• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 5: Never, Ever, Again

Two days have gone by since Stacy & her friends were attacked by Duskmon, and while the girls weren’t to shaken up about, at least, they don’t show it, they all feel un-easy. Twilight has sent a report of the incident to Princess Celestia, and in response, Celestia said she would keep an eye out, and that she was sending some of the royal guard to keep a watch over Ponyville just in case. As for Stacy, she wasn’t taking the beat down she was just given. If Duskmon was going to be popping in on her, and threating to attack the ponies, then Stacy need a way to be able to fend off Duskmon. And the only way she thought she could do that, was to use her Beast Spirit.

Stacy was now standing in middle of one of the many field around Ponyville, nearer to the Everfree forest, dawning a new set of clothes. Bringing her digi-vice out, Stacy looked through it and found Zephyrmon’s idol.

“Okay, let’s do this.” Stacy outstretched her left hand, where the digital codex for the transformation formed, but instead of a single strip, it was now a cluster of codex’s. She breathed in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, before continuing & sliding the digi-vice over the bundle of codex stripes.

“Execute!” Stacy said as she swiped the digi-vice off the codex bundle, causing a few sparks of energy. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”


The market place was certainly busy today. After the ponies had rebuild the whole shopping district of the town, the ponies were finally able to continue on with their lives, although a few of them were still rattled by the whole incident. As there’s never been a situation like this one in the town’s history. Course things were rough at first when everything had to be re-stocked, since almost everything was destroyed, but if the ponies of Ponyville are one thing…they’re a resilient bunch. Walking through the streets of the market place, after walking through the main district of the town, even going through some of the open areas of the town, Twilight along with Fluttershy were looking for Stacy.

They were worried for their human friend, as she seemed tensed and un-easy ever since the attack, they tried to help her, and they seemed to be helping. But neither of them could find her. They even asked Pinkie Pie & Rarity if they’ve possibility have seen her, but neither of them haven’t seen herm and were equally worried about her. Fluttershy flown to Rainbow’s house before she took off to do her morning exercise, but the rainbow manned pegasus didn’t see her either. The pair were just about to exist the town, and head on over to Applejack’s, but before the pair even exited the market place, a strong powerful gust of wind came rushing through the town. And it was strong enough to nearly knock all the ponies off their hooves.

“Whoa! Where did that wind come from?” a nearby stallion asked as he, along with other ponies plus Twilight & Fluttershy looked around.

“Oh no our flowers, quick Lilly, Daisy catch them!” Rose and sisters scrambled to gather up the blown away flowers.

“Here you go Rose.” Blossomforth said as she handed over three bundles, Rose accepted the returned flowers. Other ponies were helping the flower mares get their merchandise.

“Where could that rouge wind come from?” Fluttershy asked as she tried to straighten her messed up mane, and tail.

“I’m not sure, there wasn’t supposed to be any abnormal weather today. Right?” Twilight asked Fluttershy who could only shrug.

Another surge of wind came blowing through the market place, and it was defiantly stronger than the last one, but this time it wasn’t just the wind that came rushing through the marketplace. Everypony around Twilight & Fluttershy gasped or yelped in surprise, when Rainbow Dash came flying into one of the stalls. One pony dropped to his knees and wailed about his cabbage cart being destroyed, again. Rushing towards their friends side, Twilight & Fluttershy helped their friend up but when the pegasus got to her hooves, the other two mares saw that she has several cuts on her body. With a big one on her chest, leaking some blood out.

“Rainbow Dash what happened to you, how did you get these cuts!?” Fluttershy asked as she started to fuss over her friend’s wounds.

“Fluttershy y-you got to get o-out of h-here, now.” Rainbow said in a pained voice, wincing as she tries to move around.

“Why? What’s going on?” Just before Rainbow could respond, Twilight got her answer.

The sound of flapping wings got the attention of the ponies in the market, and most of them looked up to where the wing beats were coming from, and in the sky above the marketplace every pony’s jaws were wide open, while their eyes nearly widen out of their sockets, as they starred up at a familiar bipedal form. But there was something different about it than the two forms their familiar with. Fluttershy could tell it was Stacy, but the form she was now in wasn’t that of Kazemon, and it was definitely not her usual human form, it was definitely something else.

