practice my Beast Spirit.”

“Why not?” Fluttershy asked worriedly. But before Stacy could say anything, Applejack spoke up.

“Is this about what you said at the Crystal Empire sugarcube, with whole going ‘feral’ thing?” Stacy nodded.

“Beast Spirits…they are stronger than Human Spirits, like my Kazemon form. But with that added power, comes with added ferocity and heightened senses…and those are pretty overwhelming, and takes a whole lot of mental strength and some other things to control them, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Twilight asked as looked at the human with worried expression.

“I could go crazy and hurt you ponies, and I don’t want to risk that.”

The six mare’s then approached Stacy, and started to comfort her, some with pats on the back or giving her some encouraging words. Stacy thanked her friends for trying to make her feel better, and letting her know that Stacy was doing what she believed was right.

“Hey Stacy, you know what you need right now, to really get you out this funky mood you’re in?” Pinkie said as she hopped away from the group. “A nice good meal with your best friends!” Stacy laughed at Pinkie’s optimism and boundless energy.

“I wouldn’t say we’re best friends Pinkie, but…” Stacy looked at the other ponies, who all gave a small smile, before looking at Pinkie and her larger smile. “We’re pretty close.”

“I’ll take it!” Pinkie said exuberantly causing everyone to chuckle at her level of energy and excitement.

After wiping away a tear that formed in her eye, Stacy looked back to Pinkie…only to immediately developed a look of shock & horror. As Duskmon loomed behind Pinkie, sword extended, arm raised…ready to strike the pony down. Acting purely on instinct Stacy lept to her feet, hand grabbing her digi-vice and immediately transforming into Kazemon, Stacy lunged at the dark Digimon with a wind-infused kick. Pinkie yelped in surprise when Stacy lunged at her, but when she—and the other ponies who didn’t seem to noticed Duskmon was right in front of them—they saw why Stacy just did what she did. Stacy and Duskmon were just locked in a stand-off, Stacy’s right leg holding back Duskmon’s left arm. Both Digimon broke their stand-off, and started to trade blows with one another, sword blades meeting wind-infused kicks and punches.

“What are you doing here Duskmon!?” Stacy asked the dark Digimon, but he was silent, only responding by extending his sword blade. “Forgot. You’re the brooding silent type, fine then.” Stacy created her tendrils of wind from each fingertip, and readied for battle.

“Hurricane Wave!”

“Lunar Plasma!” Duskmon bellowed in his deep menacing voice, sending out a slight curved red energy wave. Slicing right through the waves, and striking Stacy dead center. Carving up her chest and sending crashing into the ground.

Stacy screamed in pain as she clutched her chest, a small amount of blood was trickling out of the pretty big gash. The six mare’s immediately darted to Stacy’s side, looking her over to see if she was alright. But then they heard footsteps coming their way, and saw Duskmon was making his way over towards them. with a burst of speed Rainbow Dash vaulted towards the Digimon, right hoof pulled back ready to deck the dark Digimon in the face, but the moment she threw that punch…Duskmon was gone!

“Ghost Move.” Duskmon just, appeared, behind Rainbow Dash sword already swing down at her, mere inches from her back. A powerful gust of wind slammed into Duskmon from his left, sending his skidding to the side.

“Tempest Twist!”

Duskmon turned to face Stacy, just in time to receiving a spinning mid-air kick to the face, sending flying ten feet skidding across the ground. Stacy wasted no time as she unleased another Hurricane Wave, all ten tendrils of spiraling wind slamming right onto Duskmon, Stacy then clutched her chest again as pain raced through her body.

“You guys…stay out of this…he’s to dangerous for all of you.”

“But Stacy we can help!”

Right after Twilight said that, nine beams of red energy came racing towards everyone, the unicorn brought up a shield to protect everyone. But the shield shattered as six of them rammed into the shield, striking Twilight, and the others, and knocking them all on their backs. While causing them to let out grunts or cries of pain. The other three were heading towards Stacy, but she was able to dodge the attacks by flying up, and now she was dive bombing Duskmon, ROYALLY pissed off, with her new move.

“Try this on for size Duskmon!” Stacy cried out as she held the large wind sphere above her. “Turbulent Smash!” The large sphere slammed right down onto Duskmon, doubling in size before carving straight into the ground.

“Geist Blade Storm!”

Several dozen blood red energy slicing waves erupted from wind sphere, several of them striking Stacy, cutting into various parts of her body, and sending her vaulting through the air, before crashing onto the ground. Duskmon then slowly rose up from the ground, definitely showing some signs of damage, but not enough to cripple him. walking over to where Stacy was the dark Digimon placed his right foot on her chest, causing to gasp in pain, as the pressure & weight was causing the scars to pulse with more pain. Duskmon was about to point his right blade at Stacy, but a lasso latched onto the arm.

Looking over his shoulder Duskmon saw Applejack at the other end of the lasso, trying to pull him back. Twilight and Rarity even started to fire magical blast’s at the dark Digimon, but Duskmon didn’t even seem to notice, or the punches Rainbow was throwing at him, or the bucking that Pinkie Pie was doing to his other leg. Duskmon just ignored the ponies feebly trying to distract, or even hurt him, and went back to looking at Stacy. Who was trying to get out from under him.

“Let her go!” Rainbow Dash said as she let loose the strongest punch she could at Duskmon’s face, but he didn’t even flinch. But the recoil from the punch, and the hardness of his armor caused the pegasus to welp.

“Begone.” Duskmon simply said before backhanding Rainbow Dash, although the blow was hard enough to knock her to the ground, and cause her to spit out blood from her mouth. The rest of ponies tried harder to stop Duskmon, even Fluttershy was trying to stop the Digimon. “Enough of this.” Each of Duskmon’s eyes looked at one of the ponies.

“Deadly Gaze.”

Five beams of energy shot from five different eyes, striking the ponies down, getting the wind knocked out of them & feeling like they were just hit by a cart full of bricks. Seeing the girls being knocked around really frustrated Stacy, causing her create the most powerful gust of wind she could knock Duskmon off, even if it were just a little bit, it was more than enough for her to use Tempest Twist to spin herself up, and kick Duskmon in the chest. Stutter stepping back a foot Duskmon quickly recovered, and started to lash out with his swords, Stacy was just barely able to doge most of the blows, while hardly landing any of her blows. Duskmon then struck Stacy in the gut with his left boot, sending her crashing into one of the few trees in the area.

“Brutal Strike!” Duskmon bellowed before sliding across the grassy floor, directly to Stacy, and piercing his left sword through her right shoulder causing her to scream in pain.

Duskmon then leaned his face in close to Stacy’s, who was sweating and having a small line of blood dripple from her mouth, and under her vizor her eyes were wide with terror. Then, for some reason, Duskmon withdrew his sword blades as he leaned back away from Stacy, leaving her to slide down the trunk of the tree, leaving a slight blood trail. The dark Digimon then looked around, seeing the ponies have recovered slightly, and were looking at him with fear. then in a blink of an eye…he was gone. All the ponies dropped to the floor with relief, as for Stacy, she reverted back to her human form, completely shaken up by what just happened, before passing out.


(Ponyville General Hospital)

Stacy and the others were brought to the local hospital, thanks to Twilight’s magic, and were immediately brought to rooms for treatment. The ponies weren’t to hurt, except Rainbow who nearly had a bust jaw, but Stacy was the more injured one that needed serious treatment. Several severe lacerations, some broken ribs, and serious stab wound. So now Stacy was sitting naked on a bed, and had a unicorn nurse treat her wounds, and has applied healing salve and special balm to the stab wound.

“AGH!” Stacy cried out as the nurse applied a medical salve on the stab wound on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry miss Heartfelt, that was the last wound.” The mare said before carefully wrapping the wound up. “Now I’d advise you to take it easy, otherwise you’re wounds will re-open.”

“I’ll try.” Stacy said before laying down on the bed. “If you don’t mind, I’ll like to get some rest.”

The nurse nodded and left the room, leaving Stacy alone. as she laid there on the bed, Stacy came to a realization, the fight that she had with Duskmon at the Crystal Empire…wasn’t a real fight. this one on the other hand, was a real fight, and if Duskmon didn’t decide to just up and leave, Stacy was certain that she would’ve been killed. Getting more comfortable on the bed, Stacy closed her eyes, and tried to get some rest, cause when she get’s better…she was going to practice her using her Beast Spirit.

(Unknown Location)

Striding out of the shadows, Duskmon walked up to the ledge of the large cavern his master occupied, still showing signs of the fight he just had. Reaching the edge of the ledge, Duskmon kneeled as his master emerged from the depths of the cavern, his glowing red eyes looking down at the dark Digimon.


“This human that can turn into a Digimon, she has…potential.” Duskmon said as he looked up to his master. “But she shouldn’t be a hindrance to your plan. She is still weak—”

“That just means she can become more powerful down the path.” The master said, before reaching down into the depths of the cavern.

“Should I finish her off then master?”

“No.” he simply said, while pulling up the hand that went down into the depths, and seemed to be kneading something. “I still need you for the important missions, so…” the master then placed his hand down a few feet behind Duskmon, causing the dark digimon to rise & stand, and look to see what his master has planned.

“I will have, HIM, deal with this, human, and make sure she doesn’t have time to interfere with my plans.”

The master then raised his large hand up, and revealed a short-stocky bipedal creature, with a really big nose. And wearing orange and brown clothes, under some bulky blue armor, while wielding a large sledgehammer with spike on the ends. The newcomer looked around for a bit, before looking over to Duskmon & the master, before cackling like a little mad man, all the while the master developed a small grin.

Chapter 5: Never, Ever, Again

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Two days have gone by since Stacy & her friends were attacked by Duskmon, and while the girls weren’t to shaken up about, at least, they don’t show it, they all feel un-easy. Twilight has sent a report of the incident to Princess Celestia, and in response, Celestia said she would keep an eye out, and that she was sending some of the royal guard to keep a watch over Ponyville just in case. As for Stacy, she wasn’t taking the beat down she was just given. If Duskmon was going to be popping in on her, and threating to attack the ponies, then Stacy need a way to be able to fend off Duskmon. And the only way she thought she could do that, was to use her Beast Spirit.

Stacy was now standing in middle of one of the many field around Ponyville, nearer to the Everfree forest, dawning a new set of clothes. Bringing her digi-vice out, Stacy looked through it and found Zephyrmon’s idol.

“Okay, let’s do this.” Stacy outstretched her left hand, where the digital codex for the transformation formed, but instead of a single strip, it was now a cluster of codex’s. She breathed in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, before continuing & sliding the digi-vice over the bundle of codex stripes.

“Execute!” Stacy said as she swiped the digi-vice off the codex bundle, causing a few sparks of energy. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”


The market place was certainly busy today. After the ponies had rebuild the whole shopping district of the town, the ponies were finally able to continue on with their lives, although a few of them were still rattled by the whole incident. As there’s never been a situation like this one in the town’s history. Course things were rough at first when everything had to be re-stocked, since almost everything was destroyed, but if the ponies of Ponyville are one thing…they’re a resilient bunch. Walking through the streets of the market place, after walking through the main district of the town, even going through some of the open areas of the town, Twilight along with Fluttershy were looking for Stacy.

They were worried for their human friend, as she seemed tensed and un-easy ever since the attack, they tried to help her, and they seemed to be helping. But neither of them could find her. They even asked Pinkie Pie & Rarity if they’ve possibility have seen her, but neither of them haven’t seen herm and were equally worried about her. Fluttershy flown to Rainbow’s house before she took off to do her morning exercise, but the rainbow manned pegasus didn’t see her either. The pair were just about to exist the town, and head on over to Applejack’s, but before the pair even exited the market place, a strong powerful gust of wind came rushing through the town. And it was strong enough to nearly knock all the ponies off their hooves.

“Whoa! Where did that wind come from?” a nearby stallion asked as he, along with other ponies plus Twilight & Fluttershy looked around.

“Oh no our flowers, quick Lilly, Daisy catch them!” Rose and sisters scrambled to gather up the blown away flowers.

“Here you go Rose.” Blossomforth said as she handed over three bundles, Rose accepted the returned flowers. Other ponies were helping the flower mares get their merchandise.

“Where could that rouge wind come from?” Fluttershy asked as she tried to straighten her messed up mane, and tail.

“I’m not sure, there wasn’t supposed to be any abnormal weather today. Right?” Twilight asked Fluttershy who could only shrug.

Another surge of wind came blowing through the market place, and it was defiantly stronger than the last one, but this time it wasn’t just the wind that came rushing through the marketplace. Everypony around Twilight & Fluttershy gasped or yelped in surprise, when Rainbow Dash came flying into one of the stalls. One pony dropped to his knees and wailed about his cabbage cart being destroyed, again. Rushing towards their friends side, Twilight & Fluttershy helped their friend up but when the pegasus got to her hooves, the other two mares saw that she has several cuts on her body. With a big one on her chest, leaking some blood out.

“Rainbow Dash what happened to you, how did you get these cuts!?” Fluttershy asked as she started to fuss over her friend’s wounds.

“Fluttershy y-you got to get o-out of h-here, now.” Rainbow said in a pained voice, wincing as she tries to move around.

