• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 10: Zyphermon Appears Once More

The day of the conference yesterday was certainly an unusual one, informative, but still unusual. Especially since the queen of the changelings was present for the hearing, making the two princesses a little uncomfortable, especially when the queen started to harass Stacy. And trying to pressure her into using her beast form, just to sate her curiosity.

As Celestia was trotting to the dining hall, thinking of what kind of plan the ponies could come up with in dealing with Grumblemon’s master, now known as Cherubimon. But if everything what Stacy said about Cherubimon is true, then he’s basically somepony whose just as powerful, if not even more so than Discord. Even if Celestia, and her sister along with Cadence and Chrysalis formed a strong front, with Stacy’s help…and if possible even having Discord join them, Celestia wasn’t sure how their odds were in besting this foe. Not only that, but aside from Stacy’s own words, Celestia has nothing else to go on what to expect from the deity Digimon.

“We need more information about this Cherubimon, if we know exactly where he is, and the condition he’s in then maybe we can come up with some kind of plan.” Celestia mumbled to herself as she enters the dining room.

“Sister there you are!” Celestia looked behind her before she closed the doors fully, and saw her sister trot up to her.

“Luna, what’s wrong?” Luna slid to an abrupt stop as she faces her sister, a worried look on her face.

“It’s Stacy!”

“What about her?” Celestia asked worriedly.

“I was just informed that the guards saw her, and Queen Chrysalis and a small swarm of her changelings, leave the city and head out west.”

“But…why would they leave?” Celestia questioned which Luna could only shake her head at.

“I don’t know sister, but whatever it is I have a terrible feeling about it.”

“…if that’s the case then sister, let’s go and see what it is that they’re up to.”

Luna agreed with her sisters decision and left to already head west, while Celestia summoned forth a scroll and quill, and began writing on it. once the message was written down and sent to its recipient, the alabaster alicorn followed in suite of her sister, where both sisters took off flying westward.


Stacy is sitting cross-legged in the middle of a wide open meadow, holding her digi-vice between her hands in a small ball of wind, while in her Kazemon form. As the Digimon sat there on the grassy floor, twenty-four high ranking changeling guards were swarming around the area, while their queen slowly paces around Stacy, her eyes trained on her. but the queen wasn’t really looking at Stacy herself, but more accurately, Chrysalis was looking at the multi-colored aura that was surrounding the girls head.

“Focus girl.” Chrysalis said as she continues to circle around Stacy. “You need to focus on your power. not just the one you are using now, but the one you also hold in that trinket of yours. You must concentrate, build up your mental fortitude.”

Stacy groaned as she tried to do what the queen was telling her to do, but with no actual idea of how to do so, the girl just tried to focus on just trying to clear her head and think of nothing, other than her beast spirit. Like how she used to focus whenever she would study for a test. And from the small smile on Chrysalis’s face, Stacy method of focus seemed to be working.

“That’s it girl, just keep doing whatever it is your doing.” The queen said as she circle around the girl again.


The queen, Stacy, and the swarm of changelings looked up to the sky, and saw both Celestia and Luna flying towards them. the alicorns then landed before the pair, but were quickly surrounded by the twenty-four guards, though their queen ordered them to step aside and allow them to pass. The swarm did as they were commanded, and returned to the sky to swarm around the surrounding area.

“Chrysalis, what are you doing with Stacy?” Luna questioned, but was stopped by the Digimon/hybrid.

“It’s not what you think it is princess Luna. Chrysalis is trying to help me build up my mental focus, so I can try and utilize my beast spirit.”

“What do you mean Stacy?” Celestia asked the girl.

“What your little friend is trying to say, is that she’s training to build up her mental state, so she can contain and control her other spirit.” Chrysalis said before looking back to Stacy. “Which you should still be doing girl, otherwise you’ll loose your progress.” Stacy nodded before going back to her meditation.

“So your helping her in trying to control her beast spirit?” Celestia asked gaining Chrysalis attention. “What made you do this?”

“Actually it was the girls idea.” Both Celestia and Luna looked surprised by Chrysalis words. “She came during the night and asked for my help in this manner, because she wanted to be more useful to you ponies, for whenever the dark master comes or his lackies.”

“She doesn’t have to—”

“But I want to!” the three royals turned to look at Stacy, who was looking up at them with a frown on her face.

“Duskmon is to powerful even without evolving, and Grumblemon’s beast form is to strong for my human spirit…and I know I wouldn’t be useful against Churbimon like this.” Stacy then peered down at the digi-vice held by the ball of wind between her hands. “And I know I said I can’t control it, but that’s why I asked Chrysalis to help me.”