Her skin was more tannish in color, her body resembling her human form more than the Kazemon form, her long flowing purple hair or curly blonde hair was now instead short and blue. And even stranger was that Stacy’s new form, were the small blue wings on the side of her head, where her ears should be. Her butterfly wings were instead replaced with large light tanned feathered wings, and her outfit looked virtually the same, but she also was wearing a blue mask covering her mouth, and some kind of sash around her neck. Another thing different about this form was that her arms and legs were wearing armed gauntlets and greaves, but her hands now only have three long digits that ended in sharp claws.

“Is that, Stacy?” Twilight asked no pony in particular, as she looked upon the new creature hovering above the town. But her staring was cut short by Rainbow Dash’s sudden movement.

“Quick guys, get everypony out of here.” Rainbow said as she tried to flap her wings, but she was too injured to even get off the ground.

“Wait, what is she doing?” one of the stallions said as he saw Stacy’s arms move. Rainbow’s eye nearly bulged out of her skull as she turned to face everypony.

“Everypony run!” Rainbow shouted as she shoved Twilight & Fluttershy.

“Hurricane Gale!”

Stacy shouted as she swung her arms, which caused a massive whirlwind of bright pink wind, and some condensed wind blades came fly out towards the ponies. The powerful whirlwind rammed right into the town below, shattering twelve stalls, destroying seven buildings, and knocking back all the ponies within the area of the destroyed stalls, and the blades of wind sliced & carved through the ground. The ponies that were knocked away were now bruised from the impact, and the sheer force of the wind, while other ponies were running away screaming and panicking, as for Twilight & Fluttershy they were shocked to see their human friend just attack them.

“Stacy why did you attack us!” Twilight shouted up to the human. Stacy response just screamed out in what sounded like rage and anger, but also pain.

“Hurricane Gale!” Stacy fired another whirlwind at the marketplace destroying more stalls & buildings, as it barrels through the town, and carving up more of the ground.

“Stacy stop this, I don’t want to hurt you!” Twilight shouted as she light up her horn.

“Plasma Paws!” both of Stacy’s hands and feet were surrounded by red spheres of energy, then she flown towards Twilight at speeds that rivaled that of Rainbow Dash.

More on instinct than anything else. Twilight brought up a shield when Stacy was only a foot from her, but the shield didn’t withstand the attack as it crumbled within seconds. Stacy’s left clawed sphere was now a few inches from Twilight’s head, but in a flash of blue light, Twilight was yanked away from the digimon, causing the red sphere to impact the ground, and cutting through it like a hot knife through butter. Coming to a stop Twilight saw Rarity and Pinkie standing next to her, and Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow, with Pinkie looking over Rainbow’s wounds. Twilight & Rarity peaked out of their hiding spot, and saw Stacy was just flying around, and shredding and destroying up everything that was in her path. She was even creating gusts of winds that were punching holes through buildings. Although she didn’t want to…Twilight had to stop Stacy.

“I’m sorry Stacy.” Twilight said as she fired her strongest magical blast. The attack hit Stacy square in the chest, but the human/Digimon didn’t even flinch. Stacy then looked at Twilight, eyes narrowed in a sneering hateful manner. Air currents then surrounded her claws before Stacy went on the attack.

“Shredder Claw!” in retaliation Stacy swiped her right claw, sending out a bright pink slashing air wave, which sliced through the ground and through the next magical blast Twilight fired.

Jumping out of the way Twilight & the others got ready for a fight, even though they didn’t want to, but if they didn’t Stacy could reduce Ponyville to rubble in minutes. Twilight kept teleporting around firing magical blasts, Rarity was doing the same but was running around as she wasn’t capable of teleporting, and while Twilight had the more powerful blasts, Rarity had the more precise attacks, trying to keep Stacy off balance. Pinkie Pie pulled out her party cannon from her tail, and was firing heavy duty blasts of cake batter to blast Stacy, and hope that the thick batter would slow her down. Applejack was running around the chaos and bucking anything that had a lot of weight to it at Stacy, hoping to bring the flying human/Digimon down. As for Fluttershy she was keeping an eye on Rainbow Dash, who was trying to join in, but the butterscotch mare wasn’t allowing her.

“Stacy please stop this; we don’t want to hurt you!” Applejack shouted but the human/Digimon just continued to scream & shriek in rage, and attacked whatever is nearby.