“Why? What’s going on?” Just before Rainbow could respond, Twilight got her answer.

The sound of flapping wings got the attention of the ponies in the market, and most of them looked up to where the wing beats were coming from, and in the sky above the marketplace every pony’s jaws were wide open, while their eyes nearly widen out of their sockets, as they starred up at a familiar bipedal form. But there was something different about it than the two forms their familiar with. Fluttershy could tell it was Stacy, but the form she was now in wasn’t that of Kazemon, and it was definitely not her usual human form, it was definitely something else.

Her skin was more tannish in color, her body resembling her human form more than the Kazemon form, her long flowing purple hair or curly blonde hair was now instead short and blue. And even stranger was that Stacy’s new form, were the small blue wings on the side of her head, where her ears should be. Her butterfly wings were instead replaced with large light tanned feathered wings, and her outfit looked virtually the same, but she also was wearing a blue mask covering her mouth, and some kind of sash around her neck. Another thing different about this form was that her arms and legs were wearing armed gauntlets and greaves, but her hands now only have three long digits that ended in sharp claws.

“Is that, Stacy?” Twilight asked no pony in particular, as she looked upon the new creature hovering above the town. But her staring was cut short by Rainbow Dash’s sudden movement.

“Quick guys, get everypony out of here.” Rainbow said as she tried to flap her wings, but she was too injured to even get off the ground.

“Wait, what is she doing?” one of the stallions said as he saw Stacy’s arms move. Rainbow’s eye nearly bulged out of her skull as she turned to face everypony.

“Everypony run!” Rainbow shouted as she shoved Twilight & Fluttershy.

“Hurricane Gale!”

Stacy shouted as she swung her arms, which caused a massive whirlwind of bright pink wind, and some condensed wind blades came fly out towards the ponies. The powerful whirlwind rammed right into the town below, shattering twelve stalls, destroying seven buildings, and knocking back all the ponies within the area of the destroyed stalls, and the blades of wind sliced & carved through the ground. The ponies that were knocked away were now bruised from the impact, and the sheer force of the wind, while other ponies were running away screaming and panicking, as for Twilight & Fluttershy they were shocked to see their human friend just attack them.

“Stacy why did you attack us!” Twilight shouted up to the human. Stacy response just screamed out in what sounded like rage and anger, but also pain.

“Hurricane Gale!” Stacy fired another whirlwind at the marketplace destroying more stalls & buildings, as it barrels through the town, and carving up more of the ground.

“Stacy stop this, I don’t want to hurt you!” Twilight shouted as she light up her horn.

“Plasma Paws!” both of Stacy’s hands and feet were surrounded by red spheres of energy, then she flown towards Twilight at speeds that rivaled that of Rainbow Dash.

More on instinct than anything else. Twilight brought up a shield when Stacy was only a foot from her, but the shield didn’t withstand the attack as it crumbled within seconds. Stacy’s left clawed sphere was now a few inches from Twilight’s head, but in a flash of blue light, Twilight was yanked away from the digimon, causing the red sphere to impact the ground, and cutting through it like a hot knife through butter. Coming to a stop Twilight saw Rarity and Pinkie standing next to her, and Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow, with Pinkie looking over Rainbow’s wounds. Twilight & Rarity peaked out of their hiding spot, and saw Stacy was just flying around, and shredding and destroying up everything that was in her path. She was even creating gusts of winds that were punching holes through buildings. Although she didn’t want to…Twilight had to stop Stacy.

“I’m sorry Stacy.” Twilight said as she fired her strongest magical blast. The attack hit Stacy square in the chest, but the human/Digimon didn’t even flinch. Stacy then looked at Twilight, eyes narrowed in a sneering hateful manner. Air currents then surrounded her claws before Stacy went on the attack.

“Shredder Claw!” in retaliation Stacy swiped her right claw, sending out a bright pink slashing air wave, which sliced through the ground and through the next magical blast Twilight fired.

Jumping out of the way Twilight & the others got ready for a fight, even though they didn’t want to, but if they didn’t Stacy could reduce Ponyville to rubble in minutes. Twilight kept teleporting around firing magical blasts, Rarity was doing the same but was running around as she wasn’t capable of teleporting, and while Twilight had the more powerful blasts, Rarity had the more precise attacks, trying to keep Stacy off balance. Pinkie Pie pulled out her party cannon from her tail, and was firing heavy duty blasts of cake batter to blast Stacy, and hope that the thick batter would slow her down. Applejack was running around the chaos and bucking anything that had a lot of weight to it at Stacy, hoping to bring the flying human/Digimon down. As for Fluttershy she was keeping an eye on Rainbow Dash, who was trying to join in, but the butterscotch mare wasn’t allowing her.

“Stacy please stop this; we don’t want to hurt you!” Applejack shouted but the human/Digimon just continued to scream & shriek in rage, and attacked whatever is nearby.

“AGH!” Stacy shouted as a giant whirlwind of pink wind was created around her body, reaching high into the air, and absorbing any of the low hanging clouds, before it was sent out towards the rest of the town.

The pegasi of the town raced towards the giant cyclone, and started to fly counterclockwise to the tornado, trying to disperse it before it destroyed anymore of the town, but that doesn’t mean that Stacy was done with causing havoc. As she flown towards the cyclone she was stopped by a purple & light blue magical blast, a large clump of cake batter, & a barrel full of apples. The attacks struck true and nailed Stacy right in the chest, sending her crashing into a nearby building. The four ponies ran towards where Stacy was sent flying, but they were all knocked to the side and skidding across the floor as Stacy came bursting out of the hole. After flying into the air, Stacy launched more of those slicing air waves at the ponies, who barely able to dodge them.

“Twilight we’re no match for her, she’s to strong!” Pinkie cried out as another slicing air wave nearly struck her, slicing the entire front portion of her mane off.

“We have to keep trying! If we don’t—” Twilight cried out as something crashed into her, causing the wind to be knocked out of her, before being slammed into the side of a building. Twilight was now being held up against a wall, held by Stacy’s right claw. “S-stacy, please, stop t-this.” Stacy just gave a feral snarl as her left claw was ready to strike.

But then Twilight vanished in a flash of golden yellow light, causing Stacy to screech like an eagle, before having a dark blue beam of magic ram into her back. Sending her crashing through three buildings. The ponies looked to where the blast came from, and saw the princesses with Twilight.

“Princess Celestia & Princess Luna!”

“What is going on here Twilight?” Celestia asked worriedly. “Spike just sent me a message saying something is attacking the town.”

“I’m not sure princess, but…I think that Stacy is—”

Twilight was cut off by a feral screech, and a cyclone of wind and blades came rushing towards the ponies. The princesses pooled their magic together to create a shield, and the dome was able to withstand the impact of the whirlwind and the wind blades, but just barely. The ponies then saw Stacy rocketing towards them, looking very angry.

“Gilgamesh Upper!” Stacy cried out as her right clawed gauntlet delivered a crushing uppercut, actually shattering the dome. “Plasma Paw!” Stacy spun in place for a sec, before her claws & feet were coated in the spheres, getting ready to go in for the following strike.

Celestia quickly charged up her horn, and fired the most powerful blast of magic at the digimon hybrid. Stacy gave out a pretty painful wail, before the ponies watched as she was sent flying high into the air, then crashing down hard in the distance somewhere. The princesses, along with Twilight and her friends, galloped to where Stacy crashed which happened to be Sugarcube Corner. The ponies approached the partially collapsed building, and found Stacy on the floor in her alternate form, but she quickly reverted back to her normal self…with tears starting to form in her eyes. The ponies quickly made their way over to Stacy, Applejack helping the human up into a sitting position.

“Stacy, are you…alright?” Twilight asked, but when Stacy opened her eyes, she saw the remorse in them.

“…I’m s-so…s-sorry…I…I t-thought I c-could—” Stacy hiccupped as she started to cry. “I’m so sorry.” Applejack held Stacy close, allowing the human to cry into her chest, while stroking her head.

“Stacy. Was that you’re Beast Spirit, we were fighting?” Stacy could only nod at Applejack’s question.

“I thought I could control it, I thought I could use it…in case Duskmon, attacked again…but I couldn’t do it.”

The ponies gathered around Stacy, trying to comfort her and tell her it wasn’t her fault. But the reality is that, it was, it was all Stacy’s fault. And she knew it. If she didn’t try to use her Beast Spirit while not emotionally ready, then she could’ve spared Ponyville and her friends a destroyed town again. Celestia & Luna left the group to try and comfort and calm Stacy down, and just looked out into the town, once again destroyed. And this time it was worst than the Everfree forest creatures attack. Before the princesses left to see what needs to be fixed, they both heard Stacy say something.

“I’ll never use my Beast Spirit, ever again.”

Chapter 6: Comfort

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A couple of days have gone by since the incident with Stacy’s beast spirit, and the town was once again re-built, this time with the assistance of the royal guard. However things were now pretty tense in Ponyville, mostly involving the ponies of the town now being very weary of Stacy, even if they were told that Stacy didn’t mean to attack the town the ponies were still frighten of her. and as for Stacy…

She has been in a pretty depressed state, and has been bunking at Sweet Apple Acres for the past few days. She thought that putting distance between her and the town. Her pony friends have tried to lift up her spirits, but Stacy was really in a bad funk, so bad in fact, Pinkie was running out of ideas in how to cheer her human friend up. she’s tried pick-me-up parties, she’s tried laughathons and even her best games night palooza, but nothing was working. It would seem there was nothing that could cheer up Stacy.

“So Stacy is still feeling at fault for what she’s done to Ponyville, and to you and your friends?” Celestia asked Twilight as the two mares sat in Celestia’s private chambers, drinking tea, and having a discussion about Stacy.

“Yes.” Twilight said as she just stared at her tea. “We’ve tried everything to try and cheer her up, but it’s like she's just, unresponsive. I guess the event, and the fight with Duskmon, has really shaken her to the core.” Celestia looked down at her own tea seeing her reflection, and the slight worried look on her face, before speaking up.

“Where is Stacy now?”

“She’s hiding out at Applejack’s farm. She thinks things would be better if she distances herself from the town, but I think it’s just making the towns folk more, uneasy.” Twilight said with a modicum of worry. “I think the towns ponies are only getting more suspicious of Stacy, some even said things haven’t gotten that bad in town, until she showed up.”

“I see…” Celestia responded off-handily as she continues to stare down at her cup. Bringing it up to her face, the alicorn sipped the last remnants of her tea, before standing.

“Princess?” Twilight asked as she watched her mentor.

“Come Twilight, we’re heading to Ponyville.”

Twilight quickly finished her tea, and the tea cake that was on the tiny plate, before rushing over to Celestia’s side. With a quick flash of light the pair disappeared, and then reappeared just outside the Golden Oaks library. Celestia then instructed to wander around town, and tell the ponies that she would like to speak to all of them within the next hour, of course Twilight dutifully did as she was instructed and teleported to, who knows where. Leaving Celestia alone. The alicorn then teleported herself just outside of Sweet Apple Acres, and her sudden arrival spooked Applejack & her brother Big Mac, as they were hauling their latest gathering of apples to the barn for storage.

“P-princess!” the two apple siblings stuttered in unison before going into a bow.

“There’s no need for formalities Applejack.” Celestia said to the siblings as she ushered them to stand. “Twilight told that Stacy has been staying here…tell me, is it really as bad as I’ve heard?” both Applejack & Big Mac looked at each, before giving a nod to the princess.

“Ah’m afraid so princess. She doesn’t talk much, and she is willing to help around the farm for her stay, but we’d just have her take it easy.” Applejack informed.

“Do you know where I can find her now?”

“Uhhh…I think I saw her on the hill over yonder.” Big Mac said as he pointed a hoof at the hill in the distant. Celestia squinted her eyes slightly, and saw something under a tree that could be Stacy.

Celestia thanked the two farm ponies before making her way over to the hill, passing by the animal pens and weaving through the rows of apple trees. As she trots through the orchard, Celestia is reminded of when she meet the Apple Family when Canterlot was still a new city, the memory of meeting the ponies that would become the bedrock of Ponyville brought a small smile to her muzzle. But when Celestia reached the hill, and found Stacy curled up against the lone tree, her smile faded slightly. Stacy’s hair looked very unkempt and unruly, with some strands sticking out at odd ends. Her face looked to be a mask of depression, with signs of bags forming, and her eyes looked so tired and showed signs of tear marks.

“Stacy?” Celestia said quietly getting the humans attention, allowing the alicorn to really see how bad the human looked.

“Hey there princess.” Stacy said to the alicorn, her voice sounding very tired with a hint of a somber tone. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see how your doing.” Celestia said truthfully. “I also came to see if I might be able to help you.”

“If you came to try and tell me that what happened in Ponyville isn’t my fault, then you’d be wasting your time. Whether if I was in control or not, one way or another, it was me who destroyed a large portion of the town.” Stacy said as she just looked out into the orchard. “I could’ve really hurt, or even killed anyone…I could’ve…”

New tears started to form in Stacy’s eyes, before burying her arms and knees, curling in deeper into herself. Celestia made her way over to the human, laid down beside her and draped a wing over the crying girl. Instinctually, Stacy leaned into the gesture, slowing wrapping her arms around Celestia’s swan-like neck, while Celestia nuzzled the top of the humans head.

