• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 1: Ponies Meet Girl/Digimon

It’s been a very…complicated two days for Twilight and her friends. Seeing as how her brother’s wedding was almost ruined, along with Canterlot almost being taken over by a changeling queen and her swarm, luckily princess Cadence & Shining Armor used their powerful bound to eject the changelings from the city. With the wedding over with and Cadence & Shining enjoying their ‘time’ together everything went back to normal. Now that her brother and favorite sister-in-law are living happily, the young unicorn Twilight Sparkle was happily sitting on the balcony of the Golden Oaks Library, a book in hoof, a glass of ice lemon tea and a good old apple fritter on a plate. As the little pony was reading a sudden swoosh of air blew over the balcony, causing a few pages to blew by, as well causing Twilight’s mane to stand on end.

“Where did that sudden gust of wind come from? There wasn’t any breeze or winds scheduled today.” Twilight said as she used her magic to fix her hair, and flip the pages of the book she was reading back to her original place.

Putting a bookmark in her book Twilight got up and made her way to the edge of the balcony, she saw other ponies looking around and wondering where the wind came from. Twilight looked up and saw Blossomforth and asked the white pegasus where the wind came from, but the pegasi wasn’t sure and was off to see the Weather Office to see where it came from. Before Twilight could go back to reading another burst of unscheduled wind whipped past her, causing more of her mane to stand on end, looking like she was struck by lightning. Fixing her mane again Twilight levitated her book, drink and snack and trotted back into the library.

“Hey Twilight!” Spike said as he came up the stairs. “Did you feel that wind that’s picking up?”

“Yes I did. I asked Blossomforth about it, but she doesn’t know.” Twilight placed the objects in her magic onto her desk. “She told she was about to head on over to the weather office, and see if she could find out what’s happening.”

“You don’t think that the Everfree Weather is coming to Ponyville do you?” Spike asked nervously. The weather in the Everfree is always unpredictable, and un-scheduled and it usually meant raging rains or thundering storms.

“It is possible. Rainbow did say that every now and then, the weather from the Everfree tends to drift into Ponyville.” That’s when Twilight made her way to the lower part of the library, then towards the door.

“Let’s go see if it is rouge weather.

(Outside of Ponyville)

“Nothing over here!” Pinkie said from a bush.

“Or over here!” Pinkie said as she pops out of a tree…half a yard away. “Or here, or here, or here, or here…” Pinkie Pie was pretty much popping up everywhere like a mole in the Whack-A-Mole machine. And it was making her friends dizzy trying to see where she pops up next.

“Wait…” Pinkie said as she drops from…the…sky? And looks at a fallen leaf. “Nope! No rouge weather here.” Pinkie said after lifting the leaf up.

“Ah guess we can say this area is clear.” Just as Applejack as finished her sentence, a powerful gust of wind whipped across the six mares.

Applejack’s Stetson was flown off her head, Fluttershy’s & Rarity’s manes got all ruffled, Rainbow was even caught off guard by the gust and crashed into Pinkie’s mane. While the ponies recollect themselves, Rarity fetched Applejack’s hat from the lake, and used her magic to dry it and clean it, before placing it back on the farm ponies head.

“Thanks’ Rarity.”

“Not a problem dear.”

“So where did that gust of wind come from?” Fluttershy asked as she finished straightening her mane.

“It seemed to have come from over there.” Rainbow pointed to the White Tails Woods.

The group of mares, plus a baby dragon, galloped to the woods. Normally the weather around the White Tail Woods was tied with that of Ponyville, so having a powerful gust of un- scheduled winds is unusual. When the group made it to the field just outside the woods, another gust of wind came towards them, thankfully Twilight used her magic to create a shield.

Tempest Twist!” the group then heard a faint voice in the rushing winds that were still bashing against the rosy shield.

“Did you hear that.” Spike said as he listened closely, followed by the others.

Roseo Temporale

“There it is again!” Spike said before hearing the creaking of wood, before hearing a very heavy & loud thud.

The group made their way through the tree’s seeing that some of them had their leaves thrown off. As they continued to follow path’s and cutting through some thickets of bushes, until they came across a fairly large open area of the woods, the found the broken tree that made the loud thud…and the creature that might have broken it. hiding behind bushes and tree’s the group quietly observed the creature. It was certainly a large creature, standing around 5’5ft tall or even 6’ft, but it was a pretty scrawny looking creature.

The ponies & dragon were surprised to see that this creature was wearing clothing, if what it was wearing was considered clothing. To Rarity it reminded her of some of the more risque outfits she’s seen, she also noticed the boots and gloves, as well as some armor pieces. The creature also had a long flowing purplish pink mane, although they couldn’t see the creature’s eyes, since it was wearing a strange visor over its eyes.