“But…why didn’t you ask us for help?” Celestia asked her human friend.

“Because she felt that you ponies would coddle her, and not take her training seriously.” Chrysalis said to the two alicorns who looked towards the hybrid.

“Stacy…” Celestia asked as she laid down before her. “Is this true?” the girl was quiet for a second before she nodded.

“Well now that you two know what we’re up to, could you please leave so she can concentrate on her training.” Chrysalis said to the alicorns as she goes back to monitoring Stacy’s aura, and seeing that the girls lack of focus has degraded the aura to a more, distorted, and murky.

“If its all the same, I think I will stay and keep an eye on things as well.”

Chrysalis tried to a few more times to get the princesses to leave, but the alicorns planted themselves a foot away from Stacy and said they won’t leave until training is over. Deciding to ignore the alicorns, the changeling queen went back to overlooking Stacy training. Once the alicorns have seated themselves to watch things go by, roughly an hour or so has gone by, and it would seem that Stacy has been making some good progress, according to Chrysalis. The queen has been occasionally telling her to keep focusing on her beast spirit, to imagine what it is, how it looks, and how it should act. And that’s what Stacy has been doing, picturing Zyphermon in her head and imagining the Digimon do whatever Stacy thinks of.

During the hour of mental training, Twilight and her friends managed to find the group, which Chrysalis was slightly annoyed at especially when the ponies joined their princesses. and after the six mares were given a brief explanation of what was actually going on, the six ponies sat down with their princess, and waited for the training to end. But also to keep an eye on the changelings themselves, as not all of them fully trusted them, even if they did forge a peace treaty with Celestia and Luna.

“I think you’re ready to try to evolve into your other form.” Chrysalis said suddenly, getting the ponies attention, and making Stacy slightly tense up.

“Are you sure?”

“Your aura is showing great clarity, this would be the most optimal time to try, and see how far you’ve come.”

Stacy seemed hesitant to try, as vivid memories of her last time being Zyphermon, but…if she was to scared to even try after Chrysalis for help, then what would the point of the training be? Taking a deep inhale and then exhale, Stacy stood up and reverted back to her normal form. Gripping her digi-vice tightly, the girl readied herself to begin the transformation, raising her left hand the ponies watched it be enveloped in several data streams, before they were swiped across the top of Stacy’s digi-vice.

“Execute—” Stacy slid her device over the data strands, sparks flying as the transformation sequence begins. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwHixxJprcc

The ponies as well as all the changelings watched as Stacy’s body was surrounded by data strands, as well as bright pink feathers that swirl all around her, all of this creating quite the spectacular view. But the sudden scream of pain that Stacy gave out caused the ponies to jump to their hooves and run towards Stacy, however the ponies were stopped by Chrysalis and her changelings, and can only wait for the transformation sequence to end.

A few seconds later and the data strands dispersed and vanished, leaving the newly formed Stacy just, standing there. Chrysalis and her changelings slowly approached the girl, noting the difference between the humans true form, and Kazemon form. This new form was certainly taller than the others, in fact, Chrysalis was actual a few inches shorter than the beast spirit. In terms of attire, none of the changelings nor ponies could see any major change, aside from the legs and the metallic claws that looked sharp. One of the more interesting changes was the wings, which were no longer large butterfly wings, but now were large feathered wings. After looking over the Digimon for a bit, Chrysalis stood a few feet from Stacy, weary and cautious as she spoke.

“Human…” the queen slowly said as she inches a bit closer to Stacy. The hybrid didn’t say anything in response, but as she slowly raised her head the queen saw that Stacy seemed, dazed, as if she wasn’t fully conscious at the moment. “Stacy, can you hear me?”

Every creature watched as Stacy raised her metallic claws, flexing them for a bit, before flapping the wings on her back and the small ones on her head. the Digimon then looked down at Chrysalis, her dull eyes seemingly gaining a bit of life to them.

“I think it’s working!” Stacy said in a voice that was brimming with joy. The ponies brushed past the changelings, and made their over to Stacy. “I feel…in control…”

“I’m so proud of you Stacy!” Celestia said as she patted the girls head with a wing.

“Don’t get to ahead of yourselves, this is only the trial stage of her training.” Chrysalis said to the ponies.

“But this is a big mile stone for her.” Twilight said to the queen. “Now she doesn’t have to worry about loosing control, right Stacy.” The unicorn then looked at her friend, who seemed to be just standing there, eyes again looking blank and lifeless.