“I know you feel responsible for the horrible thing you’ve done, but you must realize that even if you’ve done something horrible, it doesn’t mean your beyond being forgiven.” Celestia said as she rubbed Stacy’s back with her wing. “I know how that sensation and way thinking was like.”

“Really?” Stacy asked as she looked up. Celestia nodded.

“You see, a thousand years ago…I had to banish my own sister to the moon. And it was because I was arrogant of my own sisters insecurity of being over looked, and that ponies praised my day, more than her nights. And for centuries after banishing my sister, and even after her return, I thought that Luna would never forgive.” Celestia said as she tells her tale of one of the moments she considers her greatest failure.

“…did she, forgive you?” Stacy asked. To which Celestia nodded.

“But even after she said she did, I still thought that deep down, Luna hasn’t truly forgiven me for my negligence on her feelings of inferiority. That’s until a month ago before I officially meet you.” Celestia leaned her head on top of Stacy’s. “Luna pulled me to the side after noticing my blight, and told that she has truly and honestly forgiven me, while reassuring me that no matter what happened she doesn’t hate me for it.”

“So you see Stacy, even if you’ve done something horrible, ponies will forgive you if you’ll let them.” Celestia then looked down at Stacy. “I’m not sure how your kind handle this type of situation, but when given proper explanation and time, ponies will eventually forgive you.”

“…even after destroying the town, and scaring the towns folk?” Stacy asked the princess.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Celestia stood up and held her wing out for Stacy.

Reluctantly, Stacy reached out with her own hand, and was carefully brought up to her feet. The pair then made their way to the town, not without Applejack joining them when she saw them leave. The group left the farm and started to walk the long dirt road to Ponyville, and when they arrived the ponies did indeed looked skittish when they saw Stacy. But a reassuring look from both Celestia & Applejack seemed to keep them calm. The trio then made their way to the town central district, and were now in front of Town Hall, where a large portion, if not the whole, population of the town has gathered. Celestia & Stacy made their way to the front of the group, where they stood facing the whole town, with Applejack and her friends right up in the front, and giving the human encouraging looks. Pinkie even had a little banner that read: You’ll be fine now!”

“Good day my little ponies.” Celestia’s words echoed over the towns ponies. “First off, I’m happy to see all of you are in good health, and that the town is rebuilt.”

“Now I understand that recent events have caused your town dismay, and it was because of her. the human, Stacy Heartfelt.” The ponies murmured as they all looked at Stacy with varying looks, causing her to shrink a little. But a comforting wing from the princess made her feel slightly better.

“But let me assure you that Stacy did not do it out spite, or a twisted sense of pleasure. She was just a victim of her own power, power that was to much for her, and yet she used to train with to ensure that her friends…and all of you…will be protected from future encounters. Now I know you all are still weary, but please, do not alienate her, help her to see that she isn’t at fault. Show her that she is not the monster she think she is.”

Applejack and the others wasted no time in rushing over to Stacy, wrapping any part of the tall young woman in their forelegs as they attempt to hug her. the rest of the town seem to be hesitant, but after a moment, the town made their way over to Stacy, and each pony apologized for suspecting her of being a bringer of misfortune. Pony after pony forgave Stacy, each in their own way, and with each one Stacy’s mood started to lighten up. she then looked over to the princess who was giving her a soft warm smile.

“Thank you princess.”

“Please Stacy, call me Celestia. I would like to think that we are friends.” Stacy nodded to Celestia’s remark. “If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, or simply talk, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.”

Stacy nodded and thanked Celestia again. After the whole town had forgiven Stacy, and assured her that they weren’t angry with her, Pinkie decided that now was the time to throw a party. A “Hooray the town and Stacy are friends again” kind of party. Celestia could only laugh at the pink mares enthusiasm, before marveling at how fast Pinkie was able to set up a party on the spur of the moment. As for Stacy, she was defiantly feeling a lot better, the talk with Celestia, and learning that even a centuries old ruler went through the same thing she has gone through. But even with her spirits lifted, Stacy still feels horrible at what she’s done, but not as deeply as before.

For the time being though, Stacy was just enjoying being around her friends again. But Stacy knows that this wouldn’t last long, Duskmon is still out there, somewhere. If he does comeback, and intends to not spare Stacy next time, she will need to become stronger. And as Stacy thought about that plausible event, while also enjoying the company of her friends, a small stout figure in a nearby alleyway had been watching the entire event, simply observing everything. The small figure then vanished into the darken shadows of the alleyway, disappearing and back to his master.

Chapter 7: Enemies New & Old Pt. 1

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Three days have gone by since Stacy was forgiven by the towns ponies, and Stacy’s well being both physical and emotional, and Ponyville is peaceful once again. However despite this, Stacy is still weary, and a little on edge. She still fears that Duskmon might just, pop up, and attack her or the town. Twilight and her friends were just as equally terrified of the prospect of having Duskmon show up, and attack them, and be unable to defend themselves. As Duskmon has shown to be unfazed by whatever the ponies have done to him.

For the time being though, Twilight and her friends are heading to Canterlot Castle, with Stacy in tow. The reason for the visit to the castle was un-certain. Twilight had just received a letter about forty minutes ago, saying that both Celestia & Luna have something that might interest Stacy, so now the whole crew is riding the train to Canterlot. Along the way the six ponies plus Stacy talked about what this, surprise, could be, but so far nothing seemed to fit quite right. especially none of Pinkie Pie’s strange and bizarre ideas. Another ten minutes of riding the train and the group reached Canterlot, and began making their way to the castle, which didn’t take to long. And when they did make it to the castle, a female guard welcomed them and escorted them to where the princesses were waiting for them.

The group were lead through the halls of the castle, and were brought to a large chamber, where Luna had two books floating around her, while Celestia had one book, but also had a polished black stone. The guard left the group, and closed the doors, leaving the group alone with the princesses who noticed that they were not alone.

“Ah! You made it, excellent, we were just over a few things for Stacy.” Celestia said cheerfully.

“So princess, what’s this surprise you have for me?” Luna & Celestia both smiled as they walked over to the group, in fact, both princesses looked, giddy. Like two little girls who have a big secret that they need to tell someone.

“We’ve actually may have found a way, to send Stacy back to her home dimension.” The moment those words left Celestia’s lips, Stacy looked as if she was smacked in the face with a ten-ton hammer. The rest of the ponies were as equally shocked and surprised by the news, but none of them had the level of expression that Stacy had.

“Are you sure princess, you found a way to return Stacy home?” Twilight asked to which both princesses nodded.

“It took some digging in the restricted section of the archives, but we discovered Starswirls Dimension Hole spell. Of course it’s a pretty complex spell, so Luna and I have ben research a method that’s doable for us to use.” Celestia said as she levitated the black stone she was holding in front of her, catching everyone’s attention, including Stacy as she finally snapped out of her daze.

“And this stone is part of the way to send Stacy home?” Fluttershy asked curiously, eyeing the very polished stone, seeing hers and her friends reflection on the surface.

“This is a special stone. It is very rare, and hard to find, but when looking through the restricted section, we found a box with three of them.” Luna said before going into the full explanation of the plan, while levitating one of the two books in front of her.

“This is called an Anchor Stone. As stated before, it’s a very rare, only being found in deep ravines near the Foal Mountains after a massive influx of magic has occurred in the area. Once the magic has settled, the stone acts as medium for various types of magic, and for our purposes, this Anchor Stone will allow us to pin point Stacy’s home dimension. And with Starswirls Dimension Hole, we should be able to send Stacy back home.”

Stacy slowly reached out to grab the stone, her hands feeling its incredibly smooth surface, like it was pure glass. The young woman held the stone in her hands, and just thinking of the possibility, the idea of being able to go home. Be with her family again. she then looked hopefully at the princesses, both seeing her expression and seemingly understanding the question that’s forming in her mind.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy Stacy.” Celestia said. “In order for our plan to work, we will need three other items in order to pull this off.”

“What kind of items, princess?” Rarity asked.

“First we will need something of great magical fortitude to apply power to the spell as a whole. Then well need something to stabilize that large influx of magic, but the final item is quite simple.” Celestia then looked directly at Stacy. “The last item we need is a blood sample, the catalyst for the spell to track down you’re ‘source’ origin point.”

“In that case then all we need is to find the first two items.” Applejack said with a little bit of excitement.

“Correct young Applejack.” Luna said with a nod. “Once we have those two items, then my sister and I should be able to open a portal to send Stacy back to her family.”

Stacy made her way over to the two alicorn, and quickly wrapped her arms around their necks, pulling them into a hug. Needless to say the princess were thrown off by the gesture, as well as the other ponies who gasped in surprise. But both alicorns smiled as they returned the embrace.

“I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me princesses.” Stacy said gratefully as she stroke the princesses manes. Twilight and the girls smiled at the sight, as they were feeling happy that Stacy was brimming with happiness, and gratitude.

“It would seem you ponies are still all touchy feely the last time I was here.”

A strange voice said, disturbing the peace of the room. while Stacy was unfamiliar with the reverberating voice, the ponies however knew it very well. All of the ponies quickly turned to the door of the chambers room, and standing in the doorway, flanked by two of her guards was none other than—

“CHRYSALIS!” Twilight snarled as her horn flared with magic, along with Celestia & Luna’s, while the others prepared to charge at the changeling queen.

“Now, now ponies. I didn’t come here for a fight.” the queen said to try an alleviate the tension in the room, however the ponies seem to have other ideas.

“I don’t know how you got in here Chrysalis, but this time you won’t be fortunate enough to leave the city easily as last time.” Celestia said as she prepares to cast a spell, but before she did, the queen spoke up.

“If you harm me, then I won’t reveal to you what Duskmon’s master is planning.”

That remark seemed to get the ponies attention, as they all settled down, and waited to see what Chrysalis has to say. But instead of saying anything regarding Duskmon, the queen looked over to Stacy who was looking back at her with mild confusion. Chrysalis and her two guards approached the group, all of which aside from Stacy were starting to become tense again, but Stacy seemed to have a limited grasp of what the queen wants. And signaled them to stand down. The ponies begrudgingly did as Stacy desired, leaving the human to stand face to face with the changeling queen, both just looking at each other in eye.

“…so this is the human that the Master was referring to?” Chrysalis eventually uttered, slightly quirking a brow. “I’d figured you to be more, threatening.”

“Don’t tempt me ladybug. I’m not sure who you are, but it would seem you are not so popular here. So tread lightly.” Stacy warned as she flexed her hand. Ready to reach for her digi-vice if she needs to. Chrysalis for her part just snorted, and developed a bemused smile.

“You’ve got quite the spark don’tcha.”

“Enough of this Chrysalis!” Luna half-shouted as she stomped a hoof on the ground. “Tell us what you mean by ‘Duskmon’s Master’?” Chrysalis took a few steps back from Stacy, before looking at the ponies as a whole.

“First off, I want confirmation that after I explain everything…that you and I, Celestia—” the queen said as she narrowed her eyes at the alicorn. “—will talk in private.” The ponies, along with Stacy, turned to look at Celestia who has a somewhat strain look on her face.

“We’ll see depending on what you have to say.” Chrysalis nodded.

“Very well then, now listen well ponies. Because what I have to tell you, not just concerns the ponies, or changelings, but all of Equestria as a whole.” Chrysalis said before fully delving into her story.


When me and my swarm were vaulted from your city by Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor’s pulsing wave of love magic, my swarm was scattered across the Badlands. After I recovered from my injuries of being flung miles across landscape, I went back to the Hive, and…I’ll admit…I may have lost my, composure.

“RAWR!” a blast of magic was fired out of Chrysalis’s horn, punching right through her private chambers wall, scaring the four elite guards in the room. “I was so CLOSE!” the queen screamed as she fired another magic blast, this time tearing down her chamber doors.

“So close of conquering that pathetic city, and having all the love we need to survive!” Chrysalis shrieked as she fired one last magic blast, punching a hole into the ceiling of the chamber, causing rubble to fall to the floor. Chrysalis was left panting and snarling as her horn smoked.

After venting my frustration of how I was bested by you, ponies. I’ve spent some time calming myself down, and started to think how I could’ve prevented my defeat. But as I thought, I realized that my plan was, flawed. Even if I did managed to conquer all of Canterlot, the ponies wouldn’t give me & my swarm the love we need to survive, if anything they would resent us. Admittedly, my initial plan was doom to failure upon hindsight, and the realization of this fact quickly quelled my frustration and anger.

“…” Chrysalis sighs as she slumps onto the lounge chair in her chamber, a hoof being brought to her head to rub at her temples.

“Ughhhhhhhhh. Now not only do I STILL need to track down a source of love for the Hive, but now, I’ve made enemies with the ponies.” Chrysalis groaned as she laid fully splayed out on her chair.

As I sat there on my chair, trying to figure out what my next move should be…that’s when, he, showed up. I didn’t even noticed that he was in the middle of my chamber, until I heard my elite guards being thrown around. I never seen anything so unsettling before in my life, a tall dark armored being like he just emerged from the depths of Tartarus…and all of those eyes. Sends a shiver down my carapace just thinking about. Now naturally after my intimal shock, I engaged him, he did after all managed to enter the Hive, and my chambers—all of which happened without my knowing!