“Okay let’s try that move again.” The creature said in a female tone before somersaulting over to a tree. “Roseo Temporale!” the creature said the instant it unleashed a flurry of kicks.

The idea of the creature being not strong looking was now a mistake, seeing as the creature was able to very literally break through a tree as wide as a bear, with little ease. Once the tree was broken through and it was falling, the creature backed flipped from the falling tree landing back onto the ground.

“Okay I think it’s time to take a break.” The creature said before walking over to a flat stone, the creature then rubbed her stomach. “I’m starting to get hungry, those apples from that orchard looked good. Maybe I’ll swing by there and snag some.”

“The hay you will!” Applejack said as stomped into the clearing. The creature then looked towards Applejack and seemed a little surprised to see her.

“An orange pony with a southern accent, that’s certainly a new one.” the creature said, but still sitting on the rock.

“If you’re planning on raiding my apple orchard missy then you got a fight on your…claws.” Applejack said as pawed at the ground.

“Applejack, let’s not pick a fight with a creature that can tear through a tree, like a wet rag.” Rarity said as she & the others emerged from their hiding place.

“Look I didn’t know those tree’s belonged to you, sorry if I upset you…Applejack was it?” the farm pony nodded and accepted the creatures apology.

“So who are you, and, what are you?” Rainbow Dash asked as she eyed the creature up and down, mostly looking at its large butterfly wings, reminding her of Rarity’s gossamer wings when she & the others came to Cloudsdale.

“Names Stacy. And as for what I am, I’m known as a human. Although at the moment I’m technically a digimon.”

“What’s a digimon?” the 7 members of the group asked.

Stacy then started to explain what a digimon is, as well as what a human is to the six ponies & the baby dragon. Twilight then asked on how Stacy could be both, to which the girl said she uses a device that allows her to change forms, to demonstrate Stacy transforms back to her normal form. Although to the ponies there wasn’t much of a difference between the two, aside from Stacy’s mane, clothing and that she shrunk by a foot & half. But unlike her other form Stacy’s clothing were a bit worn, and had some tears in them.

“Oh you poor dear! Your clothes are in poor condition.” Rarity said as she looked over the shirt, hoodie, skirt and socks.

“I’ve only got the one pair.”

“Why not just take them off?” that’s when Stacy started to explain why being nude for a human is both bad manners, and also not a thing you do around strangers. And that both genders of her race are only naked in the presence of their significant other.

“Well in that case allow me to make you some new clothing. And it won’t be a problem.”

(Carousel Boutique)

Sitting on a stool with only a towel wrapped around her chest and waist, leaning up against a wall waiting for Rarity to finish fixing her Zoe outfit, as well as make her a new outfit and under garments. When Stacy was being brought to Ponyville she started to explain how she ended up in their world, which was funny seeing the purple unicorn bounce and act all giddy with the prospect of interviewing an alien. Course Twilight has to wait until Stacy was in something she felt comfortable in.

While Stacy was waiting she meets Rarity’s younger sister Sweetie Belle. The little filly was ecstatic to meet an alien and was asking all sorts of question, sometime later Sweetie Belle even brought her friends over to meet her, the little pegasus named Scootaloo enjoyed hearing all the stuff she did on skateboards from doing tricks, or riding around areas most people wouldn’t skate. After an hour or two Rarity presented Stacy her new outfit consisting of blue jeans, a white shirt that has something akin to Rarity’s Cutie Mark but more stylized, Rarity also presented a short-cut black jacket.

“Well how do I look?” Stacy said as she turned around presented her new outfit.

“Absolutely stunning. And here I thought it would just be a plain old outfit, but you pull it off marvelously.” Rarity said as she looked at the outfit in its entirety.

“This is pretty much what I normally wear back home. It’s simple, but I know how to make it look good.” Stacy said as she then took the small backpack Rarity also made, inside was her Zoe outfit and another set of clothing. Her digi-vice was also inside, but Stacy quickly put into her jacket’s pocket.

“Well I guess it’s time to head over to that treebrery of Twilight’s for that interview.” Stacy then giggled to herself. ‘I kind of feel like a celebrity now.’ before exiting the building Stacy turned to face Rarity.

“Thank you again Rarity for the clothes, are you sure you don’t need some form of currency?”

“Of course dear, it was no trouble at all. Besides while working on your clothing.” Rarity then generated ten pieces of parchment, each with a different design.

“I came up with a whole new line of clothing. Consider my inspiration from your clothing as payment.” Rarity said with glee.