“Stacy, are alright darling?” Rarity asked as she, and the others seemed to notice their human friend going silent. As the group looked at Stacy, Chrysalis used her empathic senses to look at Stacy’s aura…and saw it turn from a dull pink to a burning red.

“Every creature get away from her!”

But Chrysalis’s warning came to late, as everypony and changeling were all knocked away by a powerful gust of wind. After being knocked away every creature looked to Stacy, as she was clutching her head with her claws, screaming and screeching in pain as rampant currents of pink wind surrounds her.

“Chrysalis! What’s going on?!” Celestia half-shouted to the queen.

“It’s the beast spirit, its own power is overwhelming her.” The queen said as she looked Stacy’s aura, seeing the sliver of pink representing Stacy, being overwhelmed by the beast spirit’s red aura. “Stacy! Calm yourself, and focus your mind! Regain your control!”


Stacy gave one last harrowing scream before she stumbled backwards, body leaned back…and going limp. All of the ponies were about to trot up to Stacy, but all of the changelings stopped them, as they all can see the torrent of red aura surrounding the Digimon. Every creature then watched as Stacy slowly right herself up, before releasing another dreaded scream before taking flight, bolting into the air with great speed. But before she got to high Chrysalis fired a beam of magic at Stacy, striking her in the back to get the Digimon’s attention, allowing her guards to sneak up behind her, and began spitting out green goop at the Digimon. The ponies were concern that the changelings would hurt Stacy, but they remembered that this is what Stacy wanted, if she ever would loose control then she wanted somepony to stop her. no matter what.

“Hurricane Gale!”

Stacy cried out as the goop covering her body swelled up in front of her, before being burst open as a giant cyclone of wind and crescent wind blades shot out, and struck seven changelings. Sending the insectoid equines flying! As Stacy rips the remaining good off her, Chrysalis rams into Stacy, causing the pair to soar for a few dozen feet. But the queen was knocked away by a steel punch to the face, sending her soaring backwards a few paces. Regaining her composure Chrysalis was about to strike Stacy back, but the Digimon was gone.

“Gilgamesh Upper!” Chrysalis’s lower jaw was meet with a powerful strike, nearly breaking it and a majority of her teeth…thankfully the queen prepared a shield before she tackled the Digimon. “Plasma Paw!” Chrysalis then saw Stacy’s left foot be enveloped in a glowing red sphere, closing in on her face.

Increasing her shield, the queen watched as the foot sphere slam into her shield, and instantly shattering it and sending the queen rocketing towards the ground. thankfully Celestia put up her own shield spell in front of Chrysalis, which absorbed the blow so the queen wouldn’t be to injured. But after Stacy struck the queen, the remaining changeling guards tackled the Digimon, and began trying to bind up Stacy once again, but this time, the guards are trying to use a form of magic that causes targets to become sleepy, and groggy. As the guards were trying to subdue Stacy, Chrysalis landed on the ground and tried to regain her composure again, even if the attack didn’t make direct contact Chrysalis still had the wind knocked out of her.

“She…she is pretty powerful.” Chrysalis said as she brought a hoof to her jaw, feeling if anything was broken.

“Chrysalis, can you stop her?” Luna asked as she and her sister, and the other ponies gathered around her.

“If my guards can subdue her, I might be able to with a spell.” With that, the guards brought Stacy down who was in a large green cocoon.

The changeling queen then trotted up to the struggling Digimon, before her crooked horn ignited with magic where five tendrils then extended from, and slithered their way towards Stacy’s forehead. When the tips touched the Digimon’s forehead soft emerald glows appeared, and the aggressive snarling expression on Stacy’s face has slowly started to, mellow and visibly relax. After a brief moment the ponies watched as Stacy reverted back to her human form. Once Stacy has reverted back, Twilight and Applejack carefully pulled her out of the cocoon, while Chrysalis rubbed her forehead with a hoof.

“Well…at least my method of training works.” Chrysalis remarked as her tendrils vanished into the ether. The queen then saw the seven changeling guards that were blown away rejoin them, but they do show signs of being heavily damaged. “But it would seem that she will need a great deal more training, before she can fully utilize her beast spirit.”

“I’m just happy she, and you along with your changelings are mostly un-harmed.” Celestia said to the queen who gave a small nod in response before the group head back to the castle.

“Hopefully, it remains that way…” Chrysalis then thought back to the two attacks that nearly gravelly wounded her, or if that last attack struck without the added protection, would’ve caved in her chest, and kill her. ‘Otherwise she might end up killing us before the Master and his minions get the chance.’