However…I soon realized that I was no match for Duskmon, in fact, I think he was toying with me.

Regardless of that. After just baring the front of my own attacks, Duskmon asked if I was finished. The tone of his voice sounded so condescending, like he was talking to me as if I was a child. The nerve of that, whatever he is. Anyway, after I have relatively clamed myself down, I asked Duskmon what he was doing in my Hive. That’s when he told me that his wants to speak to me. Naturally, I was curious about who his Master was, and I questioned this dark figure about who the Master was, and why he wanted to speak to me about, but Duskmon didn’t respond. So I agreed to meet with Duskmon’s Master, and in an instant…the both of us were teleported to some kind of cavern.

“Where are we!?” Chrysalis asked as she looked around the large empty cavern, seeing nothing by shadows, and rocks. The queen looked towards Duskmon for answers, but all she saw was Duskmon approaching the edge of a ledge.

I then made my way over to where Duskmon was kneeling, and then as soon as I reached him, the cavern noticeably got darker and you could just, feel, something was coming. As something did come. From the depths of what looked to be a bottomless pit, a massive creature emerged, but I couldn’t make out its entire form as it was covered in this, haze.

“Who are you?” Chrysalis asked the towering being now standing before her, as its glowing yellow eyes peered down at her.

“You need not know my name for now Queen Chrysalis, know only that I have been watching you.” the Master said in a menacing voice, but his remark seemed to have made the queen un-easy.

“What do you mean you’ve been watching me?” the queen asked, un-sure for what this creatures motives are, and weighing her options.

“I’ve watched from when you hatched from your egg. I’ve watched you rise into your role as queen…I’ve watched as your mother & subjects starved from the lack of love in the world.” Chrysalis was now becoming more and more unnerved by this creature, for how could it know that her mother, Queen Nerissa, starved before she was crowned queen! “And I’ve watched you attack the ponies capital city out of desperation, as more and more of your Hive starve and die from having no love to feed on.”

“…what is that you want?” Chrysalis asked after a beat of silenced lingered in the cavern.

“What I want…is the benefit for all those left behind in this world.” the Master said as he leans forward a bit.

“The ponies live in a land of peace and tranquility, where food and a bright future is in abundant. They never have to worry about any problems or troubles, because they can control the world. the pegasi control the weather, the earth ponies control the crops, and the unicorns ensure their kingdom is full of magic. Even their princesses control the sun & moon at their lesser…while YOU & your people live in the desert, surrounded by rocks and sad, sweltering heat. Forced to feed on wayward travelers for the little amount of love you can extract from them. and it isn’t just the changelings.” The Master leaned back as he seemed to get into a more comfortable position.

“The griffons live in poverty, the dragons fight amongst themselves for status and gems, and many other struggle to survive in this world…but you know who doesn’t have to struggle to live. To fight to see their next sunrise? The ponies.”

The Master kept going on about how you ponies have everything you could ever need, while the rest of us non-ponies have to struggle in order to survive. And you know what…he’s right. you ponies don’t have to worry about anything, and why should you, you literally bend the laws of your country to your whim. Plants don’t grow unless YOU help them or do it for them. Animals don’t need to fend for themselves, because YOU take care of them like pets. You ponies have everything hoofed to you…and maybe if we had that luck on our side…then m-maybe…my mother d-didn’t have to suffer when she m-meet her end.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way Chrysalis.” The Master said as he broke Chrysalis out of her thoughts.

“What if we could have it all, have everything that the ponies have? That is why I have summoned you here, to recruit you for my plan, to rid this world of the ponies who horde their fortunes and good luck in life.” The Master then lowered his head down till it was a few feet from Chrysalis, her body being illuminated by the sinister glow of the master’s eyes.

“Will you join me?”


Chrysalis finished explaining everything that had happened in the past few weeks. She did gloss over a few details like the Master telling the queen about Stacy, and how she could be a threat to the plan as a whole, and some other things she was keeping to herself until she could speak with Celestia in private. And speaking of Celestia, or the group as a whole, they were fairly shocked about what they heard.

Of course the stuff the Master said about the ponies was definitely not what they expected, making it sound like the ponies are the pen-ultimate rulers of the world itself. But what they heard about the state of the changeling’s Hive, and how they were basically a starving people trying to survive, made them feel…remorseful. They just thought that Chrysalis was simple tyrant and that her swarm was nothing but monsters, but after seeing the queen visibly show grief and sadness as she spoke, the ponies felt sorry for the changelings.

“After the meeting between the Master and myself, I was sent back to the Hive to think about the offer.” Chrysalis said before looking back at the group.

“And the reason you’ve come to us, and tell us all of this is because…” Celestia said to the queen.

“Is because, from personal experience, and my natural Empathic ability…the Master is mostly lying in wanting to help all non-ponies.” Chrysalis replied. “I’m not entirely sure what it is that the Master is really after, but it’s mostly certainly something that only benefits him and him alone.” Chrysalis then took a deep inhale before slowly expelling the air back out.

“Now I know that I’ve done horrible things to you ponies, and probably would not be forgiven…but for the good of the changelings. I wish to form an alliance with you ponies, in order to protect my subjects from whatever the Master has planned.” the ponies looked at each other, a look of un-certainty clearly visible on their faces, after all, can they REALLY trust Chrysalis? Celestia made her way over to the Queen, both majesties looking each other in the eyes, seemingly trying to read each other.

“Queen Chrysalis, if we forge this pact with you, can we have your word that you will not attempt to usurp us and try to take Canterlot for yourself.”

“Trust me Celestia, I can guarantee you that won’t happen again.” Chrysalis said as she shook her head.

Celestia then stuck out a hoof, and gave a genuine smile as the queen took the hoof in hers, while giving Celestia her own smile. Luan & the rest of the ponies weren’t exactly hundred percent sure about this, but they were willing to give the queen the benefit of a doubt. As for Stacy, she was just hanging in the back of the group, a concerned & thought look on her face.

“…so…Duskmon isn’t the only one here…Cherubimon is here as well.” Stacy mumbled to herself. “Then I better assume the other dark warriors are here as well.”

“You got that right!”

The group jumped as they heard this raspy grumpily voice suddenly spoke up. turning to the back of the room, the group…well, there not sure what it is, but whatever it is. It is very odd looking.

Chapter 8: Enemies New & Old Pt. 2

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Today was just full of surprises, one right after the other. From Stacy learning that she maybe able to go home, and then having the Queen of the changelings just show up, and tell the ponies of a meeting between & Duskmon’s master…and now the ponies, along with Chrysalis & Stacy…are staring at a…at a…actually none of the equines know what exactly their looking at. It looks like a reddish-brown gorilla wearing armor, and a cap, that looked like it’s nose was stung by a bee and has swollen. Now while the ponies & Chrysalis were unsure about what they were looking at, Stacy certainly knows what the creature was.

“I didn’t expect to see you here Grumblemon.” the young woman said as she pulled out her digi-vice, while the Digimon chortled. The ponies looked at Stacy with confusion.

“Hey Stacy, is this guy a Digimon as well?” Pinkie Pie asked worriedly.

“Yeah, and his name is Grumblemon, the Legendary Warrior of Earth.” Stacy said as she stared down at the Digimon, noting that he was just a foot taller than the ponies. “He’s one of Duskmon’s allies, and he is a pretty tough guy to fight.”

“Huh. He doesn’t look that tough to me, at least compared to you or Duskmon.” Rainbow Dash quipped as she crossed her forelegs.

“Oh, is that right? Well then…” Grumblemon said as he reached down to the floor, his hands effortlessly pushing through the marble flooring, shocking the ponies…before pulling out a large sledgehammer with spikes! “How about we test that, hmmm?” Grumblemon chuckled as he raised the hammer.

“Brace yourselves!” Stacy said as she jumped as high as she could while transforming into her Digimon form.

“Seismic Sledge!”

Grumblemon slammed the face of his hammer onto the ground, creating a spiderweb crack and a small crater on the floor. But the impact of the blow seemed to have caused the whole castle to shake! Celestia and the other ponies, along with Chrysalis, wasn’t expecting for Grumblemon to be able to cause the castle to shake like that.

“Love Tap!” Stacy called out as she vaulted towards Grumblemon, before spinning in mid-air, and ramming into Grumblemon dead center of his chest with her rump. Causing him to tumble backwards a few feet. Summersaulting back to a proper stance, Stacy faced the gnome Digimon as he shook off the tumble.

“What are you doing here Grumblemon?” Stacy asked as Grumblemon stood up, resting his hammer on his shoulder.

“Me sent to keep eye on human, and Grumblemon has been reporting to Master about you. but now buggy queen plan to betray Master, so Grumblemon squash queen!” the gnome Digimon proclaimed before wielding his hammer like a baseball bat. “Devil Duster!”

Grumblemon swung his hammer out, scrapping before carving right into the floor, where a small tornado of stone and dust went flying out! And was racing towards the ponies. The ponies were about to stop the small twister, but Stacy beat them to the punch, as she flew directly at the twister using her Tempest Twist move to disperse it. But once the small tornado was gone, the ponies and Chrysalis noticed that Grumblemon had vanished.

“Jack in the Box!”

Grumblemon proclaimed as he jumped out of the ground behind Chrysalis, hammer ready to just smash the queen. The changeling guards rushed to their queens side to defend her, but Grumblemon spun to face them, and actually swung his hammer from right to left…slamming into both changelings and sending them crashing into a wall! Bodies & armor cracking from the force of the blow, and impact of the wall, causing both guards to slump to the floor as green blood drooled from their mouths.

“Nasty, naughty bugs, thinking they can—AGH” Grumblemon was cut of when he was blasted away by a now raging Chrysalis, her horn emitting with power and her mane flowing with anger.

“You will suffer for this transgression pig!” Chrysalis growled as she fired another beam of magic at Grumblemon, but to her shock, as well as the ponies, Grumblemon used his hammer to strike back at the beam of magic, cancelling altogether. “What!?” the gnome Digimon cackled as he waved his hammer around.

“Buggy queen think Grumblemon is easy target, Muwahahahahahahhaha! But buggy queen not strong enough to hurt Grumblemon!” the Digimon raised his hammer again, and all the ponies made a dash to stop him. “Seismic Sledge!”

the ground shook again, but this time, it was far stronger than before. Strong enough to trip the ponies, except Rainbow Dash as she rocketed towards Grumblemon, hoof pulled back for a punch. But once she threw that hoof Grumblemon countered with his own punch, and knocking Rainbow back. Just as Rainbow Dash was thrown back, Twilight fired a few magical blast's at Grumblemon, hitting all shots on the digimon but they didn't even cause him to flinch. although the magical blasts from the two alicorns & Queen Chrysalis did do damage, which didn't really make the gnome digimon happy, and started to swing his hammer around to squash the group. as the fight continued, Rainbow went in for a dive bombing kick, but Grumblemon then created what looked to be a ball of mud, or something in his unoccupied hand.

“Clay Ball!” the ball was thrown at Rainbow, and it grew in size and just caked the pegasus in heap of clay. “Now sit still little pony, Grumblemon deal with buggy queen first, then you next.”

“Hurricane Wave!”

Grumblemon looked over to Stacy to see what she was up to, but he was given a face full of cyclone tendrils, as they all crashed into him and sending him careening to a wall. Crying out in both surprise, and pain, Grumblemon was blown out of the room by crashing through the wall he was sent flying towards, causing him to fall from a good 50ft. above the ground. and landing HARD on the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Stacy chased after the gnome Digimon and raced towards her dazed foe, and when she was just above him Stacy quickly spun forward, and unleashed a Roseo Temporale barrage as Grumblemon was recovering from the fall. Only to be beaten into the ground. Stacy gave one last kick straight to Grumblemon's gut, causing to 'GAHFA!' before back flipping a few feet away and hover in the air. Back up in the chamber the ponies, and Chrysalis, were all watching the whole thing take place.

“Your out numbered Grumblemon, my friends may not be able to hurt you, but the princess as well as the queen certainly can. And of course there’s me, so advise you to leave.” Grumblemon only laid there on the ground for a moment, before he started chuckle which evolved into a manic cackle.

“You think you got Grumblemon good, well joke on you human!” Grumblemon’s entire body was bundled up in data bands, causing Stacy to developed a worried look, while the equines above have looks of astonishment on their faces. mostly for the three royals, as this was their first time seeing such a thing.

“Grumblemon, slide-evolution!”

The Digimon’s voice went from a craggy grumble, to a deep bellowing voice. when the bundles of data strips vanished after a brief moment, the equines gasped in shock at what they were now looking at, and a sense of dread washed over them. In terms of size, this new Digimon was HUGE, easily twice the size of Stacy who is roughly the same height as Celestia & even queen Chrysalis. But it wasn’t just the size of the Digimon that shocked the ponies, but the pure raw muscles that was clearly visible, showing that this Digimon is definitely a physically powerful foe to deal with.

“Gigasmon!” the new Digimon said before standing to its full height, and was looking down at Stacy who was just hovering above the ground.