With the issue of payment for the clothing out of the way Stacy departed for the Golden Oak’s Library, with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in tow, deciding to follow her and hang out. Truth be told, Stacy enjoyed the company, as being alone for three days in some old ruins where monsters come by every now and then, was starting to get old.


some time later during the day, racing through the sky flying side by side, Stacy was racing against Rainbow Dash to see just how fast she could fly as Kazemon, and for her first flight she was doing very well. Both Stacy and Dash were pushing around 175miles per hour at the moment, and climbing every five minutes, Rainbow was surprised to see Stacy’s butterfly wings keep up with her, she thought those thin looking wings would snap from the strain of high-speed flight.

While Stacy & Rainbow are racing around in the air, on the ground the rest of rest of Rainbow’s friends were sitting on a picnic blanket, watching the two fly as fast as they could. Ever since Twilight has interviewed Stacy yesterday about her world, culture and some personal info, and during the interview Twilight promised she’ll help Stacy find a way home. Once the interview was over with Twilight sent a letter to her mentor, so that Stacy could get introduced to Celestia, and maybe the alabaster alicorn knows how to send Stacy back to Earth.

“I’m still surprised that Stacy is able to keep up with Rainbow Dash.” Fluttershy said as she keeps watching the flying duo.

“You can say that again.” Pinkie said before tossing a cupcake into the air, before catching it with her mouth.

“You really have to admire Stacy’s attitude.” Rarity said as she kept watching the human turned digimon.

“She’s tough and confident like Rainbow, but she’s such a sweetheart like you Fluttershy.”

“Heads up gals, they’re coming in for a landing.” Applejack pointed towards the flying pair as they were coming in.

Rainbow came skidding across the ground coming to a stop just an inch from the picnic blanket. Stacy also came in skidding on the ground, but when she was half way to the picnic blanket, Stacy quickly leaped onto her hands and summersaulted over the others as she was transforming back. Stacy landed on the other side of blanket in a perfect hand stand, before quickly twisting her body to a sitting position.

“Okay…that was cool.” Spike & Scootaloo said as they looked at the human.

“One of the many tricks I learned how to do while skateboarding.” Stacy said before taking a bite out of an apple.

“Think you can teach me some of your tricks!?” Scootaloo asked as she scooted over to Stacy. And when Stacy said she’d love to the little pegasus filly was pretty much jumping around like a pogo-stick.

Once Scootaloo has settled down the group went to just relaxing and enjoying the nice evening. As the group of ponies, fillies, a baby dragon & the human/digimon continued eating and simply talking, they were unaware of the danger coming to Ponyville.

(Everfree Forest)

Somewhere in the Everfree a manticore is wrestling with…a blob of darkness, which was trying to smother the large beast. Swiping its claws and tail at the shadow mass wasn’t harming the black object; it was more of just making it more difficult for the shadow to envelope around the beast. Somewhere else in the forest a pack of timberwolves were also fending off shadow blobs, a cragadile in a nearby pound was thrashing around tangling with a larger blob of darkness. The entire forest was in an uproar with the various monsters & wild animals fighting the dark globs or running from them, and one by one the dark blobs infused themselves into their opponent’s.

As more and more monsters and wild animals were overcome by the dark force now controlling them, they began marching their way out of the forest. In total 2 cragadiles, 4 manticore’s & 18 timberwolves were marching somewhere, where to only they know, far off into the distance a massive figure, a kin to some kind of bird perched on top of an old dead tree, it’s three glowing eyes trained on the village just outside of the forest.

“Go now foul beast; ransack the village beyond your boarders. For our master demands it.” the large bird mentally thought as its eyes glowed even brighter.

(back at the picnic)

Back at the picnic the food was basically all gone, except for one-fourth of a cake, half a salad & two apple turnovers. While most of the group was still talking and relaxing, Rainbow was trying to help Scootaloo build her wing muscles, as well as trying to help her wings get properly aligned. Stacy was just laying on the grass under a tree, enjoying the warm glow of the sun while Sweetie Belle was laying next to her napping away. Everything was peaceful, aside from the occasional rambling and chuckles of Pinkie whenever she won at a game of cards.

As the group continued to enjoy the quiet peace over them, Fluttershy noticed several flocks of birds flying off at top speeds; some of the birds were chirping in fear and saying things. Curious at what could frighten the birds from Ponyville, the butterscotch pegasus took to the air and looked in the direction of town, only to gasp at the sight now before her.

“Fluttershy what’s--”

“Ponyville is under attack!”

“What!?” the entire group shouted as they looked towards town.