“AGH!” Stacy shouted as a giant whirlwind of pink wind was created around her body, reaching high into the air, and absorbing any of the low hanging clouds, before it was sent out towards the rest of the town.

The pegasi of the town raced towards the giant cyclone, and started to fly counterclockwise to the tornado, trying to disperse it before it destroyed anymore of the town, but that doesn’t mean that Stacy was done with causing havoc. As she flown towards the cyclone she was stopped by a purple & light blue magical blast, a large clump of cake batter, & a barrel full of apples. The attacks struck true and nailed Stacy right in the chest, sending her crashing into a nearby building. The four ponies ran towards where Stacy was sent flying, but they were all knocked to the side and skidding across the floor as Stacy came bursting out of the hole. After flying into the air, Stacy launched more of those slicing air waves at the ponies, who barely able to dodge them.

“Twilight we’re no match for her, she’s to strong!” Pinkie cried out as another slicing air wave nearly struck her, slicing the entire front portion of her mane off.

“We have to keep trying! If we don’t—” Twilight cried out as something crashed into her, causing the wind to be knocked out of her, before being slammed into the side of a building. Twilight was now being held up against a wall, held by Stacy’s right claw. “S-stacy, please, stop t-this.” Stacy just gave a feral snarl as her left claw was ready to strike.

But then Twilight vanished in a flash of golden yellow light, causing Stacy to screech like an eagle, before having a dark blue beam of magic ram into her back. Sending her crashing through three buildings. The ponies looked to where the blast came from, and saw the princesses with Twilight.

“Princess Celestia & Princess Luna!”

“What is going on here Twilight?” Celestia asked worriedly. “Spike just sent me a message saying something is attacking the town.”

“I’m not sure princess, but…I think that Stacy is—”

Twilight was cut off by a feral screech, and a cyclone of wind and blades came rushing towards the ponies. The princesses pooled their magic together to create a shield, and the dome was able to withstand the impact of the whirlwind and the wind blades, but just barely. The ponies then saw Stacy rocketing towards them, looking very angry.

“Gilgamesh Upper!” Stacy cried out as her right clawed gauntlet delivered a crushing uppercut, actually shattering the dome. “Plasma Paw!” Stacy spun in place for a sec, before her claws & feet were coated in the spheres, getting ready to go in for the following strike.

Celestia quickly charged up her horn, and fired the most powerful blast of magic at the digimon hybrid. Stacy gave out a pretty painful wail, before the ponies watched as she was sent flying high into the air, then crashing down hard in the distance somewhere. The princesses, along with Twilight and her friends, galloped to where Stacy crashed which happened to be Sugarcube Corner. The ponies approached the partially collapsed building, and found Stacy on the floor in her alternate form, but she quickly reverted back to her normal self…with tears starting to form in her eyes. The ponies quickly made their way over to Stacy, Applejack helping the human up into a sitting position.

“Stacy, are you…alright?” Twilight asked, but when Stacy opened her eyes, she saw the remorse in them.

“…I’m s-so…s-sorry…I…I t-thought I c-could—” Stacy hiccupped as she started to cry. “I’m so sorry.” Applejack held Stacy close, allowing the human to cry into her chest, while stroking her head.

“Stacy. Was that you’re Beast Spirit, we were fighting?” Stacy could only nod at Applejack’s question.

“I thought I could control it, I thought I could use it…in case Duskmon, attacked again…but I couldn’t do it.”

The ponies gathered around Stacy, trying to comfort her and tell her it wasn’t her fault. But the reality is that, it was, it was all Stacy’s fault. And she knew it. If she didn’t try to use her Beast Spirit while not emotionally ready, then she could’ve spared Ponyville and her friends a destroyed town again. Celestia & Luna left the group to try and comfort and calm Stacy down, and just looked out into the town, once again destroyed. And this time it was worst than the Everfree forest creatures attack. Before the princesses left to see what needs to be fixed, they both heard Stacy say something.

“I’ll never use my Beast Spirit, ever again.”

Author's Note:

Things are just not going well for Stacy, or Ponyville. Things can't possibly get any worst, can it?
PS: the Shredder Claw move is a move i came up with, its just Stacy came up with it on the fly while rampaging.