“Still think me not capable of fighting back?” Gigasmon said before pulling back his left arm, and sending it rushing forward to pummel Stacy! But right as the fist was about to strike the human Digimon hybrid, and before Stacy could defend herself, the young woman vanished in a flash of blue light, and was now standing next to the ponies.

“Wooo.” Stacy said as she wobbled a bit, before Luna used herself to steady Stacy. "What happened?" Stacy asked as she leaned off Luna, trying to get her balance back.

"I've teleported you back to us, before that giant could strike you." Luna said.

“I don’t think…I like being, teleported.” She said as her friends steadied her.

“Stacy what happened to Grumblemon, how did he get so huge!” Applejack asked in bewilderment.

“He digi-vold. It’s a way for Digimon to get stronger.” Stacy said as she tries to recover from the sudden teleportation.

“How much stronger are we talking about human?” Chrysalis inquired. But before the ponies could get an answer, they all heard Gigasmon make a loud grunt, and looked to see him jumping ten feet into the air, before spinning like a wheel. “What is he doing?” Chrysalis asked Stacy, but got her answer when Gigasmon came crashing down. Stacy tried to take off to try & stop Gigasmon, but she was to late to react to the attack.

“Tectonic Slam!”

The moment that Gigasmon came slamming down, EVERYTHING felt the impact. The entire castle shook so violently, that walls, pillars, everything started to crack and crumble. The ground where Gigasmon struck was so heavily struck that massive fissures erupted into a horrible spiderweb pattern, even some piece of the ground like large rocks came jutting out of the ground. but it was worst in the city! The shockwave alone was enough to cause all the building to develop cracks, some however even had walls actually separate and crumble away. Even the streets & roads of the city developed fissures, and having large rocks emerge from them, all the while ponies are running around screaming and panicking. back at the castle, Twilight & her friends, along with three royals were tumbling all over the place, as the sheer force of the quake knocked all of them off their hooves. all the while Gigasmon was cackling at the sight of his handiwork.

“We got to stop him before he causes the whole city to fall off the mountain!” Twilight cried out in objective horror as she tries to steady herself, but the castle crumbling beneath her continues to knock her over. Stacy immediately leapt out of the hole in the wall, and went on the attack as she raced to the laughing troll Digimon. gathering large amounts of wind in her right hand becoming a massive sphere of wind.

“Turbulent Smash!”

Stacy swung her arm with the sphere of wind at Gigasmon…who outstretched his right hand and blocked the attack! The sphere of wind expanded slightly, and began bombarding Gigasmon’s hand and wrist with detonating air currents, and was showing no signs of even being damaged. once the sphere did its thing for five seconds and disappeared, leaving Stacy to see a barely bruised hand of the large troll Digimon.

'No way! That...That didn't do anything to him!' Stacy internally lamented as she just floated there, completely dumbfounded.

“Little human try her best…but little human is to weak. Much to, weak.” Gigasmon said as he then reached out to Stacy with his hand.

Stacy could only just hover their as the large hand reached out for her. but just as the hand was a few inches from grabbing Stacy’s head, Gigasmon stopped before looking around, as if in search of something. Celestia, Luna, and Chrysalis flew down to the ground while the princesses levitated everyone, except Rainbow who still had clay clinging to her body, as they watched Gigasmon wearily. the large troll Digimon then looked at the group with a small smile.

“You lucky.” Gigasmon started. “Master said to leave you alone, for now. But me be back, and me will crush you then.”

turning his back to the group, Gigasmon made a massive jump into the air, soaring through the air and disappearing from sight when he touched down. Stacy dropped to the floor, reverting back to her human self, all the while still having a shocked expression on her face.

“Stacy are you alright?” Celestia asked worriedly as she and the others rushed to her side. Stacy didn't anser right away, but after a moment, she finally responded.

“…y-yeah, just…” Stacy said as she started to visibly relax, the white alicorn then nuzzled the human to comfort her.

“Don't worry Stacy, It’s over now.”

“Maybe for the time being.” Chrysalis cut it as she looked down at Celestia, before looking at the castle, then out towards the city. “But i have the feeling that this is far from over.”

The group looked around and saw for themselves just the level of damage that was done to Canterlot. Luna immediately went into organizing the guard to check on the city, as well as the castle, while also asking Twilight and her friends to check on the citizens. As the girls left, Luna started to fly over the city and see if there was any more serious damage. Celestia was about to help her sister, but she was stopped by Chrysalis, who reminded the princess that once they had a moment they would talk about a treaty, and the alliance pact. Celestia remembered and took Chrysalis to her private chambers, where they will have their discussion.


in the lair of the Master painful wails echoed through out the winding cavern walls, startling any creatures that lived in the tunnels and large caverns. Grumblemon shouted in pain as black and red electricity struck him from his Master’s left hand, while an angered expression was etched onto the Master's face. As his cohort was being punished for his blunder, Duskmon loomed in the shadows, arm's crossed over his chest as he simply watches the sight. The moment that Grumblemon returned to the cavern, he was immediately questioned by his Master in what he did, and off course Grumblemon bragged about the level of destruction he caused to the ponies capital city, while also telling that he was trying to eliminate Queen Chrysalis. Needless to say, the Master was not pleased.

“AGH!” Grumblemon cried as more lightning struck him, and pushing him further into he ground. “FORGIVE MASTER! FORGIVE ME!!!!!!” the gnome Digimon cried out as he begged and plead.

“You were ORDERED to spy on the human, not to engage any of them unless I say so.” The Master scolded by unleashing more lightning, further tormenting the gnome Digimon. “From now on you WILL follow ALL of my orders, to the letter.” One final barrage of lightning rained down upon Grumblemon, before finally subsiding.

“Do I make myself, clear?” the Master said as he loomed over the panting gnome Digimon, who shakenly rose to his hands and knees, looking up to the Master with a terrified expression.

“Y-yes, Master…I s-swear it.” Was all Grumblemon could get out before dropping to the floor, and falling unconscious.

Chapter 9: A Deal is Struck

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Canterlot was in a sorry state. Roads were basically torn up, most of the buildings were on the verge of collapse, and ponies were still in an uproar. Especially the noble ponies, or those with lots of bits, or heads of various major corporations, complaining on how their homes or buildings they invested in were damaged. But the building that was the most thoroughly wrecked, was the castle, as it was the epicenter of where Gigasmon’s mighty attack struck. Once the troll Digimon left the capital, Celestia and Luna had made preparations to fix up any areas of the city that was damaged. But the near destruction of the capital wasn’t all that happened to Canterlot, as the queen of the changeling hive, Queen Chrysalis herself, came to the castle to talk about a peace treaty between the ponies and the changelings.

As well as give information of the common enemy they all seem to have now.

During all this construction work, and the peace treaty, Stacy and her friends have remained in Canterlot, to see if they could help in any way they could. But as for Stacy, she has been talking to not only the princesses, but Chrysalis as well, talking about the Master that both Duskmon and Grumblemon serve under. A being that Stacy described as a literal god among Digimon, a being so powerful that it is in charge of governing some aspects of the digital world, and one of three angels that govern over the digital world and those that live in it. and with each new bit of information that the human gave to the three royals, the more terrified they all felt.

“…” Celestia herself could only just sit there on her cushion, trying to fully comprehend everything that Stacy has just told her, and the other two royals. “…Stacy. Is there any way to possibly defeat this Digimon?”

“If I’m being honest princess…I don’t think anyone in Equestria can even stand up against him, let alone even pose a threat.” Stacy said. “But from what Chrysalis had just said, it sounds like Cherubimon is low on power.”

“How?” Luna questioned as she looked at the young woman. “From everything you’ve just told us Stacy, this Cherubimon is basically a god!”

“But that’s just it.” Stacy countered. “Cherubimon is indeed basically a god among Digimon…but the fact that he’s even ASKING for any kind of alliance with someone else, tells me that his powers may have been weaken.”

“…are you suggesting that this god among Digimon…has been brought down low from its throne of power?” Chrysalis questioned as she looked at the human.

“Probably.” Stacy summarized as she leaned back in her seat. “Maybe because he was brought here, somehow, that his power was drained.”

“So…we might have a chance to prepare for, whatever plan Cherubimon is coming up with?” Celestia questioned, a hopeful sensation swelling inside her.

“Maybe. But until we know what the extent of Cherubimon’s power, we can only speculate and hope we can somehow stop him.”

“Girl.” Chrysalis said as she looked directly at the human, getting hers, and the two princesses attention. “I’ve been wondering about something ever since yesterday. The Digimon from yesterday was able to evolve yes?” the girl nodded.

“Are you able to evolve as well?” Stacy didn’t respond, in fact, it looked the young woman locked up. Chrysalis raised an eyebrow as she waited for the human to speak, but after a minute she seemed to gain her voice back.

“…I can…but…”

“But what?” Chrysalis questioned as fully turned to look at the human. “Can you evolve or not?”

“That’s enough Chrysalis!” Celestia said rather forcefully.

“Why is it? if she was able to evolve like Grumblemon, then why didn’t she. She could’ve prevented this destruction to your city—”

“I JUST CAN’T!” Stacy cried out as she gripped her pants tightly, her nails almost digging through the pant legs, while the three royals looked at her. chrysalis with a confused look, while the two princess had a knowing sorrow look. “I can’t evolve into Zephyrmon, I…I just can’t.” the princesses looked at the human with sympathy, knowing the level of destruction that the human caused in Ponyville. and yet, Chrysalis just look at the girl with an unfazed look on her face.

“And why is that?” Chrysalis questioned, seemingly ignoring Stacy’s blight, but her insensitive attitude seemed to gain the princesses attention. While Stacy just remained silent. “Why can’t you evolve into this, Zephyrmon, form of yours?” Stacy’s grip on her pants tighten up just a bit as she looks back at Chrysalis.

“It’s because I can’t control the power. Zephyrmon is just to powerful for me to even try to handle.”

“…I see.” Chrysalis said as she closed her eyes, and seemed to be deep in thought, which caught the other three of guard slightly. “Show me this other form of yours.” Both Celestia and Luna gasped at what the queen had just said, and even Stacy balked at the request.

“Did you not just hear what I just said!” Stacy shouted as she stood up from her seat. “I can’t control Zephyrmon’s power—”

“I heard you the first-time little girl, but I want to see this transformation of yours. Now!”

Celestia and Luna started to bicker with the changeling queen on about not leaving the topic alone, while Stacy just sat back down on her cushion. As the three rulers argued back and forth, the princesses continuing to tell the queen to stop, while Chrysalis continued to push the matter of seeing this other form for herself. Stacy in the mean while just sat there on her cushion, partially listening to the three mares bickering, as she looks down at her hands, which were now holding her digi-vice…the image of Zephyrmon’s idol displayed on the screen. Vague memories of when she was Zephyrmon started to come to her mind, seeing the buildings and land she destroyed, and the frighten stricken faces of the ponies that ran away in terror…and the sad painful expressions of her pony friends.

“—how will she ever learn to control her power, if she doesn’t even make an attempt to practice and train with it!” Chrysalis’s voice reached a fever pitch as the arguing escalated.

“That is not for you to decide Chrysalis! It’s Stacy’s—”

“If we leave things as it is, then Cherubimon and his underlings will just roll over us like a rock slide!” Chrysalis barked back; fangs bared as she stood to full height. “If she would just train and practice, she could master her other form. I bet that I could even aide her in training to master that form.”

“But if she is too afraid to even practice using this power of hers, and use it to its fullest potential…” Chrysalis then looked squarely down at the girl, who just seemed to buckle under the gaze.

“Then why have the power at all.”

With that Chrysalis strolled out of the meeting room, leaving the princess to call her back to apologize, but the changeling queen ignored them and just left the room. the princesses quickly put their frustration towards the queen aside, and made their way over to Stacy to try and try to comfort her, and while their efforts may seem to have an effect, Stacy is still feeling the weight of Chrysalis’s words. And she was right. If Stacy doesn’t even try to practice to harness the power of her beast form, then why have it, but at the same time, Stacy was still unsure of even using it for practice. At least in her Kazemon form she has control, but her beast form…

“Stacy.” Celestia said as she laid down next to the girl. “Don’t take everything that Chrysalis said to heart, we’ll find a way to stop Cherubimon and his minions.” The girl just nodded as she stood up.

“I’m going to head to my room now.”

“Very well Stacy, get some rest.” Luna said as she watches the human leave the room, and as she walked through the door and closed it, Luna gave an exasperated sigh as she uses a wing to rub her forehead. “Well sister, I’d say this meeting went rather poorly in the end.”

“…yes.” Celestia only murmured as she remained laying down.

“Luna.” The day princess said a bit louder as Luna turned to look at her. “Do you think we can really stand against Cherubimon, even if his own powers seem to have diminished, but…his forces…”

“Yes sister.” Luna said as she laid down beside her sister.

“Even if we haven’t seen Duskmon personally, and only have young Twilight and her friends, as well as Stacy’s words to go by. But even so.”

Luna shivered at what the ponies, Stacy, and even Chrysalis has said about this dark monster. The sisters leaned against each other as they tried to relax after the rather, hectic, discussion they’ve had with the changeling queen. But as they lay there, subconsciously, both princesses are worrying about Stacy. The topic of her beast form after her first failed attempt, always seems to put her in a bad mood. Simply seeing the young woman in this state was simply depressing, even more so than seeing a pony in such a state.