Running up the hill covering the view of the town, but when they got to the top of hill, they felt dread and fear at the sight. Various dark figures were running around the town, ponies were running around or flying away, scream from whatever was causing various crashing or breaking sounds. Wasting no time the group ran towards the town.

Ponies were screaming and hollering running away from the horde of Everfree monsters attacking the town. Cragadiles were ramming through buildings, breaking wooden walls, shattering windows and their stone tails smashing stalls and booths. Chimera’s were smashing through building as well, but they were also flapping their wings causing great powerful gust of winds, knocking over non-destroyed stalls & booths. While the larger monsters were mostly busy with destroying the town, and only going after ponies who tried to attack them, the timberwolves were running all over the place chasing ponies and trying to catch them.

“Run Diamond run!” Filthy Rich said as was throwing whatever he could get his hooves on at the three timberwolves around him.

“Miss Cheerilee!” several foals cried at as they saw their teacher with a large stick in her mouth, charge a timberwolf that has corned them.

“You won’t lay a paw on my students!” Cheerilee cried out as she braced herself for a fight.

“Cupcake take the twins and run!” Carrot shouted as he tried to keep the door shut from two timberwolves trying to break into the shop.

It was utter chaos. At least half of the ponies managed to escape, while others were either trapped or stayed behind, to distract the monsters so that their friends or family could escape. Just as things were getting worse Twilight and her friends reached the center of town, and immediately took action. Rainbow Dash rammed into the timberwolf attack Cheerilee, Pinkie used her party cannon to blast the wolves trying to get into Sugarcube Corner, Applejack and Rarity assisted Filthy Rich with the three wolves he was dealing with. Rarity & Twilight were using their magical blast to distract the other monsters around town; Fluttershy and the CMC were leading more the trapped ponies to a safe location. Stacy transformed into Kazemon while heading towards town, and was already taking care of the larger monsters.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy’s spinning kick slammed right into a manticore’s face as the beast was chasing mint green pony with her cream colored friend. The digimon/human then started to lash out with more kicks, throwing in a punch every know & then.

The manticore and a nearby cragadile averted from ransacking the town, and started to attack the digimon/human, but Stacy had the advantage of full aerial movement to dodge their attacks. With more kicks and punches, with some gust of wind or air blast, Stacy was able to wear down the large monsters. Quickly climbing higher into the air Stacy readied to use her strongest attack.

“Try this one for size.” The familiar whirling pinkish winds extended from Stacy’s fingers.

“Hurricane Wave!” and were flung at the two large monsters, grinding them into the ground.

When the spiraling columns of wind died down the monsters were knocked out, she headed off to take care of the other monsters as Twilight and the others joined her, once they help the rest of the town’s folk to escape. Using her array of spells Twilight assisted Stacy & Rainbow in handling the remaining 3 manticores. Pinkie with help from Applejack & Rarity was able to trap the other cragadile in ropes, ribbons and stick bubblegum cake batter, Fluttershy was with CMC to make sure they stayed out of trouble, and keeping an eye out for the timberwolves. Speaking of the timber wolves they were converging onto the group as they were just tangling with the 3rd manticore.

“Love Tap!” Stacy proclaimed as she rammed into the manticore, slamming her rear into the manticores ribcage. Bouncing off the large beast, Stacy stood on her hands then starts to spin using her wind powers to move her over to the wolves.

“Tempest Twist!” Stacy then started to kick the wolves out of the way as she continued to spin in their direction. As the wolves were being knocked out, Twilight & Rarity quickly tied them up with rope, and as added insurance Pinkie used her bubblegum cake batter on them.

“Well that takes care of them.” Twilight said as the teleported the last of the monsters back to the Everfree.

“Didn’t you guys say that the monsters never leave the Everfree?” Stacy asked as she reverts back to her human form.

“They don’t.” Twilight replied.

“But…then, what made them invade town?” Fluttershy asked as she left her hiding place with the CMC next to her.

“I don’t know.”

(Everfree Forest)

The passed out monsters laid scattered across the forest floor, free from their bindings, and were just laying in the grass and dirt. From their bodies the black blobs ooze out of them like smoke or sludge. Still perched on top of the dead tree, the bird just went over what it just seen. The small horde of monsters it tainted with its darkness was doing what they were told, but were stopped by the heroines of the land that it has limited knowledge of, and an unknown being that was able to manipulate the winds. Spreading its massive wings the titanic bird took to the air, and flown back to its master. While the siege of the town was short lived, only lasting for an hour, the whole event has caused enough destruction to give his master some power. But the dark avian was certain that his master would command him again, and he will full fill whatever the command is.

Author's Note:

I'm currently reworking a few things from my original drafts in my files, so what you folks will be readying (from now on) will be a re-written version of what i originally got.