“Well…we should probably get back to work sister, the city won’t fix itself.” Celestia said as she got up and began heading towards the door. Luna followed suit, as she uses her magic to put the cushion back.



Stacy was on her way to her own guest room in the castle, to get some rest, and maybe put today’s talk with Chrysalis behind her…but halfway to her room Stacy changed course. Now she was just standing in front of a door. And she just, stood there. stood there like a statue, and just stared at the door with a mixed expression of anger, bitterness, depression, and something else. Clutching her digi-vice in her hand, Stacy raised her other hand and gave the door a knock, listening to the rhythmic knocking echo behind it.

“You may enter.” The voice of Chrysalis called out from the other side. Taking in a deep breath, Stacy grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

The moment that Stacy opened the door and took a single step into the room, Stacy saw that the room has gone under its own, renovation and décor change. The entire room has been painted black, with some light grey and faded blue accents, with some tattered up silken vails strung around, and there were some kind green cocoons in corners of the room…with pale pink light inside. Aside from the décor, there were also a few other changelings inside the room, one was even crawling through a hole that was made in the far side wall. When Stacy turned to look at the changeling queen, she was laying on a large black bed with a deep green comforter, and dark blue sheets and pillows.

“What are you doing here girl?” the queen said in a slight irritated tone. Stacy made her way over to Chrysalis, but was stopped by two of the changelings. “Let her pass.” Chrysalis quickly said as she waved a hoof. The changelings nodded, and stepped to the side, allowing Stacy to walk the final three feet towards the bed.

“So. What is it that you want human?”

“…” Stacy gripped the digi-vice in with both her hands, before looking directly at Chrysalis, who jerked her head back just a bit. “…tell me Chrysalis, do you think there’s a way that I can use my second form, my beast spirit, without loosing control.” The queen looked at the human with a deep expression on her face.

“Why come to me about this matter, girl? Why not talk to the princesses, or Celestia precious student and her friends about this.” Chrysalis questioned as she laid up straighter on the bed, now slightly curious as to Stacy’s reasoning to come to see her about this matter. Stacy took in a deep breath before explaining herself.

“The reason why I came to you instead of them, is…well…as much as I care for my new friends, I don’t want to hurt them if I start practicing my beast form. And another reason, is that you might be able to handle me, without hesitating to stop me.”

“In other words…” Chrysalis said as she flicked her tail, wither it was out of annoyance, or just by reflex. “You plan to use me and my changelings as some kind of containment squad, while you practice using your, beast form?” Stacy nodded.

“Not only that, but I believe that unlike the ponies, you won’t hesitate to stop me if I loose control.” Stacy said which seemed to give Chrysalis a small smile. “So, Queen Chrysalis, I formally ask you…will you help me in practicing my beast form.”

The changeling queen sat on her bed for a moment, seemingly thinking over the humans request. Stacy was fidgeting in place, nervously gripping her digi-vice, for if this plan doesn’t work, then she would have no other method to practice her Zephyrmon form, while also having assurance that someone can stop her in case she goes berserk. But from what she has learned of the changelings from yesterday, and accounts from her pony friends, the changelings were much more suited for combat than the ponies. So Stacy was hoping that they would be able to handle her as she tries to gain control of her other form. However…if this plan doesn’t work…then Stacy feels like she would be unable to use her beast spirit.

“Tell me something girl.” Chrysalis eventually said in the stillness of the room. “Compared to Grumblemon and his own beast spirit, how powerful is yours?”

“Uh. Their both regarded as equals in raw power, I think.” Stacy said unsure. Whenever it came to gauging how powerful one Digimon is to another, there were a lot of factors at play, as no two same Champion Lv. Digimon aren’t equal in power. Chrysalis thought for a few more seconds, before speaking up.

“If I agree to this human, I want some kind of…insurance.”

“Insurance from what?” Stacy questioned.

“I’m sure you know this, but unlike the princesses, not everypony in Equestria is relatively happy that the Changeling Hive, is now apart of Equestria.” Stacy nodded in remembrance. When the princess made the news public yesterday, the city of Canterlot was in an even bigger uproar. And supposedly the rest of the nation wasn’t, exactly in favor with this prospect.

“Well aside from that, I’m certain that some ponies will try to…” Chrysalis paused for a second, seemingly trying to figure something out.

“I think, evict, would be a more pleasant word to use. But in any case, some ponies would undoubtedly try to get rid of me, and my hive, and so—” the changeling then raised a hoof to point directly at Stacy. “If this would ever to occur, I want the insurance that YOU, Stacy Heartfelt, will aid in not only my protection, but the Hive’s as well!”

this was the first time that Chrysalis has actually used Stacy’s name, full name at that, which surprised Stacy. And the stern, almost commanding look on the queens face, was rather intimidating, and yet…this would be the only chance to be able to use her other form. Getting to one knee, Stacy bowed to Chrysalis, causing the queen to loose her regal expression for a moment, not custom to human bowing methods.

“If this situation ever pops up, then I promise Queen Chrysalis—” Stacy looked directly into the queens eyes, showing a new level of conviction. “I will do everything in my power to keep you, and the Hive safe.” The queen gave a small smile as she removes herself from the bed, and ushering Stacy to stand.

“Then your training will begin, immediately!”

Chapter 10: Zyphermon Appears Once More

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The day of the conference yesterday was certainly an unusual one, informative, but still unusual. Especially since the queen of the changelings was present for the hearing, making the two princesses a little uncomfortable, especially when the queen started to harass Stacy. And trying to pressure her into using her beast form, just to sate her curiosity.

As Celestia was trotting to the dining hall, thinking of what kind of plan the ponies could come up with in dealing with Grumblemon’s master, now known as Cherubimon. But if everything what Stacy said about Cherubimon is true, then he’s basically somepony whose just as powerful, if not even more so than Discord. Even if Celestia, and her sister along with Cadence and Chrysalis formed a strong front, with Stacy’s help…and if possible even having Discord join them, Celestia wasn’t sure how their odds were in besting this foe. Not only that, but aside from Stacy’s own words, Celestia has nothing else to go on what to expect from the deity Digimon.

“We need more information about this Cherubimon, if we know exactly where he is, and the condition he’s in then maybe we can come up with some kind of plan.” Celestia mumbled to herself as she enters the dining room.

“Sister there you are!” Celestia looked behind her before she closed the doors fully, and saw her sister trot up to her.

“Luna, what’s wrong?” Luna slid to an abrupt stop as she faces her sister, a worried look on her face.

“It’s Stacy!”

“What about her?” Celestia asked worriedly.

“I was just informed that the guards saw her, and Queen Chrysalis and a small swarm of her changelings, leave the city and head out west.”

“But…why would they leave?” Celestia questioned which Luna could only shake her head at.

“I don’t know sister, but whatever it is I have a terrible feeling about it.”

“…if that’s the case then sister, let’s go and see what it is that they’re up to.”

Luna agreed with her sisters decision and left to already head west, while Celestia summoned forth a scroll and quill, and began writing on it. once the message was written down and sent to its recipient, the alabaster alicorn followed in suite of her sister, where both sisters took off flying westward.


Stacy is sitting cross-legged in the middle of a wide open meadow, holding her digi-vice between her hands in a small ball of wind, while in her Kazemon form. As the Digimon sat there on the grassy floor, twenty-four high ranking changeling guards were swarming around the area, while their queen slowly paces around Stacy, her eyes trained on her. but the queen wasn’t really looking at Stacy herself, but more accurately, Chrysalis was looking at the multi-colored aura that was surrounding the girls head.

“Focus girl.” Chrysalis said as she continues to circle around Stacy. “You need to focus on your power. not just the one you are using now, but the one you also hold in that trinket of yours. You must concentrate, build up your mental fortitude.”

Stacy groaned as she tried to do what the queen was telling her to do, but with no actual idea of how to do so, the girl just tried to focus on just trying to clear her head and think of nothing, other than her beast spirit. Like how she used to focus whenever she would study for a test. And from the small smile on Chrysalis’s face, Stacy method of focus seemed to be working.

“That’s it girl, just keep doing whatever it is your doing.” The queen said as she circle around the girl again.


The queen, Stacy, and the swarm of changelings looked up to the sky, and saw both Celestia and Luna flying towards them. the alicorns then landed before the pair, but were quickly surrounded by the twenty-four guards, though their queen ordered them to step aside and allow them to pass. The swarm did as they were commanded, and returned to the sky to swarm around the surrounding area.

“Chrysalis, what are you doing with Stacy?” Luna questioned, but was stopped by the Digimon/hybrid.

“It’s not what you think it is princess Luna. Chrysalis is trying to help me build up my mental focus, so I can try and utilize my beast spirit.”

“What do you mean Stacy?” Celestia asked the girl.

“What your little friend is trying to say, is that she’s training to build up her mental state, so she can contain and control her other spirit.” Chrysalis said before looking back to Stacy. “Which you should still be doing girl, otherwise you’ll loose your progress.” Stacy nodded before going back to her meditation.

“So your helping her in trying to control her beast spirit?” Celestia asked gaining Chrysalis attention. “What made you do this?”

“Actually it was the girls idea.” Both Celestia and Luna looked surprised by Chrysalis words. “She came during the night and asked for my help in this manner, because she wanted to be more useful to you ponies, for whenever the dark master comes or his lackies.”

“She doesn’t have to—”

“But I want to!” the three royals turned to look at Stacy, who was looking up at them with a frown on her face.

“Duskmon is to powerful even without evolving, and Grumblemon’s beast form is to strong for my human spirit…and I know I wouldn’t be useful against Churbimon like this.” Stacy then peered down at the digi-vice held by the ball of wind between her hands. “And I know I said I can’t control it, but that’s why I asked Chrysalis to help me.”

“But…why didn’t you ask us for help?” Celestia asked her human friend.

“Because she felt that you ponies would coddle her, and not take her training seriously.” Chrysalis said to the two alicorns who looked towards the hybrid.

“Stacy…” Celestia asked as she laid down before her. “Is this true?” the girl was quiet for a second before she nodded.

“Well now that you two know what we’re up to, could you please leave so she can concentrate on her training.” Chrysalis said to the alicorns as she goes back to monitoring Stacy’s aura, and seeing that the girls lack of focus has degraded the aura to a more, distorted, and murky.

“If its all the same, I think I will stay and keep an eye on things as well.”

Chrysalis tried to a few more times to get the princesses to leave, but the alicorns planted themselves a foot away from Stacy and said they won’t leave until training is over. Deciding to ignore the alicorns, the changeling queen went back to overlooking Stacy training. Once the alicorns have seated themselves to watch things go by, roughly an hour or so has gone by, and it would seem that Stacy has been making some good progress, according to Chrysalis. The queen has been occasionally telling her to keep focusing on her beast spirit, to imagine what it is, how it looks, and how it should act. And that’s what Stacy has been doing, picturing Zyphermon in her head and imagining the Digimon do whatever Stacy thinks of.

During the hour of mental training, Twilight and her friends managed to find the group, which Chrysalis was slightly annoyed at especially when the ponies joined their princesses. and after the six mares were given a brief explanation of what was actually going on, the six ponies sat down with their princess, and waited for the training to end. But also to keep an eye on the changelings themselves, as not all of them fully trusted them, even if they did forge a peace treaty with Celestia and Luna.

“I think you’re ready to try to evolve into your other form.” Chrysalis said suddenly, getting the ponies attention, and making Stacy slightly tense up.

“Are you sure?”

“Your aura is showing great clarity, this would be the most optimal time to try, and see how far you’ve come.”

Stacy seemed hesitant to try, as vivid memories of her last time being Zyphermon, but…if she was to scared to even try after Chrysalis for help, then what would the point of the training be? Taking a deep inhale and then exhale, Stacy stood up and reverted back to her normal form. Gripping her digi-vice tightly, the girl readied herself to begin the transformation, raising her left hand the ponies watched it be enveloped in several data streams, before they were swiped across the top of Stacy’s digi-vice.

“Execute—” Stacy slid her device over the data strands, sparks flying as the transformation sequence begins. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”

The ponies as well as all the changelings watched as Stacy’s body was surrounded by data strands, as well as bright pink feathers that swirl all around her, all of this creating quite the spectacular view. But the sudden scream of pain that Stacy gave out caused the ponies to jump to their hooves and run towards Stacy, however the ponies were stopped by Chrysalis and her changelings, and can only wait for the transformation sequence to end.

A few seconds later and the data strands dispersed and vanished, leaving the newly formed Stacy just, standing there. Chrysalis and her changelings slowly approached the girl, noting the difference between the humans true form, and Kazemon form. This new form was certainly taller than the others, in fact, Chrysalis was actual a few inches shorter than the beast spirit. In terms of attire, none of the changelings nor ponies could see any major change, aside from the legs and the metallic claws that looked sharp. One of the more interesting changes was the wings, which were no longer large butterfly wings, but now were large feathered wings. After looking over the Digimon for a bit, Chrysalis stood a few feet from Stacy, weary and cautious as she spoke.

“Human…” the queen slowly said as she inches a bit closer to Stacy. The hybrid didn’t say anything in response, but as she slowly raised her head the queen saw that Stacy seemed, dazed, as if she wasn’t fully conscious at the moment. “Stacy, can you hear me?”

Every creature watched as Stacy raised her metallic claws, flexing them for a bit, before flapping the wings on her back and the small ones on her head. the Digimon then looked down at Chrysalis, her dull eyes seemingly gaining a bit of life to them.

“I think it’s working!” Stacy said in a voice that was brimming with joy. The ponies brushed past the changelings, and made their over to Stacy. “I feel…in control…”

“I’m so proud of you Stacy!” Celestia said as she patted the girls head with a wing.

“Don’t get to ahead of yourselves, this is only the trial stage of her training.” Chrysalis said to the ponies.

“But this is a big mile stone for her.” Twilight said to the queen. “Now she doesn’t have to worry about loosing control, right Stacy.” The unicorn then looked at her friend, who seemed to be just standing there, eyes again looking blank and lifeless.

“Stacy, are alright darling?” Rarity asked as she, and the others seemed to notice their human friend going silent. As the group looked at Stacy, Chrysalis used her empathic senses to look at Stacy’s aura…and saw it turn from a dull pink to a burning red.

“Every creature get away from her!”

But Chrysalis’s warning came to late, as everypony and changeling were all knocked away by a powerful gust of wind. After being knocked away every creature looked to Stacy, as she was clutching her head with her claws, screaming and screeching in pain as rampant currents of pink wind surrounds her.

“Chrysalis! What’s going on?!” Celestia half-shouted to the queen.

“It’s the beast spirit, its own power is overwhelming her.” The queen said as she looked Stacy’s aura, seeing the sliver of pink representing Stacy, being overwhelmed by the beast spirit’s red aura. “Stacy! Calm yourself, and focus your mind! Regain your control!”


Stacy gave one last harrowing scream before she stumbled backwards, body leaned back…and going limp. All of the ponies were about to trot up to Stacy, but all of the changelings stopped them, as they all can see the torrent of red aura surrounding the Digimon. Every creature then watched as Stacy slowly right herself up, before releasing another dreaded scream before taking flight, bolting into the air with great speed. But before she got to high Chrysalis fired a beam of magic at Stacy, striking her in the back to get the Digimon’s attention, allowing her guards to sneak up behind her, and began spitting out green goop at the Digimon. The ponies were concern that the changelings would hurt Stacy, but they remembered that this is what Stacy wanted, if she ever would loose control then she wanted somepony to stop her. no matter what.

“Hurricane Gale!”

Stacy cried out as the goop covering her body swelled up in front of her, before being burst open as a giant cyclone of wind and crescent wind blades shot out, and struck seven changelings. Sending the insectoid equines flying! As Stacy rips the remaining good off her, Chrysalis rams into Stacy, causing the pair to soar for a few dozen feet. But the queen was knocked away by a steel punch to the face, sending her soaring backwards a few paces. Regaining her composure Chrysalis was about to strike Stacy back, but the Digimon was gone.

“Gilgamesh Upper!” Chrysalis’s lower jaw was meet with a powerful strike, nearly breaking it and a majority of her teeth…thankfully the queen prepared a shield before she tackled the Digimon. “Plasma Paw!” Chrysalis then saw Stacy’s left foot be enveloped in a glowing red sphere, closing in on her face.

Increasing her shield, the queen watched as the foot sphere slam into her shield, and instantly shattering it and sending the queen rocketing towards the ground. thankfully Celestia put up her own shield spell in front of Chrysalis, which absorbed the blow so the queen wouldn’t be to injured. But after Stacy struck the queen, the remaining changeling guards tackled the Digimon, and began trying to bind up Stacy once again, but this time, the guards are trying to use a form of magic that causes targets to become sleepy, and groggy. As the guards were trying to subdue Stacy, Chrysalis landed on the ground and tried to regain her composure again, even if the attack didn’t make direct contact Chrysalis still had the wind knocked out of her.

“She…she is pretty powerful.” Chrysalis said as she brought a hoof to her jaw, feeling if anything was broken.

“Chrysalis, can you stop her?” Luna asked as she and her sister, and the other ponies gathered around her.

“If my guards can subdue her, I might be able to with a spell.” With that, the guards brought Stacy down who was in a large green cocoon.

The changeling queen then trotted up to the struggling Digimon, before her crooked horn ignited with magic where five tendrils then extended from, and slithered their way towards Stacy’s forehead. When the tips touched the Digimon’s forehead soft emerald glows appeared, and the aggressive snarling expression on Stacy’s face has slowly started to, mellow and visibly relax. After a brief moment the ponies watched as Stacy reverted back to her human form. Once Stacy has reverted back, Twilight and Applejack carefully pulled her out of the cocoon, while Chrysalis rubbed her forehead with a hoof.

“Well…at least my method of training works.” Chrysalis remarked as her tendrils vanished into the ether. The queen then saw the seven changeling guards that were blown away rejoin them, but they do show signs of being heavily damaged. “But it would seem that she will need a great deal more training, before she can fully utilize her beast spirit.”

“I’m just happy she, and you along with your changelings are mostly un-harmed.” Celestia said to the queen who gave a small nod in response before the group head back to the castle.

“Hopefully, it remains that way…” Chrysalis then thought back to the two attacks that nearly gravelly wounded her, or if that last attack struck without the added protection, would’ve caved in her chest, and kill her. ‘Otherwise she might end up killing us before the Master and his minions get the chance.’

Chapter 11: Prelude to the Coming Darkness

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Two days have gone by since Stacy has attempted to try and use her beast spirit, and in those two days Stacy again tries to harness the power of her other spirit, and with Chrysalis’s help she’s been managing to keep control of Zyphermon longer and longer. But the spirits power and wild instincts keep proving to be too much for the girl, and forces the changelings to restrain her while their queen reverts Stacy back to her normal form. After those two days Stacy has gone back to Ponyville with her friends, as Chrysalis and the princesses have important matters to discuss, so for the time being any training regarding Stacy’s Zyphermon form is put on hold.

So while training was put on hold, Stacy was back in Ponyville and this time was staying with Rarity, as the mare wanted to make more clothes for Stacy while also experimenting with human fashion trends. And thus far, the seamstress was enjoying the wealth of any knowledge Stacy had on fashion, and even came up with a few designs of her own for a dress or two, and even some actual casual clothes for ponies.

“Alright Stacy try these on.” Rarity said as she levitates a new pair of pants over to Stacy, who took them and started to put them on and testing out how they feel.

“Well darling how are they?”

“Not bad. Very comfy, and the stretch nicely.” Stacy says as she squats, and stretches out her legs.

“You’re really getting better at making human clothes.”

“I’m glad to hear that, and I think I’m getting better at converting some of your human fashion into fashion for ponies.” Rarity remarked as she looked at some of the ponniequins in her room, with varying types of non-traditional pony clothes on them. after examining the ponniequines Rarity glanced over to a nearby clock.

“Why don’t we take a break from clothes production and get some lunch?”

“Sounds great.”

Rarity and Stacy then started to make their way down to the main level of the boutique, and as they left the building Stacy watched as her lavish unicorn friend put up a sign that readd ‘Out to Lunch’ on the door. The pair then made their way towards the main market residence of the town, where dozens of ponies were trotting about and going about their business, although a few that the two walked past stopped what they were doing and gave Stacy cautious glances. Even with Celestia giving the ponies reassurance that Stacy is not a dangerous person, some ponies are still weary around the young woman which does sadden her somewhat. But her friends always assure her that the ponies will come around eventually and see Stacy for who she really is.

Entering the eastern end of Ponyville, which has the majority of eateries and small snack shops, both Stacy and Rarity started to browse around to see where they would like to eat. Especially some place where Stacy can actually eat. It has been rather hard for Stacy to find sufficient food for her to eat, since most pony foods involve sugars, flowers, oats, and some vegetables and plants that she isn’t able to digest. Eventually the pair found a nice little diner called the Silver Shilling Grill and Bar, where the scent of savor spices and grilled food was coming from.

“Let’s try this place Stacy.” Rarity said as she started trotting towards the door.

“Really Rarity?” Stacy asked in mild surprise as she looked from the unicorn and the building before continuing.

“I never really took you for someone who’d go to a bar, let alone a grill.” Rarity only gave Stacy a small chortle as she looked over her shoulder.

“Stacy, while I might be a lady, even I need a good little tipple every now and then, especially after an exhausting day at work.”

Stacy shrugged then her shoulders and followed Rarity into the bar. The bar’s interior was actually quite nice and inviting, not at all what Stacy was expecting for a bar and grill to be like. then again ponies seem to have a lot of things that subvert expectations of what something is from its appearance. The bar itself was lit with nice warm dim lit candles, nice dark brown wooden floors, and furniture, with stalls and tables having nice looking cushioned seating. The two friends then made their way over to an open booth, where a stallion came trotting over to them as they take their seats.

“Good evening ladies, my name is Clover Clove, and I will be your waiter for today.” The earth pony said with an accent that sounded faintly Scottish to Stacy.

“Here are some menus for you to look over, and I’ll be back to take said order as well with a glass of water.” The stallion then trotted off after placing two menus down for both Stacy and Rarity. After taking the menu in hand Stacy was surprised to see stuff like burgers, chicken stripes and other bar type food aside from typical pony food fare. Although the menu did say that all foods are made from plants.

‘So it’s like vegetarian bar? Cool.’ Stacy internally praised as she started looking through the various alcohol choices, one caught her eye instantly as it looked red looking beverage.

“Well Stacy anything catching your fancy?”

“…this radish burger sounds good, same with the Berry Bard drink sounds nice.” Stacy remarked before looking over to Rarity who was still perusing her own menu.

“What are you getting Rarity?

“I think I’ll get the Crisp Sandwich with a glass of Melody Grape.”

Just as the mare proposed what she would probably get, Clover Clove came back trotting to their booth with a tray carefully balanced tray with two cups of iced water on his head. after placing the tray on the table Clover pulled out a note pad, and asked what the girls would like to have and they gave the stallion their desired foods, and their chosen drinks. With their orders jotted down the stallion trotted over to the kitchen, while Rarity and Stacy started to talk amongst themselves until their orders arrive.

“So Stacy how is your training with your beast spirit coming along?” Rarity asked somewhat worriedly to which Stacy gives a very small sigh as she fiddles a strand of her hair.

“Chrysalis is saying that I am making progress, but I’m having a hard time believing it.”

“Why?” the mare asked with concern.

“Because I’ve been only able to control my beast spirit for only a few minutes at a time.” Stacy said as she stops fiddling with her hair and leans a little into her seat, a depressed expression coming over her features.

“I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to be able to use it…”

“Stacy.” The girl looked up over to Rarity and saw the mare give her a comforting smile, and a sincere look in her eyes.

“I know your worried about what those foul Digimon are plotting, and want to be able to be ready and stop them before they could…whatever it is they are planning.” The unicorn said as she gently flailed her hooves about before continuing.

“But you don’t need to feel like you need to rush dear. You told us yourself that this powerful is wild and untamed, and takes tremendous effort to control.” The mare then out stretched a foreleg and placed a hoof on top of Stacy’s hand and continues to look up to young woman with that reassuring look.

“Take your time into controlling this power darling, you’ll get a handle on it.” Stacy then gives a thankful smile as she places her other hand on Rarity’s hoof and giving a few grateful pats.

“Thanks Rarity.”

After the two have had a nice quite moment after their talk, Clover returned to the girl’s table with their orders and drinks. With their drinks and meals no presented to them, Stacy and Rarity thanked their waiter, and went about to enjoy their lunch. The pair started to eat their meal Stacy was pleasantly surprised to that her veggie burger tasted so rich and savory, and it felt and tasted like an actual hamburger, and the drink she ordered tasted like a slightly spiked cranberry drink. As the two friends at their lunch they made idle chatter to help past the time, and make their meal a bit more enjoyable.

But before they could get halfway into their meal the two were interrupted by what sounded like screams coming from the streets! Jumping from their booths both Stacy and Rarity left the bar, and the moment they exited the building they both saw a large three headed black furred dog just rampaging through the town, and the instant that Stacy saw it she instantly recognized it. the beast before her is Cerberus from Greek mythology, stomping and barking as it just bulls through everything that was in its path! Not hesitating and immediately jumping into action, Stacy transformed into her Kazemon form and flew over to the three headed canine, which had just uprooted a building by headbutting it and sending it vaulting over to a group of ponies that was trying to run away. Stacy rockets over to the group managing to get a head of the building, and summersaulted back towards the building before going into a hand stand pose.

“Tempest Twist!” the spinning wind infused kicks stopped the building in its flight, before being knocked back over to the three head dog. And shattered against its heads while knocking it to the side by a few paces.

“Quick find some place to hide!”

“No need to tell us twice!” one stallion shouted as he and the other ponies galloped away, while Stacy flies over to the large dog who was shaking its head. “This is certainly unexpected, tangling with a beast of mythology. Then again I shouldn’t be too surprised.”

As Stacy was about a dozen or so feet from Cerberus ready to wrestle the large dot, the might canine let out a chorus of bone chilling howls that stopped the Digimon in her flight, the howls were so loud and powerful that Stacy had to even cover her ears to try and dull the howls sheer volume. But this effort was in vain as the howl was just to powerful, and left the girl open for an attack from Cerberus. Which was a paw swipe that not only felt like a truck slamming into her, but sent Stacy flying through the air before crashing into another building.

“Damn.” Stacy moaned as she shakily gets up to her feet and looked through the hole she made into the building, and saw her friends trying to stop Cerberus themselves. Even with Pinkie trying to use a ball. But the large three headed dog just tries to either bite or stomp on them.

“This is going to be a tough fight.” Stacy commented as she flies out of the building and makes her way over to her friends, and the rampaging beast of legend.

~~Elsewhere – Earlier that Day~~

Tartarus, the dark prison of all things foul and monstrous, where the most evil of evils are sent to forever live out their lives or eternity with no chance for escape. And within the depths of this dark and bleak landscape of rock spires, and ledges over desolate wastelands lays a cage that sits in the center of a large pillar in the midst of the vast wasteland. Within the cage there stood an emaciated old centaur just pacing within the cage, while angrily grunting and muttering to himself.

“Gotta find a way out, gotta find a way out, gotta find a way OUT OF HERE!” the centaur shouted in anger as he kicked out with his hindlegs, bucking the bars of his cage with a terrible clattering sound ringing out.

“Scorpan!” the centaur shouted again but this time clutching the bars of his cage, shoving his head through the bars as he looked up to the dark clouded skies above.

“I swear by our fathers name I will have my revenge! You hear me brother, I will have—”

The centaur was stopped in mid rant when a horrible screeching sound echoed through out Tartarus, and the screech was then followed up by the terrible howls of Tartarus’s stalwart guard, Cerberus. Yet what was concerning to the centaur aside from the roars and screeches, noises that he is accustomed to hearing after a thousand years of his imprisonment, were the sounds of metal scrapping rock and boulders rolling about before crashing into something else. The withered centaur tries to get a look at what is going on in his prison, and the centaur got an answer as he saw Cerberus come crashing down hundred paces from his cage, then a moment later a massive skeletal bird descended from the sky and stomped a boney foot on top of Cerberus’s middle head. screeching into the air of its victory over the guard of Tartarus. Never has the centaur seen anything like this monstrous bird, nor has he felt such…malice…such primal wickedness and evil emanating from something before.

“What in the world is that?!”

The centaur muttered as it watched lower it its head down towards Cerberus, and then it seemed to have spoke something to Cerberus while its three eyes glowed ghostly red, which the three headed canine’s own eyes also developed the same glow before ceased its squirm. The bird then dismounted its position from on top of Cerberus, allowing the large canine to get up and start walking off as if he was in a trance. As Cerberus walked off, the bird then turned to look over to where the centaur was, and started to make its way over to him.

Naturally the centaur backed away as best he could within his cell, but could only go so far yet again the centaur was surprised when he watched bird be surrounded by ribbons of what looked like magical energy. A second later the ribbons dispersed but what stood now before the centaur was not the towering bird monstrosity, but a much smaller black boned bipedal creature, which still emitted the same levels of malice and evil from its being. The figure then produced a crimson red blade from its arm, and reduced its side of the cage to pieces of scrap metal.

“W-who…who or what are you?” the centaur asked in both fear and fleeting curiosity as the bone armored figured retracted its sword, and then spoke in a dreadful baritone voice that sent chills down the centaurs spine.

“Your liberator.”

Chapter 12: Training & Deals

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Once again queen Chrysalis was in the Royal Guard’s training hall, with a few of her most elite guards at the door to prevent other ponies entering, as well as a few on standby. As for the queen herself she was in the middle of the training hall and was circling around the human Stacy, who was sitting crossed legged in a focused state. Her face portrayed a nervous, almost struggling as if she was put under some kind of stress, which was the case. As Chrysalis was circling the human she kept constant track on Stacy’s emotional state, seeing the humans primarily pink emotional flow clashing with the beast spirits own red flow. Over the course of the past few days the human have been steadily improving, and taking the lessons quiet well, but even though Stacy was improving there is a constant hindrance to her overall growth, and if she can’t surpass that hinderance…

“That’s it Stacy, keep your mind focus on controlling the beast, show it that you are master, not it.” Chrysalis said as she circle Stacy as she sat in the middle of the training hall, who appeared to be fidgeting quite a bit as she tries to adhere to Chrysalis’s instructions.

“You must show the beast that it is your power, and that it must obey your will and that you will not become a servant to its own power.”

Stacy continued to focus on her mental training as the queen is instructing her, and as she does so the queen keeps a watchful eye on the girl, seeing the enveloping red swirling emotion inside her being suppressed by her own mental power. it was definitely getting more contained and controlled, and Stacy seem to be getting more relaxed and more calmed than she usually is during training. Stacy has of yet attempted to transform into her beast spirit, mostly by queen Chrysalis’s order until she was certain that Stacy is able to fully control Zephyrmon, and Stacy was more than willing to along with that plan.

“Alright now focus on not just subduing the beast, focus on taming it. Learn to be become the beast by melding with it so that it’s a part of you.” Chrysalis said in a soothing tone as she continues to circle around Stacy, her reverberating voice actually sounding very relaxing as she talks in a low tone.

“That’s it. Bring it under your thrall, and then try and merge with it. Becoming not two entities in one body, but one complete being.” Again Stacy attempted to do as the queen has instructed, but this wasn’t as easy as it was to try and control the beast form.

“I don’t think I can Chrysalis. This is harder to do.” Stacy stammered as Chrysalis saw the fluxes in her emotional flow tilt into the beast spirits red aura.

“I know it’s harder, but this could be the key to gain control of your beast spirit.” Chrysalis said as she stopped in front of the girl. “Now focus.”

Stacy took in a deep breath before slowly releasing it as she tries to focus her mind, and tries to do what the changeling queen has instructed her to do, but trying to make her beast spirit actually not only behave, but try and befriend it mentally was not an easy task. Yet from Chrysalis point of view Stacy was actually making slow progress, seeing both Stacy’s aura and her beast spirit start to meld into one another, turning into vibrant pink aura with still little bits of red and purple still lingering. Not completely unified, but the queen was impressed on how far Stacy has come in her training in such a short time frame.

“Alright girl tell me; do you feel anything different right now?” Chrysalis asked as she looked at the human, keeping an eye on Stacy’s swirling vortex of emotions.

“I honestly don’t feel anything different.” Stacy simply said as she remained in her meditative state.

“You don’t feel anything? Not sense of anger, rage?”

“No.” Stacy simply replied.

“Good. That’s a good sign to show that the beast is having no influence over you. Now, let us try to achieve your Beast Form.” Chrysalis said as she takes a step back from the human, but the human looked pensive as she just curled into herself as appears to be unsure.

“I don’t know Chrysalis, trying again so soon—”

“Enough!” the changeling queen said as she practically shoved her face almost into Stacy’s, startling the girl out of her little funk and causing Stacy to fall backwards onto her back.

“Do you know what greatest weakness is girl? It’s your hesitation, which is also your beast forms greatest ally.” Chrysalis said as she stands up fully while looking down at the human who remained prone on her back.

“If you fear your beast form you will never learn to tame it, let alone use it girl.” Stacy just sat there as the changeling queen continued to talk.

“And if you continue to doubt yourself and undermine your own progress…then you’ll never be able to defend yourself when Duskmon and Churbimon come for you…and your friends.”

The queen casted a sideways glance towards the human and saw that Stacy was in deep thought, she really seemed be thinking about what Chrysalis had just said. As the human was occupied with her thought, Chrysalis looked into Stacy aura, and it was now primarily pink with no other colors mixed in. If Stacy was going to try and achieve control over her beast spirit, then it would be now while the human was at the height of her mental focus. After a few minutes of thinking Chrysalis watched as Stacy stood up and grabbed the device from her belt, and after giving it a contemplating glance Stacy activated the device, beginning the transformation sequence.

“Execute—” Stacy slid her device over the data strands, sparks flying as the transformation sequence begins. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”

~~Churbimon’s Lair~~

“Where are we?” Tirek asked his skeletal liberator as they both continued to make their way through a darken hallway. But his skeletal guide just remained silent as the duo continued to descend further into the darkness, but the centaur wasn’t going to tolerate this silent treatment.

“You will answer—” Tirek was shut down as the skeletal figure swiftly spun in place, and pointed one his red sword right at the centaur’s head, with the point just a centimeter from Tirek’s forehead.

“You will get your answers soon enough, but for now, be quiet.”

The skeletal being then slowly withdrew his sword before turning back around, and continuing to make his way down the darken cavern hallway. Once he has regained his composure Tirek followed after his guide. A few minutes go by, and Tirek soon exited the tunnel, and had now entered into a humongous cavern with dimly lit torches lining the walls, and as he scanned his new surroundings Tirek saw another strange creature sitting by a small fire. the little creature looked like some kind of pig with its big snout, and was wearing armor with a large sledgehammer sitting next to it. Tirek continued to look around the cavern looking to see what else there was to see, but his searching ceased when he saw his liberator from Tartarus stand at the edge of what looked like a massive pit, and from said massive pit Tirek watched as an enormous shadowy figure slowly rise up, with a pair of glowing red eyes glaring down at him while a menacing aura surrounded it. once the shadowy figure had risen up from the depths of the pit, the skeletal being knelt down as he spoke.

“Master I have brought the centaur as you requested.” The skeletal being said before its master spoke, it’s voice deep grumbling and terrifying voice.

“Excellent work Duskmon.” The master said before turning to look towards Tirek, who felt an overwhelming sense of power as it slowly leaned forward towards the centaur, its overwhelming presence causing a heavy weight to bare down upon Tirek.

“Welcome Lord Tirek.” The master spoke to the centaur.

“Who are you? And why have I been brought here?” Tirek asked the master, trying to get answers that have been soundly ignored by his guide.

“My name is Churibom, and as to why I have brought you here…I have a proposition for you.” the master said with a grin as he continued to talk.

“I know that you seek vengeance on those who have wronged you. the ponies who selfishly covet all the magic for themselves, and your brother who conspired against you with said ponies.”

“How do you know all this?” Tirek asked in confusion.

“I know many things Tirek.” The master said in a cheeky tone as he leaned back a bit before continuing. “Now then would you like to hear about my proposition?”

“And what kind of deal is it?” Tirek asked as he gave a cautious glare up to massive being before him.

“Aside from helping you get revenge on those who wronged you, if you help me be free of this prison of mine, I will help you take over not just Equestria…but also show your father that you are not as worthless as he believes you to be.” Tirek utterly balked at the fact that this being knows about the issues between him, and his father. But the centaur regained some of his composure before he spoke to the master.

“Why are you willing to help me in getting my vengeance, what’s in it for you?” the centaur asked as he now starting to become quite skeptical on why this stranger is willing to help him.

“Like you, I to was betrayed by those I thought I could trust, but they plotted and schemed behind my back in where they would rule over me and my fellow beasts. Yet I was defeated by my former allies champions, and I was imprisoned here in this cave.” The master spoke as his voice started to become more deeper and more enraged, but after a moment the master reeled in his anger.

“So believe me, I can sympathy with your anger and rage. So if I help you get you what you want, and more, you help me be free of this prison so I can return to me world and take my revenge.”

Tirek actually took a moment to think the offer over, which was very appealing. As of right now Tirek is so weak and vulnerable that he doubts he’ll be able to accomplish much on his own, even if he went around and started to absorb magic from the ponies it would take quite a lot of time. But having the assistance of this being and his minion, or minions if the pig thing was one of them, help Tirek gain the power he needs to accomplish his long awaited vengeance then the centaur would gladly accept it. however there was one thing that held Tirek back from immediately answer, he still knows nothing about who this master truly is. And Tirek, after being betrayed by his own brother the one that he truly believed in, hardly trust anyone anymore. Even if they claim in wanting to help him. but as Tirek stood in contemplation the centaur noticed that the master was moving his large right hand.

“If you are having any doubts then how about I offer a piece offering.”

Then from the clutches of the masters raised hand Tirek watched and listened as a dozen ponies were dropped before the centaur’s hooves. The ponies all scrambled and shouted in fear as they looked for a way out of the cavernous cave, but they were all silenced and held in place when a small bit of black lightning arced from the masters hand, holding the frantic ponies in place. Seeing the opportunity and free source of power before him, Tirek grinned a wicked and sly grin as he trotted over to the ponies, and then one by one, absorbed all of their magic. He did tried to absorb the magic that the master placed on the ponies to gain more power, but before Tirek could absorb the magic the spell the master placed on each pony the centaur drained vanished.

But with every pony’s magic absorbed, Tirek felt himself grow not just in size and mass, but also in overall magical power. and while these ponies were just basically just snacks for him, they were more than enough to give the centaur enough power to become an actual threat. After Tirek had absorbed all of the ponies of their magic he now stood well over six feet tall, and showed signs of muscles watched as the masters minions then started to drag the ponies away. Once it was just the master and Tirek in the cave, the centaur then watched as the master leaned in close to him his face a foot from the centaur, a wicked grin now bared on his own face.

“So…do we have a deal?”